• Size of the bandage you’d think Brendan had an amputation. Ma$terchef will get it’s pound of flesh any way it can. Make it look like everyone’s pannikin.

        Don’t run upstairs, amata. Didn’t your ‘ken nonna tell you that?

  1. I missed the beginning but from what I’ve seen so far I think I was right when I said Kristen’s low confidence was BS. She certainly is relishing being the boss and as always thinks she knows better than the judges, admittedly that has worked for her so far but it’s not going to see her through to the end.

  2. So Sarah is blaming the diners for not appreciating the agadeshi eggplant. In other words these diners are not with the in crowd.

    • The red team did a much better job especially considering they were a person down. Glad it gives Brendan some extra recovery time.
      Aldo had a much better management style.

  3. I hope Brendan is ok. Good move to have Aldo the restaurant manager on the pass – pity he had to yell halfway across the restaurant to the guys on salmon. I’m not a sweets for brekkie person. At a pinch I might do French toast if it came with banana and bacon. When they saw the semolina crumb was not working why did they not whip up a more traditional crumb as a backup? I would not order eggplant for brekkie

  4. The red-haired and low-self-esteem-girl were featured in the last seconds of the promo for the elimination tomorrow night. Let me jump to an unsubstantiated conclusion.

  5. I didn’t watch the whole episode, but some bits stood out. Brunch, MC, really? Brunch should be breakfast foods with the addition of Bloody Marys or champagne. Sweets don’t really fit. Cornflakes pannacotta, yuk. I hope Brendan’s hand is all right, but the “It’s bad, it’s bad”, and George turning away after seeing his injury seemed a bit over the top – very MKR-y. And then Aldo yelling “let’s do it for Brendan”, come on, I don’t think his life was in danger. Plus the camera being on Brendan in the pantry just before he fell up the stairs and cut himself on the broken olive oil bottle, off camera, all seems fakey. Again, I don’t want for Brendan to have seriously hurt his hand, but I won’t be very surprised if this incident is exaggerated.

  6. Assuming Brendan needed a few stitches. There was blood all over his apron.
    Once again, diners have no input regarding the food. There are more of them then the judges and their opinions should be considered.

  7. Not sure how Brendan cut his hand. I thought I heard he said he fell down the stairs but his left hand was still holding the tray. Only the olive oil was broken from his right hand. Not sure how he got cut holding a bottle.

    He said it was bad but I didn’t see blood oozing out. I have cut my finger before and blood was spilling out.

    • He fell while running upstairs is what I saw on the encore.

      Ma$terchef made it appear like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

      • Have to say, at the risk of seeming ‘mean,’ they did carry on a bit. All the swooning at the sight of blood? Who hasn’t cut themselves in a kitchen?
        If there’s a war, I don’t want any MC contestants in the trenches with me!

  8. Was a bit in shock last night… very limited Chloe air time!

    Aldo made yet again a silicone implant but this time without him jiggling it around.

    Can’t wait till Sunday in hope that Gordon Ramsey makes some of them cry… will be a big shock after cooking Nigella home style stuff to serious stuff expected by Ramsey.

  9. Annoys me that no customer feedback was considered. The teams could have just served one of each dish and gotten the same result. Not much said from the judges to the teams at the end. Love that Nigella doesn’t nod along like a puppet – she was happy to disagree with Matt. I thought the chicken salad looked lovely but like the eggplant is not brunch to me at all!

  10. George~ “just like a real cafe”

    ~(where the culinary opinions of the guests are ignored)

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