House Rules – Jun 3 weekly chat

House Rules chat

On Tuesday, teams head to Victoria where competitive couple Leigh and Kristie are preparing to hand over the keys to their beach house.



  1. Wow, it really does seem like no one is watching this season. I’ll admit I’m finding it hard work but still hanging in there. I guess there is two nights of reveal to watch so doesnt matter too much if you miss one.

    • Ratings are still reasonable, but it doesn’t seem to be generating the buzz of the past couple of years. Maybe everyone is recording and is now way behind, like me.

  2. I’m watching, but between various illnesses and being unable to get out of bed, I just don’t have a lot to say.

    I didn’t mind the house last night, but I thought the main bedroom was better before the reno. Didn’t like the WIR or the kid’s clubhouse room either, although I was jealous of the candy machine.

  3. I watch the reveals and bits and pieces of the other episodes. I don’t watch “live” and fast forward a lot.
    I am curious to see what the homeowners think about the reno.
    I didn’t like the wallpaper in the master bedroom. I don’t like large garish flowers (but maybe this met the brief) and the seams were obvious. Michelle’s bedroom was OK and was definitely French Provincial. The sister’s bedroom looked rustic rather than industrial to me.
    I didn’t like most of the rooms. Too much of a mish mash of this and that.

    • That’s the problem with these formats. The couples are so busy competing they don’t feel like working together. Even heard one of the couples say this. Makes for a mess.

  4. I’m recording and ffwding a lot. Especially the Vic AFL couple and the other ‘competitive’ couple. Vile creatures.
    I’m over LLB’s schtick too. I think he’s a pretty decent fella, but I don’t need the narky pompousness. Yeh, I know, that’s why he gets the big bucks…

    • I am ffwding more this year because of a couple of changes – one is the totally unnecessary revaluation of the home, and the other is that I have noticed that during the reveal they are spending much more time just showing the room and details of it. I don’t have a problem with that (after all it is what the show is meant to be about) but I find the music they use grates on me.

  5. Michelle and Kim gave out a lot of high scores.
    Leigh & Kristie and Mel and David continue to be snarky, rude and arrogant.
    I don’t think it was fair the Mel and David did not have to stay in the tent. Maybe they should have put them in the tent this week to make up for that. They could set up two tents, one for the boys and one for M & D.

  6. If they didn’t have all the filler and would stop repeating the same things over and over again they could just show all of the judging in one episode. There is absolutely no reason to show it over two episodes….so BORING.
    Seeing the dining room again it looked cramped squished between the huge lounge and the huge kitchen. I have a feeling they are going to wind up removing the vertical garden.

  7. So … the next reno starts.

    Taking bets on how long before Dave starts swearing at people, chucks a tanty and storms off.

  8. They’re all crying. We’re ten minutes in ! Repulsive Leigh and whatso’s sob story brought the house down.

    Hope their joint is wrecked.

    • I don’t think it says good things about his sense of planning or foresight that he envisioned this gigantic addition to the existing property (that looked twice again as large as the house already there), tried to build it himself and then just… stopped.

      • I agree, perhaps if he’d built something a little smaller but still adequate he may had the time and money to finish it.

  9. Eeugh I can barely stand looking at Mel and Dave. At least we’re one vile team less this week.

      • They are carrying on like they do or have done nothing wrong! When Dave and wife fought back (bonus room) Mel tried to suggest they were the victims? Unbelievable.

    • Wow. I didn’t like them the first few episodes but they are now one of my favs, after Toad and Mandy. The only really vile team, for my money, is Leigh and Christie.

  10. Thought it was funny when Michelle commented that she was glad Kristie and Leigh were gone this week.

  11. Jared’s spent, like, the last six months on that bloody limestone wall.

    I love you, Jared, really I do … but know when to give up on a lost cause, man, for reals.

  12. Leigh and Kristie: We want you to use lots of timber in our house.

    Also Leigh and Kristie: But we don’t want to see lots of timber in our house!


    • And Kristie said she didn’t want waxed surf boards in the bonus room, then makes the surfboard the statement piece winner. It will be interesting to see whether she/they pass the bonus room or fail it because of the surfboard.

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