1. Anna: “Let’s truffle the buggery out of it!”
    Stella: “How do you feel emotionally about that pastry?”

    This really is a weird television show, isn’t it?

    Meanwhile, I had an interesting thought watching Henry and Anna cook. There’s, like, one supplier of truffle in all of Australia, and guess whose family owns the farm that it all comes from? So did channel 7 and Coles have to buy Henry and Anna’s own truffles, just so they could stock the MKR kitchen with truffles that the two could then use in their cook?

    That’s not a bad deal they’ve got going there.

  2. I think Jazzy pastry didnt work and she use the Pampas shortcrust pastry. That is the cheating

      • Spot on. JB. What BS with those 3 teams being horrified. Kim said something about so angry. What else can the Russians do. They may be penalised but they are trying their best

  3. Oh FFS! What a big todo about nothing? Sure they should be penalised but they were just trying to think on their feet. I’ve never been a huge Suong fan but “I’m really angry.” Why? You’re already through to the Semi final. This show is so full of crepes.

    • I am with you. I I am also not a fan of the Vietnamese. Yes, their food is full of flavour but I dont warm to them.

      Last night congee could be a Vitnamese congee but to me congee should be very smooth.

      Also congee is so call a poor man food but who can afford last night congee withball the seafood. Putting 6 or 9 pieces of chicken thigh to make the broth is far out.

    • What a joke. Scandal, cheating…hahahaha.
      Overacting from upstairs: “Red card”, “I can’t believe standing here watching this makes me so angry,” all the gasping and shocked facial expressions. Teams in the bleachers you shouldn’t be there any way.
      Kim and Suong…be quiet..you shouldn’t be in the semi finals with their craps and their dollops of whipped cream. You are lucky that the powers that be want you there.

  4. SO unlike ch 7 to misrepresent something. Cheating suggests something sneaky or underhanded. The big beat up would have been warranted if one team had turned another’s oven off, putting salt in their sugar bag or tying a contestants hands behind their back. They only blew their own chances, they didn’t affect anyone elses.

  5. Oh good lord, now Mrs Hat is getting hysterical over a meal that she’s not even cooking. *sigh* Someone get this woman some prozac.

  6. I donโ€™t think a professional pastry chef should be floating about being a pastry queen in an amateur cooking show.

  7. When Manu says, “Custard tart”, does anyone else think it sounds like he’s insulting somebody or cursing?

    It’s like, Manu accidentally stubs his toe against the bench. “You custard tart!”

    Meanwhile, did I just see an ad for New Idea with Josh and Nic doing a naked photo-shoot? I love attractive fellows as much as the next guy, but somehow that makes those two just even … creepier.

    • There are some things that the world just doesn’t need to see and that’s one of them.
      And yes …. definitely creepier.

      • Yeah. Was there anyone in the *world* watching this season and thinking, “Gee I wonder what those two look like naked?” Anyone? I don’t think so.

  8. So Olga and Valeria fail the roast courseand get sent home but Stella and Jazzey fail the pastry and got through to the semi finals.
    That’s me out because I really don’t care who wins now.

    • You people are all wonderful with your comments – more entertaining than the show.
      I don’t really care who wins either. None of the four teams are deserving of being in the finals.

    • I’m with you. Not one of those teams deserve to be there.

      Can all four of them be eliminated?

  9. … are you freaking shitting me?!?

    So not only do we miss out on the match-up in the finale that we all wanted, but actually neither team makes it that far anyway?

    The only thing that makes this any better is the thought that Olga and Valeria caught up to Pete and Manu in the carpark later on. “Do not %&$# with Russians, you annoying little men.” *crunch*

  10. I think Stella and Jazzey did a very good Entree and Dessert.

    But guess what, they are cooking against Alex and Emily!!! Again giving them the weakest team. But Stella and Jazzey have improves a lot and their dishes are always packed full of flavour. Please let them kick Alex and Emily out of the competition

  11. Did i get distracted – i thought one pair cheated and left. Oh that’s right, another lead you up the garden path story.

  12. The bizarre vote boosting to get the average cooks Stella and jazzy thru is hard to fathom. The last 4 teams are so unlikeable or overrated thereโ€™s really no point watching anymore. Gee I hope the ratings drop.

    • I always try to support MKR because it is an Australian idea. But I have enough. So much BS in the scoring that the viewers can’t believe the judges scores. They can just say so and so food is delicious or really bad.

