MasterChef starts May 7

Woo hoo – MasterChef is back! Thank his for a cooking show where everyone knows what a colander is.

Shall we play a game and see how many episodes before all the following happen?
1 The word journey is uttered
2 Dead grandparent(preferably of European origin) is mentioned as inspiration
3 George ends a sentence with a questioning “yeah”
4 Matt dons a blue tartan suit
5 Gary is a bitch to a contestant
6 Someone makes ice cream that does not set in time
7 A huge fuss is made over whether meat will be cooked in time but everything is actually fine
8 Someone cries
9 Someone says they don’t usually make desserts
10 A sous vide machine is used
Feel free to add anything I’ve missed in the comments.

The wannabes enter the MasterChef garden with their families and the set designers have done a great job. Wish I could say the same for wardrobe. What is Matt wearing? A dark tan suit with apricot kerchief and cravat? No – just no! Please go back to your blues and purples, Matt.
All 10 previous winners make a surprise appearance and there are a couple I have to think about, especially as Emma Dean looks so different. Julie Goodwin still gets a few mentions, so it seems there has not been a re-edit in light of her drink driving. Lovely to see people like Glowing Elena, Adam (Sidenote: Mr 6 and I made his sushi sandwiches at the weekend) and Billie again.
The wannabes are told their audition dish will be created in the official MC kitchen for the first time, and the past winners will be there to mentor them.
First up is a youngish nonna who was brought her more stereotypical nonna mother to the audition. She makes ricotta-stuffed gnocchi with a burnt butter sauce. She dresses the salad, so we’re already streets ahead of 90 per cent of MKR contestant, and this is just the audition round.
Gina has to wheel her trolley of food past giant photos of past winners snapped as they cook on the show.
The dish looks fabulous and the judges are impressed. Of course, Matt has to go fetch older Nonna and she is lapping up the attention. Gina gets an apron.

Young Reece from Newcastle is making a mandarin nougat with beetroot nougat. He has been pitched as a food nerd. Julie Goodwin is his hero so the judges call her in to the tasting. Julie does the “oh yum” and does a good job pitching him. Gaz thinks the presentation could be better but the flavours are great, so he’s in.

Adele, who has an American hubby, is making Southern fried chicken waffles. She’s in.

Chloe makes prawn laksa – in.

Brett does Moreton bay bug with tortellini and it looks pretty and cheffy – in.

Lochie serves up an Indian banquet and George says it is the best Indian food he’s eaten on MC (take that, Rishi!). Cue bug with cute son.

Real estate agent Craig is doing crusted lamb cutlets with jus. Sounds yum but is it special enough for MC? Gaz says the lamb is a tad undercooked but the roesti is soft. Matt says it lacks finesse. Craig does his best sales pitch for a spot – no.
We get a string of fails and there’s a kid in the audience with a mullet. One woman has served a hot dish with dried ice that makes no sense – you can tell she thought it would make it look cheffy. But she has a sense of humour about it, telling old nonna afterwards “it was pretty bad”. Billie and Elena walk her in to the judges and she is freaking out.

Kristen from Adelaide is doing a dessert and she gets the shy, talented girl edit. Billie and Elena walk her in. She works in local government and thought she was too fat to be a chef. Oh, Kristen … are you sure you’ve been watching the show? Yes, there are your skinny, tattooed types but there are plenty of MC chefs who are the opposite. Her honeycomb dessert looks fab. It’s a yes and there are tears. I really hope she can cook savoury dishes also.

A lady gets through on a Mexican dish while Sarah with the red hair gets high praise for her wallaby dish that has that cheffy forest floor look.
A young lad gets the nod for wontons. Janine serves croquettes with chipotle mayo and they are wolfed down – yes.

Tim from Sydney works in retail for a butcher so of course he’s doing a massive steak. He’s very likeable. Gary is in heaven but Matt says the miso butter needed work. They send him to cook again.

Also cooking again are a girl who made neither her spring roll wrappers, nor her noodles. Ben with a salmon pie cooks again.
A nervous girl with a bow in her hair who made a lemon pie and praline has to cook again.

And we’re done.
So they are going with an inspirational, personal approach this year. After the draining antics of MKR, MasterChef is such a relief.

Oops, I thought that was the end but there is more. There is a likeable prison officer from SA. He grating a fresh coconut for his rendang and confesses to Adam “I’ve never done this in my life” as he uses the coconut machine. Sachi cooks the roti in front of the chefs and it’s like an egg net rolled into a cylinder. He’s just stoked to be there. Gaz lives the complex flavours. He pops out to get the kids and we learn he cooks a lot of different cuisines. It’s a yes – Adelaide is doing quite well thus far.

