MasterChef – Elimination with Curtis Stone

The eight contestants who lost the previous challenge are cooking in this episode’s elimination, with Curtis Stone to keep them company.
Is Curtis the only celeb chef to appear regularly on both MKR and MasterChef, due to his Coles contract? He was last seen criticising the MKR Plastics for using tinned mandarins.
From the promo it looks like a “name the cut of meat” test. Not as much fun as the spectacular “food cubes” challenge of past years, but I do like it when we can play along at home.



    • THE GUESSES: Jenny lamb rack, Khanh lamb shank, Brendan (go, Brendan!!) lamb neck, Aldo pork belly, Chloe chicken tenderloin, Sarah chorizo, Ben pork chop, Jess chicken Maryland Khanh tripe Jenny chook drumstick, Brendanbkack pudding, Aldo pork fillet, Chloe pork sausage but they want more info – it’s one of those spirally ones. She’s into elimination but someone else can get it.
      Sarah porchetta but it’s PANcetta – she’s out. Ben rissoles (wish he’d quoted the castle as he has the perfect Aussie drawl), Jess pork loin (I think that’s what she said) but it’s wrong. Jenny porterhouse steak, Khanh beef brisket, Brendan tries the sausage Chloe got wrong and says boerewars (South African) but it’s actually a Cumberland sausage. Noooooo – not Brendan!

      • Such a shame that the butcher guy wasn’t still there for this challenge. It would have been right up his alley. I was sure I saw a T-bone steak there & yet nobody picked it. It was one of the easiest ones.

    • I’m worried – too scared to scroll down and read the comments of those of you who have seen the outcome.

    • At least it seems rather tame after all the carry on over Henry and and Manu on MKR.
      That thing Curtis said about the US not having good butcher shops was interesting. And we know they don’t have good coffee so I wonder what else they are missing out on.

    • I think they force the contestants to make drooling comments to enhance the Guest chef’s appearance – the amount of times they do that on MKR over Manu weirds me out – It is to make the guest Chef worth the money they must pay for them.

  1. Fake Vintage got the home package.

    Apparently because her husband is Brazilian she is an expert on Brazilian cuisine.

    Oh, guess what Ghana in Law is cooking? Could it be noodles (again)???

  2. She’s going to make steak flavoured noodles. I’m sure her and her self proclaimed “little toosh” will be fine.
    Unrelated the ex always pronounces the name Chloe as shloe. I don’t know why but it always sounds derogatory. Which is ok in this case because we don’t like “shloe”. On the other hand, he might just be reading it phonetically, and really thinks that’s how it’s ptonounced

  3. Brendan is doing too much again. You need to keep it simple Brendan.

    Jess has been learning some skills in the house. At least she is willing to learn

  4. Any body else wish they had smellavision? I need to go to the market tomorrow and get me some red meat!

    • Those corn cob erections swung it for her. Very cheffy. Needed little “corndoms” over them

      • Didn’t taste the dish but Dan Dan noodles is delicious. From the recipe, I can see the dish has lots of flavour ( even though I don’t eat red meat).
        But I don’t think she highlighted the meat. Even with the cheapest cut of meat, she will still get the same result.

        If it was a noodles challenge, no problem with the dish

  5. Ouch. Curtis clearly does not like what G-I-L did to to the scotch fillet. He liken it to lending your favourite dress to your best friend and they cut off the bottom of it.

  6. If Chloe doesn’t go home after that, then I am going to engage my Twitter account to cry foul. And that’s serious.

  7. Curtis : “This steak needs to sing”

    The First Cut Is The Deepest?

    You Cooked Me All Night Long?

    Crazy Curtis is stoned.

  8. Twitter is all fired up about Chloe’s “$100 spag boll”. There’s not a lot of love for her out there.

  9. Oooh noooooooo Brenoo … I watched the whole damn episode and now I have no reason to watch any more

  10. Ooh, maybe I’ll audition for Masterchef 2019 as I can make spaghetti Bolognase as well .
    That dish of Chloe ‘s was truly woeful.
    Those judges should be ashamed of themselves!

