MasterChef – Sun, Mystery Box

The Mystery Box challenge is back but with a game-changing twist.
Hmm, apparently the winner gets an unheard-of advantage. What an it be? Usually winning the Mystery Box is the kiss of death in the next round. Perhaps it’s a type of immunity pin.



  1. Mystery Box Twist: Winner of the Mystery Box goes straight into the Immunity Challenge (and skips Invention Test). Camera focuses on Fake Vintage’s reaction.
    Apparently, if you get the Golden M you get to choose the ingredients for the Mystery Box. Sachi gets that privilege.

    • It seems that one of Po’s parents was Hakka, so I am assuming that there was an influence there. I remember now that there was discussion about peasant food when she cooked.

      • Too old to be brainwashed into the Ma$terchef cult. Seen too much of life to be reduced to a blubbering mess for three fools of food fraud and their masters.

        The judges slaughtered him~ and he smiled. He was supposed to cry and beg.

    • Was he the one who made two different patties – East meets West? So obvious that they had made up their mind to hate the food before they even touched it. Good on him for his reaction.

  2. “The bottom three” ~ Gary, George and Jowl$y.

    How long is this episode? I’m surprised ,alright.

    Gary will keep Samira safe. Chloe, too.

  3. Bottom Three:

    Fake Vintage loves the camera with her dramatics.

    Top Three:
    Butcher Tim

    • They like the look of her plus she cried. The producers think it’s good tv. The dramatics that Maz referred to in Comment 9.

      • She’s this year’s Tamara aka teacher’s pet? Guess poor hairy Chloe will be one of the pets too…

  4. Tim makes an egg, chars an onion and puts the charred onion over the egg = top 3. ????
    Samira was clueless when it came to the surprise. Berry crumble with berry inside…SURPRISE! 😉
    Sarah should have been in the bottom 3 with that mess she made. Since this was a round of surprises, why not just surprise the contestants and go with a bottom 4 instead since her dish was incredibly bad.

    • So for 75mins, Tim made a broth which he didn’t use and a boiled egg and some salsa. He even would have time to have a nap!

  5. Surprise! What surprise!? They asked everyone what their surprise was. I would have thought the idea was that the judges would cut or bite into the dish and THEY would then discover it was different from what it looked. I don’t get it!

    • Agree. What was the point of them walking around asking what the surprise was? So they could make up their minds in advance, of course.

    • Even though they looked delicious I didn’t consider the fillings in the choux or donuts surprises. Surprises should be something amazing and unexpected as well as being delicious. I also didn’t think that the strawberry field thing was very surprising. How many times have contestants done soil and hidden things underneath.
      The first round: Ben’s matzo ball soup made no sense. Floury dumplings do not = matzo balls. It was un-matzo ball soup that looked unappetizing.

  6. If only Metter was a Nona (Nono), then he might live for a few more weeks… although he might surprise us all and cook a good Tarte Tatan.
    The model mum should breeze through as she is confident and also well connected.
    And where the hell did Samira come from??
    And the contestants are really chummy this year.. no one going on about it’s a competition must kill and destroy… even a lot of hugging and kissing and seeing Aldo almost french kiss Metta was a bit over the top.

  7. To be fair, Metta’s dish looked hideous, and he did ignore the judges’ strong advice to drop the idea and focus on one ‘surprise’. I am hoping he stays and one of the women goes. But as they showed his homelife package plus lots of shots of him smiling, and he’s a man over 50, and not a Nonna, I think they’ll flick him tonight.

    • I do agree. Parmesan in meatball and with sambal filling. Must have tasted gross. Not the time to try something different when you can be in the bottom 3 and risk elimination.

      I think George doesn’t like Hoda. Asking her if she has cooked the dish before. When she said yes, he said something about you need to push yourself. Whereas in the previous Elimination challenge, he said Jess is cooking to her strength and cooks what she is good yet

      • Hoda will be a tough one, like the vegan/vegetarian contestants before her… what’s going to happen when she needs to try/cook with non Halal meat/products. Don’t think they’ll be stocking halal gelatines and such just for her….

        • Hoda could be asked to impale a pig like poor vego Deb a few seasons back. All halal will break loose.

          • That’s what I’m worried about can a contestant refuse doing a challenge based on religous beliefs? Vegans/Vegies not (other than personal beliefs) but religion especially these days you can’t be seen to offend would be interesting.

          • Samira cooked pork in 2013 but didn’t taste it on MC because of her religion. She hadn’t tasted or cooked it before.

        • Hoda is there for the Diversity Quota – she seems to have a fixed, Stepford expression on her face. I guess she hasn’t had much airtime because the presence of a male relative is required?

          • I am hoping we get some amazing Middle Eastern food, after the schmezzole with those whatserfaces on MKR, who actually served up some good looking food – pity it came with a side of crazy

      • But it was the invention test – so her cooking something she’s done before and is basically a common Middle East dessert isn’t an invention.

    • Yep, one of the usual inconsistencies. Call the challenge an Invention Test, then criticise a non-favourite for trying something different. Congratulate the favourite for cooking to their strengths (ie something they make at home all the time, with standard ingredients, and familiar to all home cooks). Wander around and plant doubt in the minds of the non-favourites, and build up the favourites by tasting and praising as they go.

      I wish the “Nonna” would stop referring to herself that way. It is becoming old. She must have something else in her life that helps form her identity. Just using her name would help.

      • “She must have something else in her life that helps form her identity.” It would probably be motherhood. I should know her name, I remember what she’s cooked. Nope, the nonna it is.

        I have heard enough of that one young woman’s lack of self-esteem issues, as well. Pretty sure I say this every year, but…shut up and cook.

  8. Samira or Michelle could serve under cooked rat tonight and be safe. It truly will be a Metterchef “surprise” to see one of them go home.

    • I don’t know – they might want to cull a female (they’re in the majority). Maybe they’ll keep Metter a bit longer for the novelty factor.

  9. I’m behind (again) and am only 15 mins in. I have already seen about four people I swear weren’t in the comp last week.

  10. One potential positive with the over doing of Aldo, Nona, and the like could be that they’re eliminated soonish so just plugging them as much as possible… I know I’m dreaming but the way Aldo and Nona are portrayed I think they’re in it for a longer haul…. she might end up being the oldest contestant eva to make top 10 of Masterchef.

  11. Damn, I was hoping that Sarah’s mess would lead to her getting eliminated soon. She seems to have appointed herself chief consoler, and is all over those who get a poor critique. Every move she makes is directed at the camera. Go away, Bottle Blue, you’re a pain in the butt.

    I like Metter, but agree he will probably be kicked off tonight – male, over 40, doesn’t cry at criticism but keeps smiling. He is the perfect type of contestant for this show; of course he has to go. So far, I like most of the guys this year, am having a harder time with the women.

    Is it only me, confused because MKR’s season lasted for half my lifetime, or are things moving more quickly than usual at MC this year?

    • Yes it is a bit more quicker… the last few years reduced top 24 selection down to 2 episodes (was a week once upon a time) and the last few years I think they havn’t had any eliminations during the first week… and already a week in we’re having 2.

  12. Ok I’m calling it early.
    We’re due for a male win. Most of the males seem to be either old or wishy washy, and Sashi’s had his day in the sun.
    So it’s butcher boy, Tim! And he does seem to know what he’s doing.
    Or I’ll be eating my words soon enough.

  13. Well, most of the past male winners have had top knots – Adam, Brent. Does that make Andy the only top knot less male winner? Perhaps that’s why Matt did not win

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