In the break we get the ad for Intense Matt spruiking olive oil. I hope he makes a guest appearance but I know he has a new baby and his restaurant is doing well, so maybe not.

DJ Khan from Melbourne has made pork belly with various cheffy bits and George and Matt ply Gaz with crackling until he says yes.

Samira serves lamb mince dumplings and gets in.
Jonhas made crunchy pork belly bao. Yum. – yes.

Meta (?), who is an older gent, makes shiitake mushroom chicken and his background is a nomadic Asian tribemknown for its fatty foods. They love him – yes.

Houda from Sydney is making a filo Middle Eastern dessert and she’s doing the pastry from scratch. Not easy. She’s a social worker. She wants to run pop up kitchens to teach disadvantaged families how to cook. Her dessert looks delish. Please let us have a great Middle Easter cook on the show who lets her food do the Talking, unlike that MKR horror show.

The bloke in the loud shirt who’s been in a lot of shots is making octopus. Also is doing it for his nonna (who’s alive). Can we get a show called MasterNonna. He does his occy sous vide then chucks it on a grill pan. George makes a show about whether the occy will be tough but his knife slides through it like butter. It’s a yes and now we really are done.
Only six aprons left.



  1. Someone is “doing it for her/his children, so they know they should always follow their dreams.”

    A butcher wins an apron and does very well, until the first dessert challenge.

    A grandmother has entered because her whole family raves about her ravioli/pavlova/duck rissoles.

    Gary flirts with a cute young female contestant.

    Someone has always had a burning desire to run a restaurant. This contestant has no interest in doing a four-year apprenticeship to become a chef first.

    Oooh, big dollop of cynicism still hanging around me because of MKR. I’m looking forward to MasterChef, because it generally has adults participating and there is actual cooking knowledge required. And Prince Charles is in there somewhere, woohoo. I don’t really care about Prince Charles turning up, but it is being promoted heavily, although as a surprise. Which it isn’t.

  2. Someone utters the immortal words, ” I have never cooked this before.”

    George slobbers all over the teenage blonde contestant.

    Contestant sobs their snot all over the meal and George asks why they are crying and tells them its because they care, yeah?

    The middle age contestants i.e. anyone over 35 will be eliminated before the top 20.

    One contestant reveals that their parents made them study (insert any degree where you need to get an extraordinary year 12 result e.g. law/medicine/engineering) rather than drop out in year 10 to flip burgers at Maccas.

    Panna cotta will feature ad nauseam.

    At least one contestant dreams of a cafe and underpaid staff.

    George will offer ‘work experience’ in one of his restaurants as a consolation prize to someone in the top ten. Preferable nubile and young.

  3. They talk of “the journey”.
    Hair is draped across their face, and the food, while they are cooking. I throw up.
    They bring their nonnas, or they are the nonna.
    Someone makes fabulous desserts, but can’t boil an egg.
    Previous winners are trotted out.
    Celebrity judges are greeted with wild enthusiasm and overdone excitement.
    George stares at the contestant, and taps the plate twice after tasting.
    I complain that this season goes on forever, but I am secretly happy 😊 as a pig in a puddle.

  4. I had pannacotta for dinner to night. I have to tell the guests that to be a good pannacotta, it has to wobble like the boobs.

    As if I am a judge. But the pannacotta was actually very nice. Just a simple vanilla pannacotta with berries sauce.

  5. And someone will say they are going to ‘hero’ a particular ingredient.
    They’ve already shown the judges saying this is the best dish ever cooked in this kitchen which they say every year.
    They have been promoting someone only cooking with 3 ingredients. If they make it they will do good in those challenges where they cut back ingredients with each round & get down to 3 ingredients.

  6. Anyone else expecting Gordon Ramsay to swear???

    Looks like they are doing the fridge challenge again. If you are strategic, you could game that.

  7. A contestant says “I want to win to show my daughters that women can do anything they want.” (…and in the process delude them about real life).

    My prediction is that “journey” will appear in one of the first two sentences uttered by the judges.

  8. I forgot: a judge tastes a dish then raps the spoon on the table twice, turning away without saying anything.

  9. – A contestant no one sees for the first half of the series suddenly pops out of obscurity to make the semi’s.
    – A dessert challenge of 25 pages long, 1235 ingredients and 789 processes.
    – At least one token gay/lesbian/transgender/etc contestant will be guaranteed a 24 spot and hidden in the closet until an episode airs where channel 10 can champion their social consciousness.
    – First week some good looking gal is mentioned as a “contender”.
    – A contestant who can barely cook for the first 75% of the series finally pulls one out of the hat and seriously becomes a contender.
    – The word “contender” used ad-nauseum.
    – Every guest chef brought in must be on one of the contestants look up to list, so that contestant can gush about them.
    – Judges pretending to not know who cooked/plated a dish in an immunity challenge vs a guest chef when it’s platingly obvious.
    – 3 Judges flocking over any dessert like seagulls fighting over a piece of bread.
    – Gary licking the plate.

