MasterChef – Mon, elimination challenge

The losing team from yesterday’s invention test are in the kitchen, ready to fight for their place in the competition.
The losing green team is Brendan (my fave), Jenny, Lisa with the lipstick pop and Jo, who’s barely made the edit.
They have to recreate one of Darren Purchese’s fancy desserts: a spin on Peach Melba. Pity poor Brendan doing such intricate work with a bung hand.
Does Jo do desserts? I don’t remember. Lisa says she is a “don’t read recipes” person. Always a bad sign. Jenny has been in elimination before so that could be an advantage.



  1. Because I can’t remember who is on the losing team, I went to Tenplay to re-watch the last few minutes of last night’s episode. I had to sign in, which I did with Google. But then I was told that would give 10 access to a whole list of my viewing habits. Get stuffed, Channel 10.

    Is this new?

    • You didn’t accept Ch 10 ‘s rose. Good

      When I signed in with Facebook , that didn’t happen , but hey, what happened to them?

      Bachelor , Bach In Paradise, Bachelorette, I;m A Celeb. Ch 10 would know I’ll accept almost anything.

  2. The cute little Asian girl is getting lots of closeups with some slight overreacting. Also her and Reece seem like good friends. Eww creepy old Reece
    Ahh jess, that’s her name

  3. “One mistake could send me home”, if I hear that one more time it will tip me over the edge.
    FV and Lisa seem to be sharing lipstick and it doesn’t suit either of them. If they cared about each other the way they pretend to someone would have taken Lisa aside and told her that elimination means camera time and she needs to try another shade.

  4. Lisa’s interaction (or lack thereof) with the judges is interesting, every time they go near her the subtext I hear is ” … now piss off and leave me alone” and while I totally understand it’s not going to get her far. If she should make it through today (which is looking doubtful) she needs some serious lessons in forgoing pride, grovelling and fawning.

  5. Tempered chocolate and yet didn’t Lisa melt it in the microwave? I wonder why it didn’t work.

    • Chocolate is actually easier to temper in the microwave if you know how, especially for smallish quantities.

  6. Why do we have to endure the close ups of the stooges eating like pigs? I thought it was just my dislike of George and Gary but Darren eating was totally inoffensive. George and Gary ore both totally offensive.

    • Matt eats very nicely I noticed. George goes through the whole dainty farce with his tweezers , then shovel as all of it in making faces the whole time

      • Gary tries to contain himself from scoffing it down in 2 seconds… holds of from plate licking too. George after his weight loss is too afraid to eat so picks at the food making faces like… this dish is beneath me.

  7. I think Jenny might be Garry/George new pet. Chloe has fallen out of favour. Did you see her glaring down at Jenny and Garry chatting from up on the balcony

  8. Let’s face it. Jo was almost invisible till just before Gordon week. I don’t recall her audition at all. Five minutes of fame? Over.

  9. Gary : ” Your peaches are a little soft, Jo ”

    Gary could have thought that through a little better. Sounds like Ma$terchef code for “You’re too old”

    • Subtext -nice try dragging out some preemptive tears, but you are not young or tatooed enough or nasty enough to stay. Plus, you were observed being sort of intelligent and quite witty. So clearly you have to go.

      • She was doing so well at the start. I was hoping she would pull it all together at the end. So glad Brendan did well – I forgot his mum does amazing cakes

  10. I thought Lisa was going to get the chop… lots of Asian background contestants this year (3 in that challenge), so thought one would have to take it for the team. In the end I guess Jo was a bit too out there and was more a face for radio so the producers prepped her death march.

    • I thought Lisa’s ice cream was a fail. It looked softer than everyone else’s ice cream and was melting faster. However knew that it was time for Jo to go since they have to continue eliminating older contestants.
      Nonna will be eliminated soon.

      • You never know… Nonna might just be that “token” top 10er to appease us… like last year no male winner to stop the talk of alternating gender winners.

      • Can the old chooks cook a chook? Nonna and Genene must feel like rabbits at a greyhound party.

        Will the amatas try to serve chicken n ‘ ice cream? Chicken panna cotta?

        It’s sure to be a surprise.

        That is tonight’s ammunity challenge. Time again for under cooked protein to shine.

  11. Was so disappointed to see Jo go. But happy Brendon stayed. When the other girl left off the chocolate too I had hopes for her but they found other faults with it.

    • Thank god, I’m barely watching this series but I want Brendan to win! He’s such a sweet cute boy, reminds me of my nephews 😊

  12. I agree with LP: it was a dumb dessert and comes under the category of … ‘just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should.’
    It looked ridiculous, too much going on, just for the sake of it; less is more comes to mind.

    I guess they decided to cull one of the ‘oldies,’ which leaves Nonna and Jenine, who’s no spring chicken either. Younger victors are preferred these days, so they should anticipate MC’s pallbearers down the track.

  13. So who would ever order that in a restaurant? Not me, that’s for sure. And I’m partial to peaches, but it was so up itself that I’d be starved before I’d wrestled the cage off the top and peeled away the tuille. Get over yourself peach thingy, you are just a DESSERT.

  14. I am not a fan of desserts that need to be handled a lot before you can eat them. However, that chef was very nice to the contestants, telling whoever-it-was when her sugar cage broke that she had time to do another one, telling Jo her tuille had air bubbles because it was too thickly spread, generally being calm and encouraging to the contestants so they didn’t flip out. Gary and Feckless should take note of his and Ramsay’s way of treating people.

    Sorry to see Jo leave; I liked her answers to last night’s inane questions, before her dessert was tasted. She has a sense of humour and actually spoke the way an adult does. I don’t mind the eliminated person crying at the end. It must be a relief as well as a disappointment, and crying is a normal reaction.

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