Survivor Ghost Island – finale

Finale time already? But Probst still has to snuff the torch of half the cast?
At least we should see some idols played tonight. The question is, will Dom and Wendell turn on each other? And who wins the fire making challenge? And will Sea Bass make a move?



  1. So Jeff does not even need to speak at final tribal now because we have Michael to narrate the show instead. If anyone has not watched the reunion show I suggest you just fast forward to the promo for next season the reunion was 17 minutes, hardly anyone got to speak and theee mins was spent cross promoting another CBS show

    • Yes, I was disappointed in the reunion. I always think they could make them longer and ask more questions to more of the contestants!

      • The reunion seems to get shorter & shorter every year. I used to like when they asked the contestants about their game & any feuds. Now he barely even talks to them.

  2. I wanted to go to bed so I watched the main ep, then ffd to the winner.
    I feel that Dom and Wendell seemed to get a free ride to the end and took Laurel with them. They just stayed on top and the group refused to topple them.

    I didn’t like Dom, and Laurel was their goat, so Wendell was the best pick of those three.
    Ha ha, blondie said she was never included in any alliance. But she blabbed as soon as she was.

  3. Dom mentioned listening to his gut so we all knew he would lose. Wendell made a better case, and I think he’d been very careful cultivating Laurel since at least the time he forgot (or not) to call out when he finished a puzzle.

    • I kind of liked Dom’s Tony-style brashness, but in a season where a lot of players were not strategic a la Sea Bass it came back to bite him. I was pleased to see Chris was able to appreciate Dom’s style as a way of playing the game.
      So when will Michael play again? Is he now Jeff’s natural successor?
      What did everyone think of the David v Roid Ragers promo?

      • Malcolm and Boston Rob must be cursing and drowning their sorrows. Or hiring Dom’s wife for the hit on Michael.

      • I was surprised by Chris. On the beach he was very resentful but was quite gracious in the end. I hope they both realised that one silly comment started an unnecessary feud, and that they are actually quite alike.

  4. What a pity Dome chickened out & didn’t end up doing the fire challenge with Wendell. How many more seasons of Survivor will it take for orange to no longer be considered unlucky?
    I really don’t like the new final tribal format with people interrupting & talking over each other & some jurors not even bothering to ask anything. But Probst likes it so I guess it’s here to stay.
    I knew straightaway it must be a tie when he said he was going to read the votes then.

    • They film tribal for hours, so they must have cut out all the insightful questions from Chelsea, Jenna, Des and Sea Bass. Lol.

      • Or, they spent hours trying to coax them into asking questions that were even mildly interesting and got nowhere. They’d spent an entire season trying to get confessionals from them and also got nowhere.

        I like Erik and James, but a show is in desperate trouble if it brings them on to raise the level of interest.

        Am I alone in wondering about the state of Sea Bass’s eyes at the tribal? Whatever he was on looked like a lot of fun.

        • He told EW he was drunk! Too much Ponderosa fun. Poor Erik and James, having Probst rub it in all over again

          • If he’d been drunk for the entire season at least there would have been a chance of him doing something interesting.

  5. Laurel carried Dom and Wendell to the end, even outing attempts to overthrow the throne. And for her pains, she got zero votes. Did anyone mention to her that there is no prize for third place? She was talking like her strategy worked.

  6. Finally got to watch the finale today (been visiting hospital all week). I really enjoyed the final episodes, right up until they gave Laurel the power to choose the winner. Now I have a sour taste in my mouth, because the whole season came down to URST between two players. I’ve read of several alternate options on other sites, the most logical being “don’t end up with an even-numbered jury” but I would have liked a re-vote for all the jury plus Laurel. I reckon some would have changed their vote, knowing exactly how she would vote.

    Most people seem to be ambivalent about which of the guys won, putting them on even par on game play, but my vote was with Dom, because no plan was ever hatched (except in a different tribe) that he didn’t come to know about before TC. Occasionally it was stupidity by another player, but it seemed to me that he had a sixth sense when something was brewing, and knew exactly who to buddy up to to find out. He was never wrong about whether someone was telling the truth or not, and so his decisions were always based on the right information. So, yes, I think he was deserving of first place in terms of game play. Wendell (also good game play) had the ultimate luck of mutual attraction with the random person who would decide the outcome. 39 days of striving and conniving comes down to pure personality attraction.

    The reunion show was mostly rubbish. Probably because nobody in the cast created a controversy by saying something bad to a minority person, so Jeff thought there was no point in talking to the cast. According to other sources, he has decided that this is the way he likes it, and intends to continue to evolve the reunion so it has less to do with the cast and more rubbish filler. The cynic in me wonders if that is to drive more people to watch Ponderosa.

    • I agree – the Lauren tiebreaker was a fizzer. If that happens again I think it will always be obvious who the third wheel will vote for, so no suspense. Dom and the jury knew straight away he’d lost. A revote plus a vote from Lauren would have been fairer. I wish Jeff had asked Sea Bass and Jenna about their relationship, and Michael and Libby had a flirtation at the least. I’d much rather hear about that than some new show we will never see.

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