House Rules – Jun 18

It’s Chiara and David’s turn to checkout their renovated home.
And tomorrow teams start on Toad and Mandy’s place. It’s 150 years old so let’s hope they don’t go all Block and strip all the character features.



    • I skipped the last ten minutes to switch over to Have You Been Paying Attention.

      So they failed the bonus room? Sweet. Couldn’t have happened to nicer people. I bet they were *thrilled* about it.

      • So thrilled Leigh was glaring at Michelle very menacingly while Kristie called Dave and Chiara arseholes (not to their faces) ,and wondered how they could sleep at night.

        • Leigh does kind of give off that slightly-unhinged vibe, doesn’t he?

          It’d be nice if Toad and Mandy deliberately gave low scores just to get rid of them, but I think Toad and Mandy are too nice. OTOH, I’ll bet that someone lumps them with the bonus room again just to see them fail.

          • DD and I were agreeing that our female intuition is telling us that we would not like to be in contact with Leigh. He is not just yukky, but makes both of us feel unsafe.

    • So glad Leigh and Kristie failed the bonus room. They deserved it. Karma is a b*tch.
      Not surprised David and Chiara loved their new home. It’s to their taste but it really does look horrible inside. Garish and tasteless except for the tropical bedroom.
      Leigh’s death stare…ultra creepy.

  1. Kim and Michelle will be eliminated. We know this because k&m were on better homes and gardens last Friday night and their Reno is featured in that homes beautiful magazine this week. These tv shows are very predictable in this way. That is my bet anyway even though I wish to be wrong.

  2. Wait a second, hang on, back the damn truck up here, just a minute.

    Toad and Mandy’s ancient, crumbling (and poorly laid-out) farmhouse is haunted?

    Is it just me, or would anyone else have immediately turned and make a hasty retreat? You’re on your own guys. Love you all, but good luck with the reno.

    • They ought to have Zak Bagins from ghost adventures step in for the Reno ha ha. Anyway, everyone knows that true hauntings but only happen at night. So paint night will be the real problem

  3. Meanwhile, who’s actually running the farm and taking care of the cows while Toad and Mandy are having the week off?

  4. Mel is still “fustrated”.

    According to my captions, “The hose is haunted”. Careful in the garden, Toad.

  5. I thought that they couldn’t get any more obnoxious than the last plug for Hotels Combined. Then I watched tonight’s episode…

    I still can’t get over how good-looking Jared is. It’s like he was sculpted out of marble. Meanwhile, Leigh and Christie continue to be thoroughly irritating. The alliance against you pair isn’t strategy, sweety, you’re just not very likeable as people.

    • Me too BDD. Even Kristie who thinks all her rooms are tens didn’t think she had a chance of winning. Neither did Leigh. Ch7 may have been shitting themselves that their most antagonistic team could be leaving so cowhide it was. Also maybe they didn’t want to be seen endorsing the other teams banding together to help push Leigh and Kristie out of the competition . Or maybe it turns out Toad and Mandy really loved the touch of gold in the cowhide and saw it as really quirky, fun and well thought out (despite it literally being a last minute purchase).

      More interference no doubt in the form of pressed metal which suddenly appears in L+Ks room as well as KMs sitting room. Also the panels made so expertly by Jared after the limestone effort? All made identically by the tradies more like.

      • How many tradies cars are there? I tried counting them. I ‘m not sure that the contestants have to even scratch their arses out there. Producers trying to pull the cowhide over our eyes.

        The way Toad and Mandy are smashing their mortgage, clearly cows have more value with their skins on. But Ch 7 had to “milk” the situation.

        • There was at least 3 tilers in the bathroom when Leigh checked in, last episode. I just hope they’re getting paid well enough to put up with the more obnoxious contestants.

          • The union would probably demand danger money for those working near Leigh or it’s tools down ,fellas. Not seeing female tradies at Toad Hall, either. Am I missing them? There must be twenty five tradies on site. Toad may have to cull a dairy cow to throw a barbie and keg for the multitude.

        • Yes the extra help onsite is really visible this time as they are so isolated so you can really see how many are there just for House Rules. I noticed the complete flattening/mutilation of grass extending several metres out from the house.

          Suddenly Jared having an ‘idea to include fret work in the entrance’ made me suspicious. Guess they can’t control everything though-like delivery date stuff ups.

          Dave, I also thought the amount of mortgage they have eaten through so quickly was strange. Not impossible but if he’s lived there his whole life normally these things would just be passed down, not sold and if it’s 150yrs old and in his family you would think there wouldn’t be a mortgage left but I don’t know anything about farm life so perhaps it was remortgaged in tough times (or $200k is what his parents or grandparents needed to move out).

          Anyway, will be interested to see the final product. I think house rules are deliberately made obscure to allow for misinterpretation and therefore drama. Noone would like every jewel colour and such a broad rule is bound to cause trouble.

          • Nothing will grow around Toad and Mandy’s house for years because of the damage from the tradies Woodstock that took place there. I didn’t see a car park and airstrip stipulated in the House Rules.

  6. To Calorie Loader, I listened as Toad described buying the farm and I got the impression it is an addition to the family farm, it was worded very carefully.He has a lot of equity in it. I assume the mortgage was to make the house habitable and probably improve farm buildings.

    The one that confused me was Kim’s, they have a big mortgage on a house that was built by her parents, I assumed that was to buy out siblings but for the time they have been there it was a lot to pay.

    I am fascinated by House Rules, watching it a day behind you folks as I have to wait for an upload. Leigh and Kristie were a producer’s dream team, so instantly dislikeable and Mel and Dave not far behind them. .

    • Ok, thanks Rusty. To be honest I can only understand about half of Toad’s mumblings most of the time so must’ve missed that bit.

    • Luckily Leigh and Christie provide a universal baddie couple, because unlike many, I quite like Mel and Dave. Certainly a lot more than Chiara and David who have overreacted with tears and tantrums, exactly as Mel said “like high school kids.” You can see the sparkle in Mel and Dave’s eyes as they comply with the producers antics to create faux drama. Chiara and David react to the producers as if they are being asked to decide which of their children should be taken.

      The promos keep talking about the women being the “favourites” which I can’t understand – I can’t see how anyone could love any of the teams more than Toad and Mandy. They are gems. Kim and Michelle are okay but too interdependent for my comfort.

    • Calorie Loader, don’t forget also that this is not just a house property, it is a farm and a lot of the value is in the value of the land, and possibly a going concern business. I don’t remember if they said how many hectares it includes.

      Looking at the floor plan, how did they turn a U-shaped house into an L-shaped one? Have they left a section unrenovated? Also, very clear that the roof has been replaced just before the reno started. I suppose I will get the answers when I watch more than the first 15 minutes of the first day!

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