MasterChef – Thurs – elimination

The losing team from the MCG service challenge must face-off in this elimination challenge. The contestants must cook something inspired by the dish that made them fall in love with food.

Cue the nonna talk … And if someone you didn’t even realise was in the show starts talking to camera over a montage of the walking on the beach and selecting fruit at a farmers’ market, you know they are a goner.



  1. ” How badly to youse amatas want this, yeah? Someone’s going home in tonight’s alimination. Youse have to dig deep to keep your Ma$terchef journey alive”

  2. Reece must be going. They have dedicated a whole two minutes to him.

    Someone called Denise has just spoken. Not enough air time to care if she is eliminated. Same with Brendan.

  3. Garry, no-one cares about AFL outside Victoria. That is so not a life highlight to cook for WAGs and overpaid 20 year olds.

  4. 🍹🥂🍹🍾🍷🍺🥃🥂🍹🍻🍸🍾🍷🥃🍻🥤🥤The amount of times the contestants have invoked grandma.

    • I only remember one of my grandparents, she died when I was 8. All the others died before I was born. So none of them have ‘inspired’ me in my cooking.

    • What is it about cooking that I don’t understand? 75 minutes to make corn fritters? Mine take 20 minutes, including cooking time.

      • The internet recipes I looked at say 20 mins.

        The extra fifty must be for the “love” that the Ma$terchef amata infuses into the fritter.

  5. The pork is NOT overcooked. On a recently aired episode of River Cottage Australia, Paul West ( a proper chef) roasted 2 chooks properly – all white meat, no pink. A breath of fresh air (as one would hope on a farm!).

      • Some of the lamb dishes they show that are still raw make me sick. No way I could eat that. Why are they so obsessed with undercooked meat? And they say it’s perfectly cooked. Not for me it isn’t.

  6. I was listening from my kitchen as I made dinner and wondered what porchotters were. Now I know they’re pork trotters!

  7. Suddenly some of these cooks can’t cook. Compare to the audition dishes, some of these are just so basic.

  8. Is there a single contestant who hasn’t mentioned their grandma/nanna/nonna?

    They say is like an incantation or secret password to progress to next round.

      • ROFL LP. Clearly, I could never go on this show. My mum is a very basic, meat + 2 veges kinda cook. My granny could make an awesome apple pie or chicken soup. No huge repertoire. I used to help her flip pancakes on the griddle.

  9. Ooh, maybe my hearing is the problem. I thought I heard that whoeva was inspired by Flemington, so I turned from my dinner to the tv and it was lamington!

  10. Bottom Three:
    Denise (goneski)

    There is no point being adventurous if corn fritters can save you.

  11. I have to admit, would I be on a show like that, my cooking inspiration would be my beloved Oma as well (actually the only person in my family that could cook^^). For baking it was my other grandmother. My dad is a decent cook, but he does not ever spice food, not even salt… My stepmother was a disaster in the kitchen as well. I was 14 and cooked already better than her.^^
    My mother, oh my… worst. cook. ever. 😀 And she knows it. She warmed up UHT-milk (which is utterly disgusting to begin with) and poured it over my muesli. So I dreaded breakfast, and I think I do not need to mention how lunch or dinner went. Let’s just say I was happy if we just had bread with butter and cheese.^^

    • I will get kick out on MC pronto. Lost both my grandmothers before I was 12. Mum have to work and I never have a meal cooked by my mum. We ate at mum’s sister home.

      Maybe I can have a sob backstory if I want to be on MC

      • My grandma was kind of a pâtissière, completely self-trained, she ran a business from home back then starting in the 1950s. She sold her cakes for about 50 years, she had two kitchens in her house. So she indeed qualifies as a bit of an inspiration.
        My Oma on the other hand, I practically grew up with her, my mother was not really there, parents divorced, so Oma took care of me and my sister. I later lived with my dad and both him and my stepmother were always at work so at roughly 11, I was pretty much taking care of myself. 😉

        That being said, I would never go on to compete on a TV show. I am not good television, I am too quiet and just do my thing. Although, I at least could provide a sob story. 😛

    • I love that style of cake. As nice as the fondant cakes look, it is disgusting to eat as it is so awfully sweet. I started to make a lot of drip cakes, they always are well-received at work. Plus you can decorate them beautifully.
      I am currently working with wafer paper, nice edible cake decoration, but super fiddly. Got an airbrushing machine for my birthday recently and it is easier to colour the paper with it.
      But my next project is a succulent cake. I think they are sooooo pretty. Just still thinking about which filling I will use. I found a fool-proof frosting (Swiss Meringue buttercream, too sweet for my personal taste, but so far everyone loved it. It is perfectly smooth and is stable enough for piping and assembling cakes).

  12. Last night was hoping Reece or Aldo would go.. then dawned on me.. can’t have 3 males eliminated in a row… need to rebalance the force so a girl will go.

    Was hoping for fritter girl.. then thought Jen (as we already have a large Asian quotient this year)…don’t know about Jo but she was safe as we never see her.

    The love of the Nona is becoming nausiating…

    Wonder if Matt has been missing with a bout of food poisoning?

  13. Just watched this. Shame about Denise, but her dish really looked like the dog’s breakfast. Perhaps she can get a job doing the weather or something, with her lovely speaking voice.

    As for ‘what made you fall in love with food,’ cooking from the heart blah blah – I think they just cook what they want and make up the BS inspiration story later. Hence the nonnas/grandmas/children etc. – always a winner.

    And how did that older, blonde woman get away with making mousse/ice cream with raspberries chucked on top? How is that ‘doing enough’ in an elimination? At least the others took a more adventurous punt.

  14. That dish Denise put up was absolutely disgusting. She should have been eliminated on the spot for that.
    The smart contestants are those who realise at this early stage, simple and delicious is the way to go as there will always be someone who tries to do to much.

  15. What would the hordes of inspirational Nonnas say to relatives that take an hour and a quarter to make some corn fritters?

    Your life is being literally frittered away while you’re waiting for the things to be served.

    That’s as big a culinary sin as those of the panicked prawn peelers and salmon boners in the Ma$terchef kitchen.

  16. Watched the promo for Nigella week. Oh Lord, the way they behave as if God turn up. Reece was all over the moon.

  17. The 3 stooges were in Syd this week. Matt and Gary think they are so important they can change the law regarding the lock out law.
    They said they would never have let that happen if they have been here.
    “We would have put our foot down, that’s just ridiculous.”

    As if they can stop it

    • The preacher’s ruining it. Who invited him?

      Someone shut him up, for Christ’s sake.

      • It goes in and on. Mustn’t have been planned./
        I hate my mum but why couldn’t Meghan have her mum wak her down the isle

      • Aw, Dave, I thought you meant killed it in the other thread as he did well. He did go on a bit too long, but I thought the energy and message were fantastic, much more attention-holding than some staid Anglican droning on about whatever for 30 minutes. I applaud Meghan for injecting some of what is presumably her own family’s tradition into her wedding.

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