    • Do you have a dead Nonna, children that you are trying to make proud and the ability to cry on cue?????

  11. I’m devo. Just as well I’m out of the country from Sunday so I will have an enforced mourning period of no MasterChef in a post-Brendan world.
    The poor bugger has 13 stitches in his hand for god’s sake and he made a dish that still tasted good. I would be happy to learn how to make noodles from
    Chloe but making mince from scotch is a huge waste. If it was a Mystery Box challenge the judges would slam her for the decision

  12. As if we do not know Chloe can make noodles from scratch. Hearing Gary smiling and say how good the noodles are is sickening.

    • Yes, so the noodles were the hero. And Jess’s dish looked super pretty but the dressing wrecked it. At least Brendan’s sauces tasted good.

  13. Wow that was most definitely rigged and very disappointing to watch. I don’t think there is much love for Chloe with other contestants. You really see her hug, or maybe she realises that everyone knows she is undeserving and standing back

  14. I’m going to do a Huighsey. I’M ANGRY. THAT WAS FUCKING BULLSHIT. SHE MINCED A SCOTCH FILLET FOR FUCK’S SAKE. When they said who committed the biggest sin stupid naive me thought Chloe was going. I thought with Curtis there they wouldn’t dare try to save their favourite especially with his comments to her about ripping up her favourite dress.
    Poor Brendan was royally screwed. They eat raw meat all the time, it doesn’t seem to bother them then. And Gary or George said he wanted steak tartare.

    • I didn’t get that at all. They have eaten raw/blue meat before and Brendan’s food tasted good. It’s just that they couldn’t get rid of their darling Chloe. If she had presented them with raw/blue meat they would have raved over it.

      Minced the fillet and gets away with it. Big joke. So she made noodles which is nothing new for her so no big deal. She DESTROYED the scotch fillet and for that reason as well as the total stupidity of her dish she should have been eliminated. They also weren’t thrilled with the taste of Jess’ food but she’s still there. Sarah…perfectly cooked beef but then some charred corn and salsa verde. Wasn’t that a bit simplistic?
      Brendan should not have been eliminated. The person with the ripped up dress should have been. 😉

  15. This week taste is more important… next week meeting the brief is more important…

    Yesterday having the closest dish to the chefs was more important… tomorrow the average of all dishes is more important…

    Many ways to manipulate the roads to $uit the preferred outcome.

    GIL’s noodles have now overtaken Aldo’s panacotta as overdone to death this series.

    Brendan came wise to the protection that his crying could help him… but alas, he’s not female/gay/deranged, just a normal boy with his head screwed on.

  16. I have watched very little, so I don’t really know the contestants, but there is no way that you can interpret “who committed the biggest sin?” as anything but Chloe is gone. Did Gary and George threaten Curtis with his Coles contract to accept keeping her?

  17. Mmm … probably rigged.
    If Brendan’s beef were completely raw, then understandable. It was clearly under, but they ate it – as I’ve seen them do many times before (and they used to say ‘perfectly cooked!’). Therefore, it was acceptable.
    Very disappointed to see the lovely Brendan go – I almost shed an uncharacteristic tear in the moment.

    The challenge was Beef is the Hero, the Deity, the Rock Star. So how does Mrs Brazil get away with putting a perfectly innocent, decent piece of scotch fillet through a torture chamber to make a pretentious spag bol? And noodles shmoodles – don’t care how ‘good’ they were, it wasn’t the brief.

    Of course, silly Jess gets to skip around another day – oh goodie. Surprised she didn’t make a beef ice cream with a tempered chocolate cow on top.

    • Yes, we’ve seen them refuse to even taste dishes that were too underdone or really bad.

    • Different story if it is medically unsafe to eat. Otherwise, all a matter of preference. I saw the second half, then commented here, then saw the first half, and George was salivating over the possibility of beef tartare, and even mentioned a bit of “acid” cooking (with citrus) on the edges as being perfect. Such inconsistency.

  18. I am so sad. I was talking to a friend about Anthony Boudain early this evening and now read he has passed away. RIP.

    He has commited suicide. I just can’t comprehend.

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