MasterChef – Wed, MCG challenge

The contestants find themselves on the turf of the iconic MCG for the first team challenge. Split into two teams, each must cook delicious and nutritious food for 50 diners using a different protein.

Surely at the G all you need is a meat pie? And that’s really just to warm your hands. Nothing too fancy.

Nigella Week starts on Sunday, so in the meantime you can brush up on your Lawson lore with this quiz. I did not do very well. Let me know how you go.



  1. There is ample opportunity to feature other members of the blue team but we only hear from Chloe, Fake Vintage and Sachi and Middle-Age Model.

  2. George is so helpful! Looking at his disgusted face is shocking. These contestants have never use commercial oven before. So they overcooked the salmon, too late to do anything.

    Imagine working for him! If you do anything wrong, you will get your head chop off

    • For the next challenge she will make udon noodles and that will be followed by yakisoba noodles, ramen and somen noodles.
      She will be given the title “Noodle Queen”.

    • I read somewhere she can make 6 types of noodles. This is the third time she is making noodles. We will be seeing a crispy noodles dessert very soon.

  3. Sorry, remind me again, Blue Team cooked the salmon? And had middle age model on it?
    Hard to keep anyone straight at the moment. Although I do remember the guy who said he doesn’t normally wear blue. 😂

    • Yes, Blue team have Sarah, Ben, Jess, Kristen, Sashi (capt), Chloe (soba lady),Michelle, Khanh (not sure what he does), Loki, Damira and Hoda.

  4. I came home from work with a headache. No problem, I took a couple of painkillers, with the intention of watching tonight’s episode on tenplay. I’m now viewing my 15th Ad in 13 minutes. Not including the ads that froze. Ad blocker disabled. My Ch10 / WIN won’t work in Armidale through foxtel.

    Thanks, Maz, I’ll skip the remainder. At this rate I’ll still be sitting here when the next episode comes on.

    • Ha ha ha, they were pretty pathetic weren’t they? And they serve them on huge plates with the dessert on one side & the whole rest of the plate is empty. They need a smaller plate & put it in the middle.

  5. Until the contestants have figured out that a good cook does not necessarily make a good team captain, team competitions are a pain. There is always one team futzing around, and it’s boring to watch.

    Matt Preston should never be given a night off. He is the one who shows courtesy and a bit of understanding when George and Gary are being rude pricks. The cactus salmon comment was bad enough, but then Gary poked his tongue out and said “bluh” when the messy dessert was presented. I wish they’d remember that they are supposed to be professionals, and behave that way instead of giving very good impressions of nasty little boys.

    • Oh my God the look on their faces when that second dessert came out. They looked like a plate of shit was put in front of them. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. The only fault was it wasn’t enough.

  6. Aghhh, when will they learn? Dont do salmon which needs to be pin boned or prawns which need to be shelled for challenges where time is limited. They are fiddly & time consuming. Have they not watched previous seasons?
    And both of those desserts, so stingy. I remember back in the day when mousse was served in a reasonable sized glass.
    It’s a shame they couldn’t do what they originally planned with that beef. Isn’t that guy a butcher? He should have known what type of beef was suited to that dish. He really fucked up there.
    They used to just pick the aprons & whoever got the one with team captain on it was it.

    • I am sure those players will need to stop somewhere to have a good feed. Those minute portions are not going to fuel their bodies

    • I thought it was strange that they were required to create a vegetarian entree but then the main selection was meat or seafood. There should have been vegetarian options for the main, too. Guess the vegetarian diners were extremely hungry.

  7. Red team was trying to follow the brief to a T. You need protein in the dessert. They already did a yogurt mango sorbet. Those crumbs were horrible. If you need a crunch, why not use some crushed nuts?

  8. Nathan Jones’ missus did not seem too impressed, I’m sure they just replayed her one single head nod over and over on loop to make it look like she was in agreeance.

    Khanh – we have officially one of the suspected closet gay guys (Aldo was never in the closet) come out….

    Loki – seriously WTF…. that’s the 2nd time I’ve heard him this series talk about himself in the third person.

    Reece – a disaster (and potentially the 3rd closet gay guy)… just no appealing qualities with his cooking and technique… he is either trying too hard and putting himself off, or has read too much and is more theory than practical..

    Ghana-In-Law – the romance continues, and groundhog day Soba moment…

    Jess & Kristen – rule 1 of any split dairy product… add dashes of cold milk/cream whilst mixing slowly to see if you can bring it back together. At least Jess has got her quinelle technique down pat… she’ll make it to the top 10 and when time to eliminate her they’ll setup a savoury elimination challenge.

    Fake Vintage – was itching to be captain…

    Sashi – horrible captain

    Jenny and Denise – some cameo appearances..

    Model Mum – surprised her idea didn’t involve a lettuce cup and a slice of cucumber.

  9. The steadfast rule of challenges: whoever stuffs up early ends up winning.
    The blue team was a mess, but the producers wanted them to win, for some reason. Semi-ruined, flaked salmon on lettuce? But I think Kristen will keep getting the sympathy vote, for obvious reasons.

    Mr and Mrs Bogan Footballer were reading from a script, and the whole thing was more contrived than usual. You could tell the Mrs was a little put out missing Home and Away and vodka shots.

    Good to see Yoda was finally allowed to speak – her three words will be cherished. I wonder if she actually lived in the house.

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