General Chat – Jun 9

I’m on hols for a while, seeking warmer climes, and will be without a TV (shock, horror!).
Time for a West Wing rewatch on the Ipad, methinks – it’s our holiday go-to show.

What are you watching?



  1. I used to love West Wing and then the President, otherwise known as Jed Clampett, was given more and more lines and spoilt the whole show. Almost unbearable to watch any scene he was in. And he could never put on a coat properly. Nails down a blackboard.
    I have just discovered Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I know, late to the party.

    • I was late on Kimmy Schmidt too. That’s because at first I thought lame and hammy acting, but when Miss 11 and I started watching, I got into it and we had a mini marathon.

      I am currently enjoying Trollied, which I thought had shades of the Office and Woolif noted it was like a modern Are You Being Served? Give it a go. It’s fun. It has Bubble from Ab Fab, but my favourite is Margaret, the senior. She does senior moments beautifully.

  2. I watched 2 episodes of the Korean version of the Good Doctor. Amazing how the storylines are nearly identical.. The main character I think is a better actor/fit than the US version, but I’m new to Korean tv shows, so its probably cliche after cliche for the jaded. Oh and the new season of US masterchef is shite, lots of stupid pretend argy bargy between the guest judges (Joe the douchebag is back)

  3. I just read somewhere that Jarrod from the Bachelor franchise has a new role spruiking pasta sauce.

    I did laugh at the final comment of the article. “After all, he very well acquainted with tomatoes. He spent most of his time in Paradise looking the same shade as one.” That was gold.

    Hope you’re enjoying your holiday Juz :). Looks divine.

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      • Fancy blowing up like that on tv. She should have looked at her facial expressions in a mirror. But wait….she would make a great rtv star. They could put her on Survivor or TAR….once she had semi passed the psych test. “Ah nope!” “Ah yep”. She sure wasn’t intimidated by Phil. 😂

    • I just don’t know how to feel about this one, to be honest. For a start, the Honey-badger needs a haircut and a shave (that mo is just … I can’t deal at all). And is it just me, or does it feel like the show has started to parody itself? Like, there’s just no way to take it seriously anymore, and given the franchise doesn’t have much reason to take itself seriously in the first place, they don’t have a lot of ground to give up, there. Not to mention, Sophie’s season was just so horrid (and it’s great she found Stu, and stayed with him as long as the contract she signed told her to), and it’s like they just decided, let’s amp up the ridiculousness even more.

      At least it’s not Shane Warne. Grateful for that, at least.

      • it’s definitely now more a show about people promoting themselves rather than actually trying to find a partner – more Americanised

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