1. Diva Dave melts down again. Hope he doesn’t swear like that in front of the oh so precious kids.

  2. Couldn’t D&M and the boys be doing someone’s yard? With all the replayiing Sunday/Monday scoring it is dragging on far too long. I’m ready for The Schlock.

    • Actually all the recaps and replays are worse now with the backyards because they have two locations to flip between. It’s a great excuse to recap not only progress but which state we’re in with a birds eye view (the assumption being viewers can’t recall any footage more than 5 minutes old). It’s as bad as border security but not as satisfying as noone gets fined or arrested for crimes against design.

      • Despite the fact that some of them really should.

        I generally find my interest waning once the show moves out into the backyard. All they do is put a bunch of furniture in the yards that’ll get ruined the first time it rains. It’s like, eh.

  3. Thought I posted this but I don’t see it so…
    I have a feeling the boys are expecting a pool that they can actually swim in and do laps and not a plunge pool although 4 days would probably not be enough time to put in a “real” pool.
    Surprised they are not doing front yards and backyards like they normally do but maybe that is because the backyards are very large or are they going to do front yards after the backyard challenge??

    • I’m sure the boys will be happy with an upgrade to a plunge pool from no pool but yes they barely made that happen so regular sized one probably not doable in that time.

      I too thought it was weird that both teams were out the back so will be interesting to see if they tackle the front yard at some point. In the past the front yards created had a lot of decks and ‘chill out zones’ with little privacy (i.e. a lounge near the curb) so perhaps esp. with little kids involved for safety (play zone leading onto the street) they are scrapping it?

  4. I haven’t seen this yet, but presumed with 6 teams left that they would just divide the exteriors into three zones instead of two. More chance of conflict that way.

  5. I could’ve gone my whole entire life without seeing Toad’s butt. But anyway. OTOH, thank goodness Jared’s so pretty … because he really is hopeless when left to his own devices.

    As an aside, did anyone else notice the loveliest piece of irony, like, ever?

    Chiara got David a t-shirt reading, “No more wig outs”, but the “N” fell off, halfway through the episode. So the shirt became, “O, more wig outs.” Every time I looked at it, I wanted to crack up laughing. Yep, that’s about the size of it.

  6. No wonder Chiara loses it at David, ‘I forgot the bar’. How could he forget the effing bar?!
    A bit harsh, but I didn’t realise how pathetic Jared really is. I can’t imagine how he’s survived outside his parent’s home or the AFL machine. I guess that’s why he’s no longer a ‘bachelor’.

    • It really was painful to watch-in both cases. Even more painful for the electrician waiting for instructions.

      The fact that the demo was going on around Jess and Jared last episode and they were standing in the middle of it all looking lost with their tape measure makes me think they really have even less input into the planning than I thought. If we see the building manager as regularly as we do imagine how often he’s actually interjecting. On these shows they tend to hide people not directly involved so the sheer volume of tradies in every shot doesn’t say great things about the contestants. I’m sure things like cranes etc. would be on standby as they wouldn’t actually deliver a backyard with a giant hole and no pool. Maybe just told the driver to hold off a day to see Dave implode.

      • They don’t design anything. Rooms would have basic layout with wriggle room for arguments over space, plants etc. Everything needs to be approved by council first anyway. It’s all a setup for ratings. However as I think a lot would still watch without the horrid behaviour, all the drama is for the pleasure of the producers. I heard The Schlock producer talk with Reality Ravings a few years back. He sounded like a spoilt bitter brat who thrived on other’s pain and displeasure. He was vile. All the while making a motza of course.

  7. Agree with others, seems like contestants have very little input, just paint colours and limited available furniture choices.
    Jarred seems like a nice enough guy, but seriously he’s as thick as two bricks, here’s hoping it’s just a bad edit

    • Maybe they thought they would get the same value as the block got out of Darren Jolly. A contestant with some fame in their past is always good casting, but unfortunately, the talent just wasn’t there, and Jess is no better so she couldn’t carry the team. Just don’t forget what a fantastic player he was – not everyone can be all around perfect.

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