MasterChef – Mon, sweets pressure test

Continuing Sweet Week, the judges are joined by social media cake superstar Katherine Sabbath. The bottom two teams from the previous invention test will face off in a pressure test.
This is Katherine Sabbath’s Instagram, with some speccy cakes.
Now that Anna P has joined Nine for Family Food Fight it’s good to have another quirky female baker on the show.



  1. We waste 10 minutes umm and ahhing about Sachi using the immunity pin. As if he was going to do the pressure test.

    • It’s so disrespectful to the viewers to think that we would buy that Sashi had been pondering it all night,

      • Be fair JB – the producers ARE used to deal with contestants – a group who struggle to form a coherent sentence and aren’t very brite. (Their spelling, not mine!) So it would be easy to forget that other people may tumble to their cunning ruse of pretending there was doubt about the pin.
        I felt Sashi struggled with his prepared line about “saving my pin means I am guaranteed top 10 later” and he couldn’t deliver it convincingly.

    • I now remember seeing Sashi snuggling down into his pillow. So are they going to continue with these little”acting” snippets

    • He has 2 pins, like he wasn’t going to use one. He’s not going to be like Survivor contestants & go home with 2 immunity pins. Speaking of Survivor they’ve announced a few contestants for the Aussie version & fucking Russell Hantz is competing. I don’t know how he’ll fit in with our laid back contestants.

  2. Fake Vintage evokes Elvis. She should be eliminated for that. Did she just admit she can’t bake cakes??????

    • If it is not Gina and if the taste is o.k, judges will say it look good with a little bit of speck

      • Yes but I couldn’t help notice at the beginning that they said it had to look perfect yet yesterday Reece’s mess won a place in the immunity challenge.
        Gina may as well have not shown up if hers looked great taste would matter but if it looks terrible presentation will be the main factor.

  3. Um…you test if a cake is baked by putting a skewer in the middle and checking whether it is still wet….#justsaying

    • I’m with you Maz.

      I find all this preciousness about timers and exact conditions totally ridiculous. At the risk of sounding Monty Python-like, growing up in the country we had a fuel stove and no timer – if you wanted the oven hotter you put more wood on! You looked at the cake and checked if it bounced back. You put a skewer in and if it came out clean it was cooked. It’s not exactly rocket science.
      My mother was a very fine cook of the CWA variety and could make the most amazing sponges and scones without precise (there was a guage on the oven that said very hot, hot, slow, very slow!) temperatures or timers.

      It is very hard not to conclude that these people are simply not very good bakers – I would imagine them laughed off Bake Off for their ineptitude.

    • I was surprised Gina didn’t do that since she stated she has been baking cakes since she was very young. Shouldn’t need to depend on a timer when baking. Touch and a skewer should be your guides.

    • I know, I always use a skewer to check if my cake is cooked. Can’t believe she didn’t do that.

        • It looks so delicious! I love drip cakes a lot. I think they are fun. Plus they are quite easy to make and you can decorate the cake in a fun way. I prefer them so much over a cake covered in fondant.
          What kind of frosting did you use for it?

          EDIT: I am currently in love with cakes done by Jasmine Rae:

          • Zhee, I use Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I am not very good with the usual icing,. It’s too sweet and I cant get a smooth icing that is not grainy.

          • Mhmm, I only used Poor Man’s Frosting, German Buttercream and Italian Meringue Buttercream so far. Poor Man’s is made with a milk and flour base, it is nice, not too sweet at all, but difficult to colour and unfortunately it often has tiny lumps. It is better as a chocolate frosting.
            German Buttercream is made with a pudding base (my grandma always used Dr. Oetker puddings), then when it is cooled down, gets whipped into butter. Unfortunately it curdles soooo easily and cannot be salvaged.
            Italian Buttercream is perfect consistency-wise. It’s done bycooking a sugar/water-based syrup first which is then poured into the beaten egg whites. And it works well with gel colours and the base colour is nearly white, which is great. I loved working with it. My dad and the other cake eaters all loved it, but I feel it is still way too sweet for my liking – my mum feels the same way.

    • Oooh, I like the sunset ombré lustre look. Did you temper the white choc? I’ve never tried. I’m such a snob – usually only eat dark

      • I don’t embrace white chocolate either! That was the bit that I didn’t like the look of on this cake.

