MasterChef – Tues – immunity challenge

The winner of the mystery box challenge and the three best-performing cooks from the invention test will compete for immunity, with Shannon Bennett back in the kitchen to guide and mentor the contestants.

Well, that’s new. Although in the past they’ve had a one in three shot, and now it’s a one in four.

Sashi, the girl with confidence issues, groovy top knot butcher’s assistant and Chloe have to use eggs to create a dish. They get six each. I love that MC is doing these “simple” challenges that could be interpreted so many ways.
Sashi is making a scotch egg – these must be in fashion right now as we saw some on MKR.
Chloe is doing soba noodles with broth and a six-minute egg. I guess we’ll find out what that is. Soba noodles don’t usually have eggs in them so I wonder if they will see her dish as “eggy” enough.
Kristen is making a lemon curd and a mousse and will use most of the eggs. I hope she does not stuff up as they don’t get replacement eggs.
Topknot Tim is making a sponge with a fish sauce caramel. Weird but if he pulls it off the judges will love it.

Oh no – rookie error from the affable Sashi (sidenote: go South Straya!). He has forgotten to boil his eggs. Will his scotch eggs instead be mince patties with a fried egg on top?
It seems Chloe’s six-minute egg is, in fact, a plain boiled egg. Matt and Shannon tell Chloe to tweak her broth, and she does. This could be a winner’s edit.
Poor Sashi is trying to peel his boiled eggs watched by 50 people. It can be a hard task at the best of times, he gives up and just fries an egg instead.
Tim has done the modern dessert splat on his plate. Chloe’s egg is runny inside so the judges will love that.

Kristen’s raspberry mousse with lemon curd and tuile: It looks pretty. They say the flavours are well balanced and it’s a lot of work for the time. But I don’t think it has the “twist” or “flashy” factor they look for.
Sashi’s fried egg with mayo: The poor bugger did not even get to fry his patty but at least it was not an elimination challenge.
Chloe’s soba with egg: Has she got the flavour right in the broth? Shannon likes the presentation. They all love it.
Tim’s sponge with fish sauce caramel: His sponge is good but there is not enough fish sauce. They like the creativity but the dish does not work.

The judges say the top two are Kristen and Chloe, so it has to be Chloe, right? And it is. Is it too early to say Chloe is Gaz’s pick of the season?
She’s won round one but now she needs to beat a chef. He’s the current Young Chef if the Year and is Peter Gilmore’s right hand man. So, no pressure.

And now I’m off to google his name. It’s Shui Ishizaka. You can read more about him here.

Chloe gets 75 mins to cook; Shui 60 and he is locked in the dungeon until it’s his turn to cook, with no idea of the ingredients.
Chloe gets to pick 10 main ingredients from 50, plus she gets the usual pantry staples like oil, flour, etc.
She will make a prawn mousse tortellini in broth. It’s the kind of dish the judges like. She seems good at these noodley/brothy dishes. Someone on the gantry yells “Go, Chloe” and they pronounce it without the extra “ee” sound at the end that Shannon uses, so I guess they are still working out everyone’s names still.
Shui is freed from the dungeon and gets the same 10 ingredients. He’s doing confit prawns with a prawn custard.
Chloe is actually tasting her food as she goes along – hallelujah! Please watch this, future would be MKR contestants! She needs to adjust the flavour of her prawn mousse but did not pick anything acidic as one of her 10 ingredients. Don’t they get vinegar as a staple, though? Did Maggie Beer not leave a trail of verjuice behind her yesterday?
Aha – picked it. With help from Shannon she remembers vinegar could help, and she does have it in her staples.
In the end both dishes look good but Shui’s has that cheffy look. He was super calm throughout and speaks highly of the look of Chloe’s tortellini. Ok, it’s official: we like Shui.

Chloe’s tortellini: Gaz “can’t fault much in that dish at all”. They all like it and it shows good technique. (It’s pretty obvious after this that Chloe cooked it, as while delish and beautiful, it is “simple” in its uncheffy presentation.)
Shui’s prawn with prawn head custard and milk skin: They are all dying to tuck in because it looks interesting. They rave about it. Could be some 10s here.

We get the usual talk up of how close it was. Who cooked the pasta? Oooh, what a mystery that is.

Chloe: Gaz 8, George 8, Matt 8
Shui: Matt 8, George 9, Gaz 9.
Shui for the win! He is gracious in victory. Hopefully there will be work experience at Benelong in her future.
Chloe has shown she has some good techniques – we have a contender.

It’s an MCG challenge, cooking for the Demons in the traditional red versus blue challenge (such appropriate colours).



  1. Immediately cut to Fake Vintage to gauge the peanut gallery’s reaction. Grrrr.

    So the producers are giving out three immunity pins this season.

    • I hate that faux vintage look. It’s so common too. They think they are so alternative. Like sleeve tattoos

      • just wondering what you mean Jazzman ? are you referring to the red lipstick and the hairstyles etc ? If so me too.

    • I wouldn’t be “surprised ” if some of these amatas haven’t heard of eggs.

      One in fact thought they “came from the supermarket” Bad Ma$terchef memories come flooding back.