  10. What do people think the twist on the mystery box will be?
    It could use a revamp as a concept, but it is very risky.

  11. I should add..
    – Shannon Bennet looking as creepy as usual with his unwashed hair wringing his hands like Igor.

      • Yes, A Current Affair were chasing him down the street last week. I was surprised, I didn’t think he’d be like that. Always seemed a decent bloke.

  12. Well…MC is still full of surprises. An hour or more before the show even starts and we already have a Nonna! Just saw an ad for a Nonna who will attempt to combine gnocchi and cannelloni.

  13. Does anyone think from the opening montage that if they could they would wipe Kate Bracks and Emma Dean from its history.

    • ha ha ha – lol
      I was sitting on the couch all ready to start viewing. Flipped the channel, then remembered. No channel 10 through foxtel in Armidale. bugger. Quick dash to unplug laptop, hdmi cable dragged across the room and I’m all set. At least they show it “live” on tenplay.

  14. Red Scooter is back….

    Anyone who uses their child as an accessory should automatically be eliminated.

  15. First crying contestant…motivated by George’s ‘optimism and determination’ speech. It will be a looong season.

    Kicking off with Nonna. OMG…she is doing it for her grandson to prove to him that anything is possible. Drinking game. 🍹🍺🍷🍸🍾 Hiccup…

    • She won’t be a finalist. Based on past MC seasons she is too old.
      They kicked off with nonna and ended with nonna. No no to any more nonna.

  16. I am as excited as that crowd.
    7 minutes in and the contestants are ‘in for such a journey’, from the mouth of Julie. And a young chicky-babe talking about being a fan girl. And there’s the Nonna proving to her grandson that anything is possible. By my reckoning I am sure that qualifies as 5 drinks 🍸 🍷🍷🍷🍷
    I am going to be so drunk by the end of this.

    • Nice people so far, and everyone is happy. MKR could learn a lot from MC.
      And while I type this, someone just had the ‘best I’ve ever tasted in this kitchen’. I can’t reach the bottle.

  17. Kristen must get in as they featured her in the ads.

    Her story is self-esteem issues stemming from weight issues.

  18. No. 283784: One of the judges says “I am salivating!”

    I love you guys. It’s fun to read your comments as I have to wait until the first episode is uploaded somewhere for me to watch it in Europe.^^

  19. So looking forward to reading the comments here because I don’t think I can bear to watch this year. Shifty George and slightly Creepy Gary ( with the young female contestants) annoyed me so much last year and it sounds like little has changed. ☹️

  20. Not sure how that Brendan got a white apron. He just cooked a few simple Chinese dishes.

  21. Don’t they usually have a white collar person (Doctor, Lawyer) who wants to realise their ‘dream’ ? like that red head woman from seasons ago who cried during her cook against a pro challenge

  22. Sanjee has been practicing on his work colleagues. Hahaha. Love to see George try and make the prison officer cry.

  23. Can I just mention, some of this food looks delicious. I could eat that curry in a hurry – followed by the peanut butter ice-cream mentioned by the son. Excuse me while I just go and raid the freezer.

  24. I am glad that Asian guy got in. It’s nice to see the diversity. I missed where he was from and I have never heard of the type of cooking, but I got the fatty, salty and fragrant.

    • I love thought the show ended and I turned it off.

      I think the Chinese guy cooked Hakka cuisine. They use a lot of taro, pork belly and love meat

  25. This guy is walking bingo
    1. Nonna in Italy
    2. Dream to open restaurant called Lucia after said Nonna.
    3. Octopus
    4. Nonna on the plate….that is a new cliche.
    5. Tears

  26. If the meat is to be presented neat and not in a slurry, keep it til later, wise not to hurry. Wait until you know whether the judges this time want it undercooked or actually cooked. Mind you, the MC judging seems to have greater integrity than MKR.

  27. Nonna’s in a coffin, not on a plate. That’s not a “surprise”

    He cried. Welcome to Ma$terchef, son.

  28. So, finally found an upload. Spent the waiting time watching John Oliver.^^

    So much pathos. Uff. And I hate George, seriously.

  29. Right now it’s SOS, different season. Why don’t all of these people with food dreams just get jobs in restaurants or go to culinary school? Guess they think MC is a fast track to get into the industry.
    Sad but I didn’t even remember who Diana was and she was last year’s winner. There was also a female and male winner who I can’t remember at all. Knew who Kate, Elena and Emma were but they just faded into the background. Andy won a hat…good on him but he isn’t memorable either. Julie Goodwin…first winner but her win is a bit questionable. Having the past winners there shows the potential contestants that they don’t necessarily have to be the best to win.