  4. I call bulls**t on the never having cooked a cake before. So no-one she knows has ever had a birthday, Christmas, Easter, christening, morning tea, party (or any of the thousand reasons anyone cooks but doesn’t necessarily eat)? As a child she never wanted to bake? She didn’t know she was coming on MC and thought to cover her bases?
    If all of the above is true, then she deserves to go home just for being underprepared and a long way from being Australia’s best home cook for 2018.

    • It was like that contestant in the Top 50 who had never made ice cream before. We think if you tick enough identity boxes you can get through to the Top 24 with a very limited repertoire.
      The one thing we have noticed this season is how un-strategic these contestants are. There are the annual challenges each year (e.g. night market) but these contestants seem like a deer in the headlights…so unprepared….

      • See I am going with – what is the polite term – stupid.
        Mind you, being stupid yet comely is an excellent tactic that will get you far in the competition.

      • Supposedly this was the first time Sarah baked a cake. hahahaha
        I agree with the others and find this hard to believe.

  5. I really liked the guest, she was so positive and lovely to all 3 of them finding positives in each.
    Gina’s cake probably was the least impressive on the day but when George says to FV “fingers crossed” and then with little preamble just you’re gone Gina – it’s like they’re not even bothering to go through the motions.

  6. Ten minutes in here. Poor Gina, she looks as though she feels defeated before she even starts making that cake with fluoro pink bits. The cake lady’s layers are not particularly even, but no doubt evenness will count against someone.

    I’m laughing that FV melted her butter. And I won’t be surprised if that doesn’t matter in the end.

    • We hardly heard from Gina at all last night and she looked quite down. I thought it was just the pro-Jess edit but I wonder if Gina was a bit crook? Or just tired from living in a house with so many younger people and the demands of filming?
      Perhaps Kristen just has Resting Bitch Face; I also suffer from it.

      • It could be that Gina was not feeling well, or it could be that she was given an inkling that she would be eliminated and she didn’t feel like bothering much with the cooking. The elimination was very quick – Sarah, you did this and that right and those parts were lovely, other woman, you did this and that right and those bits were good,…Gina, boom,you’re going home, bye.

        You’re very generous, Juz, thinking that Kristen just has RBF. I also have that, not that I care. But I think Kristen’s is just BF.

        • Me too. I didn’t want to dislike her because of her looks especially given that I am a porky person myself. But I have concluded it would be discriminatory to give her too much benefit of the doubt when I don’t want to, just because she is overweight. I think she could be a nasty piece of work.

          The time I had a LOT of sympathy for her was when paired with Chloe in the choux bun challenge and she was rightly outraged when Chloe said “look at what we did ” when Kristen had clearly done the LOT.
          But there is something mean-spirited or unpleasant about her that I just can’t warm to.

  7. Sorry Jess is a joke… “I use compound chocolate”… fark me… seriously you’re a dessert maker and don’t know how to temper chocolate… tempering in a microwave is something she should know how to do.

    Also how does a Nonna in all her cake baking experience not know how to test a cake for doneness?

    How the F did FV SMBC work (other than eggy taste).. looking at the recipe last night was such a simple recipe… vanilla cake and smbc… and some chocolate bark… simplest challenge ever at this point of the competition… the only thing is getting the stripes to look right but in the end it really came down to taste anyway?? right?

  8. No surprise that Gina is gone. No more Nonnas and, hopefully, no more references to Nonnas. Gina (just like Aldo) is planning on creating a Nonna cookbook.
    So much ice cream tomorrow. Reece should be able to identify all of those flavors. Isn’t he the ice cream king? 😉

  9. Poor Gina, she seemed to screw up one thing after another. I felt sorry for her, she seemed to be really struggling. When she realised she hadn’t set the timer she should have set it then. She must have had a fair idea how long ago she had put it in the oven. Then she just tips it straight out without even checking if it’s cooked through. I was yelling at the TV why did you do that?

  10. Gina’s eliminated?!! I’m in shock, aghast, disbelieving … it was so unexpected.
    If you’re over 40, you have a very short shelf-life on MC – I think they even use the Coles Use-By sticker. Gina should’ve checked her forehead.

    I don’t care how talented Jess thinks she is; so self-absorbed and irritating.
    On the other hand, it was nice to see a little bond forged between Ben and Hoda. They’re both pragmatic and no-nonsense, with a dash of deadpan humour … a nice change from the gushing, fake affection.

    Hope Grease finds a nice perspiration-flavoured ice cream.

  11. I can see Chloe getting her own cooking show after this season. Matt Preston and the two little piggies love everything she cooks

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