  2. And surprise, surprise, self-esteem girl is going to cook a dessert.
    I wonder if that’s a timing issue: sweet things can be cooked quicker?

    • Now Pop’s not turning up to give daughter away, it should be a right royal spectacle.

      • She needs a child out of it to make it worthwhile. Two years max.

        Megs will struggle with the familial obligation imposed by the Firm as she (and her siblings) certainly has not been raised with that concept. Pops stages photos despite KP begging for his privacy. Mom spills her guts to Oprah. And the siblings…oh boy…something went seriously wrong in that family.

        • Surely they are the most hated people on earth at the moment. Who the hell are those disparate, leeches, hanger-ons, cousins that just flew into London courtesy of brekkie TV to provide insights into someone who they haven’t seen for a decade? I would disown every single one of them with that older half-sister right at the head of the queue. It’s Beverly Hillbillies come to life.
          Sarah was seen as a breath of fresh air – back in the 80’s. Not enough to survive the inbred Windsors. If the wedding actually goes ahead, I also give it 2 years.

          • Oh Fergie…you should not have sucked those toes. Fergie is well meaning but so indiscreet and a bit dim. Fergie never thought through the ramifications of her behaviour on her daughters’ position.

            Meghan is far more calculated. The divorce will be epic followed by the tell all book.

    • I assume you mean the royal wedding. I’ll watch bits and pieces, although it is probably on all stations except the cooking channel, so there won’t be much choice. If her dad is such an idiot that he wants to make Meghan’s and Harry’s big day about him, then she should be happy for him not to be present.

      All the hoopla over her being an American and divorced is horseshit. So was Wallis Simpson. Most of the Queen’s kids have been divorced. No one cares except the press.

  3. I swear my son is psychic sometimes. He has been chanting “eggy eggy eggy” for the last hour.
    Then behold under the cloche “eggy eggy eggy”

  4. I hate Shannon’s ponytail but I do like that it’s always nicely slicked back. Nothing worse than an anonymous hair in your food

  5. Over all the egg puns.
    Did I just see a Ma$terchef contestant fry an egg in a challenge? Surely not.
    Lavender suit. Hmmm – Perhaps a shade we may see on the Queen on Saturday – if it goes ahead.

    • No surprise that they chose Chloe but Kristen was the one who really met the brief. Chloe only used one egg and boiled it. WOW! Maybe she created good soba noodles and broth but one boiled egg and that’s it. LOL Thought the eggs were supposed to be a major component of the dish. Kristen should have gone on to the immunity challenge based on how she used the eggs and the delicious dessert she created.

  6. Chloe chooses:
    Plus one more we can’t see

  7. They are manufacturing drama here whilst the chef and cook just calmly go about their business. As if they are not going to be able to tell the difference, fftt.

    • It becomes less iconic by the second with George raving like a fool out there. At least he didn’t assault a spectator this time out at a sporting venue.

  8. I liked that guest chef.
    Chloe is starting to grate on me.

    I always laugh at the judges manufacturing the drama that it was close. As if !

  9. Chloe seems really sweet one moment, and gratingly overconfident the next. But she can cook. Reminds me I can’t really cook…

    • I am doing a bit of a rolling recap as I watch, so avoiding all comments for now. Will post when finished.

    • On the other hand, it gives us half an hour to prepare for the onslaught of mediocrity. I enjoy being fore warned here.

      Yes, Juz. Gary would jump through hoops of tortellini to get his new pet Chloe an ammunity pin. Maybe a bit early, but he looks definitely cook struck. Thanks for recap.

  10. Was a little bit cringeworthy how much Shazza seemed to be into Ghana-In-Law…. kept eyeing her in a way he wanted to breed with her and add to his already 5-6 kids.

    Ghana-In-Law has 6 pasta’s in her repertoire… we saw 2 last night… 4 cooks away from her needing to think of something new? But she’ll be ok.. judges are fawning over her already…. keeping their eyes on her in more ways than one.

    I agree with previous comments that Miss-Low-Self-Esteem met the brief better… but perhaps it’s not only food the judges need to be aroused by to help make their decisions??

    I sure hope anyone that fails tonight gets tackled by Nathan Jones as their punishment.

  11. Matt gives Chloe and the guest chef the same score. hahaha
    Her dish may have been good but not at all the same level as guest chef.
    Gary likes more than the tortellini. 🙂

  12. The scores were ridiculous. Just trying to make it that Chloe has a chance.

    If following the formula of MC, those have lots of exposure will not win. May get to Top 10. Thus can’t see Sarah, Chloe, Gina winning. Unfortunately Sashi may fall into this group too.

    • The winner will be someone we have not even noticed yet. Diana and Ben were hardly featured at the start last year; ditto Elena and Matt in 2016. Chloe could turn out to be a Marion Grasby – strong contender for a long time, tripped at the end.

  13. Just look for someone semi-struggling atm and there’s your winner. WTF is Reece… there’s MC winner 2018..

  14. Chloe’s only 28? She must’ve had her children very, very, young. The elder boy looks about 11.
    Must be a Ghana thing … together with pasta and broth.

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