    • Smythe, Andy was the electrician who can’t cook but won!!! Good on him for doing his apprenticeship and became a qualified chef.

      No sure what some of the past winners are doing. Winners like Billie, Elena, Emma, Kate, Diana(too early to see what she want to do) are just doing bits and pieces but not actually cooking.
      Is working as a chef in a restaurant not good enough?

    • Yes, splat done and both that and the dish were fails and the guy didn’t get through. Faux artistry did not impress the judges.

      • Reece did the splat, he was the first male contestant to audition and the first male contestant to get through!

        I really liked Meta, Aldo, Sachi, and Kristen.

        • I thought there was someone else who did a splat and didn’t do well. Maybe I was wrong. I guess I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to some of it.
          Trying to remember who tried to be artistic and they all said “no” to that person.

  30. Much better than MKR already…

    – HTF did Andy win a hat?
    – More non-winners than winners have probably had more success.
    – I think I found Wally… one of the previous winners (must of been the season I didn’t watch).
    – Very concerned about the “splat” guy… mental instability issues right there (plus his love of Julie) and love how the judges were talking to him like he was a child. I think Gary was concerned too about him as he was about to say no… must of got the message over the ear piece to change his tune.
    – Splat guy and Octopus italian are the token 2 gay guys… now where is the gay female?
    – Splat guy my tip to be eliminated first.
    – Gnocchi nonna… go home… they won’t let you win.. too old.
    – Can’t wait for the episode where low self esteem girl wins a challenge and they get her to cry and talk about how confident it’s made her.
    – Meat guy probably did well.. think Matt jealous about how good the meat was cooked.
    – Matt has Julie on speed dial.
    – Billy is cute! And one of the past-winner I hope succeeds.

    Best thing is… I have already forgotten about MKR…

    • Did “splat” guy get through? I thought someone who splatted the plate failed. I wasn’t paying attention to some of it so maybe I was wrong about that.

    • To say Andy Allen got a hat for his restaurant is a stretching it a little. Andy did his apprenticeship at Three blue ducks. He still work there. Could also be part owner. The main owners are Darren Robertson and 2 other guys.
      He is part of the team at the restaurant.

  31. Oh no. Rating not so good for MC. MKR will not change and will continue with the drama instead of cooking

    • Bit worried that people have been so burnt out with MKR that the non-gap between shows has just been too much.. MC should of waited a month .

  32. I am surprised it did not do well in the rating. A lot of people I know have been talking about it. I wonder how they measure.
    Maybe everyone is dipping in and out ( I left for a while to watch Australian Story) or possibly they tune into the afternoon replay.
    Viewing is done differently these days and it must be hard to measure success or failure, or even talk about what it means,

    • It still was second behind The Voice, just googled it. Did better than House Rules. Maybe it gains some momentum though, people talk about it, perhaps they also get favourable reviews in the press.
      But I also think you are right, the viewers might be oversaturated by MKR. This could possibly hurt MC.

      Btw, George still cannot hold cutlery properly…. Gah!

    • I couldn’t settle into either MC or HR. I kept flicking between channels and really didn’t see much of either programme as they weren’t grabbing my attention. Perhaps it will be better once they are further into the shows.

    • It always starts “low” – well for the past few seasons. Tends to build momentum towards the end. House Rules didn’t do well either. MKR finale had roughly half the viewers it used to get.

  33. There were so many superlatives for the first episode’s dishes; settle down, judges.

    Thanks for the recap, Juz. I can’t pay a lot of attention to the tryouts because I get irritated too easily by all the woohoos, tears, cute kids, and sobbing nonnas. But, wasn’t it good to see some real cooking without any bitchiness, insults, or drama?

    I felt sorry for the guy who did the lamb cutlet and sweet potato rosti.

    • There were several impressive dishes but, yes, the judges were generally over the top with many of their comments.

  34. Why is it that every season there’s a contestant who cooks the “best” indian food ever? Judges need to stop these ridiculous statements.

    Contestant profiles are pretty similar every season: Indian, Middle East, Italian, Dessert specialists and the grandmother hoping to inspire her grandkids. Getting a bit dull in my opinion but here’s hoping there will be some surprises once the competition actually begins.

    • There was Hakka which is new – It will be interesting to see how he gets on – and I thought the Lebanese lady cooked proper Lebanese, which I haven’t seen before.
      I suspect it will all get narrowed down. Just the nature of the ingredients put forward in the challenges tends to disadvantage the specialists and favours western cuisine.
      It’s a bit like the singing shows that tend to favour the screamers and the warblers.

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