      Talking about not following the brief. How can you have a budget meal with salmon and asparagus? If they cooked with can salmon, I will say that is a budget meal.

      Bye bye MKR

      • Or frying everything during a BBQ challenge…

        Yeah, salmon on a budget with asparagus… LOL. In France, a dish like that costs you around 20 Euros for those 2 ingredients alone. Asparagus is around 5 Euros (can be closer to 10 Euros, depending on the season) and salmon is about 6 to 7 Euros (frozen!). If you actually buy it packaged and halfway fresh, it is even more, around 12 Euros (not even 300g though!) or more. Buy it completely fresh, well… write a cheque to the vendor.^^ So this is about 30-ish Australian dollars… Sure, cooking on a budget. ๐Ÿ™‚ More like endless budget. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Was it MasterChef that did an aisle-based supermarket challenge once? So Some people could only cook with staples plus canned food, others could only use frozen food etc. it would be good to see a challenge where they actually have to count their pennies

    • The show started at the end of January IIRC and now it’s May. It certainly feels like it’s been going forever, but it hasn’t helped that this has been awful season. Even they don’t care about the food anymore (it’s interesting how the ads for Masterchef are totally focused on the food).

      And the only two teams that anybody liked just got eliminated.

  13. So the two best teams didn’t make it. I really think A&H were invited/paid. They didn’t really show much emotion when not getting through. Although they are pretty chilled. I want to see more of them on TV, along with Olga and Valeria. I really like those girls.

    • I think Olga and particularly Valeria are fantastic TV talent. Get them a cooking show, give Anna and Henry a walk-on role, and I’m sold.

    • They were probably thinking about how much work they have to do back on the farm! I read today they hope to set up farm visits so people can see the whole truffle growing process. I hope they do well – and Anna needs to make truffle-infused cheese.

  14. Admittedly I wasn’t paying much attention to the show last night, because I’d read some of these comments beforehand, but what was the big “cheating scandal”? Was it Olga and Valeria cooking roast duck slices instead of a roast? That may not have been following the brief to the letter, but cheating? I don’t think so. I was getting annoyed at the teams who are already through to the semi-finals standing there making comments as though they are Michelin chefs. The bullshit was very deep with that, especially Alex, who now seems to think he is God’s gift to cooking. He may be able to toss a bottle of booze around, which doesn’t make a good cocktail anyway, but he is only an average cook and his wife is an abomination.

    I don’t care who wins now; none of the teams left are particularly talented or likable. And the damned waiters can’t carry a plate of food without their thumbs over the lip of the plate. Food delivery 101, learn it.

    • Yes, Von. The pan fried duck was called cheating and the way the contestants went off you’d think Olga and Valeria had shot down a passenger plane over the Ukraine or squirted nerve gas through MKR Headquarters.

  15. Funny how the most capable cooks all got the boot now… Let’s see who is crying themselves to 250k. I think I will really just stick to reading here, not watching it and wait for Masterchef. I really hope they deliver. ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise, I watch GBBO Professionals and wait for August, when GBBO is back.

  16. I did not watch this live but since I checked in here before finishing watching it I am not going to continue watching. Reading what has been posted it’s just not worth bothering with. This whole season was BS. Incredible regarding who the top 4 are. I am passing on the semi finals and finals because I don’t care who wins now. These are definitely not the top 4 teams.
    MKR you have fallen deeper and deeper into the abyss of BS. Waitresses, mothers, Italians and Hatsters…..what a total JOKE!

  17. I was sorry the Russians got sent to Siberia. Not only could they cook, but they were entertaining in their own unique way. I appreciated their dry witty comments. Please Mr Hat and Mrs Hysterical be gone.

  18. What happened to the independent judges, or is that mkr. I havent watched very often but thought last night was a stinker.

    • One of these “independent” judges, ie stooges, will call the food “unctuous”

      We’ll get the “oh, we don’t know who cooked which dish” schlocko.

      • But isn’t this supposed to be a blind tasting…LOL.
        I’ll check in here to get the play by play and find out who won because I’m done watching My Kitchen Reeks.

  19. True story. I stubbed my toe against a bookcase this morning, and without even thinking about it, I shouted out, “Custard tart!”

    I think I’m going to adopt this as my new thing.

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