1. I forgot the three that were up for elimination so care factor approaching zero. I’ll leave it on only so I don’t miss the beginning of HYBPA.

  2. A general statement

    When will Masterchef contestants realise that running isn’t going to make them go any faster?

    • And when will they consistently realise that taking a little bit of time to read the recipe properly and plan saves them a whole lot of time and heartache?

  3. I hope this is more interesting than last night’s breadcrumbs and not-spag-bol yawn. Maybe I need to pay closer attention. Nah.

    Isn’t FV one of the ones up for elimination? That will keep my attention.

    • FV is bitching about missing her child and husband.

      Nope, forget that…the motherhood statement about all being “mums’ comes from Hoda. They should ALL be eliminated for using their children as tailsman.

      • There should be a penalty points system, deductions for mention of any family members but extra deductions for mentioning children or Nonnas. Also deductions for how much they’ve sacrificed, how badly they want it (greater penalty it they leave off the -ly and want it so bad) and how one mistake could send them home.

        • Oh yes please. Sign me up for the group who appreciate grammar – and understand the correct use of the apostrophe. Do we also advocate for pronouncing things correctly? I cringe every time some moron is going to a Sarah-Moany. They can be summarily executed.

          • Uhlimination. Mystry. There are so many vowels lost or mispronounced through laziness.
            If the show were better, I probably wouldn’t take as much notice. However, “between you and I” will always make me scream.

          • Yes Von!!! My pet hate: the misuse of ‘I’ and ‘me.’ It’s called hypercorrection.

    • I thought ice was no longer the recommended treatment – cold running water is the go. It worked though she had no bandage at the end.

  4. How many different ways is George going to wear that blue jacket.
    He reminds me of marge from the simpsons and her Chanel suit she keeps altering

  5. I’m getting a “Body Hack 2.0” ad every break here – I can’t help but think of it as Todd Sampson’s way of getting someone else to pay for his “Boys Own Adventure”.

  6. They said whatever they had to, to keep FV in the game. She missed the main component, all of a sudden the other parts contained “an essence of chestnut” Did they really? Really Gary, George? Shame on you both.

    • Really? It comes down to flavour or missing ingredients. If the dish is good without an element, why is it there????

  7. FV even came with props. Tissues to delicately dab the tears away.

    Not convinced that Matt believed that Lipstick’s dish was unbalanced.

  8. Looks like tomorrow they want to give the immunity pin away just to say first time ever contestant has 2 immmunity pins.

  9. It’s just started here and I haven’t read many comments, but am going to guess that Lisa goes. She skimmed the recipe and then started to cook, so will no doubt miss an important step.

    I like Alla , but this dish of hers didn’t appeal to me at all. It looks like a clean-out-the-fridge- pizza.

    • Lisa went because FV inexplicably has been selected to stay. Clearly Matt didn’t get the memo as he definitely seemed a late and slightly reluctant joiner to the “who needs the chief element” party.

  10. Lisa made every elements and most of them are good. Just not plated well in term of proportion. FV missed one element. Should have gone home.

  11. Obviously Matt didn’t get the memo over the earpiece that execute order 66 had been applied to Lisa.

    As per all contestants their journeys have already been pre-ordained and Ronald Mc-Lisa’s time had come.

    I guess now we’ll have contestants plating leaves on a plate calling it food.

  12. Is it my imagination or is this season worse for fixes than its ever been? This year seems like cheater’s paradise.
    And I am with everyone on the grammar. Is know there was a decade where it was not taught at schools (Daisy?). Those people must be of an age to appear right about now?

    • Either worse or budget cuts means the final-cuts aren’t being scrutinized enough and they’re letting perhaps a bit too much “obviousness” through to the keeper.

    • I went school 80s 90s we were not taught grammar. I did have a friend who chose to study it on her own

      • Yes, teaching grammar was eschewed in favour of the As Long As We Know What You Mean theory. Sloppy and inexcusable.

      • Wow, really? It was pretty normal in German schools to learn grammar rules etc. Especially as we had a change of German spelling and grammar in the mid-to-late 90s and we had to do over practically everything.^^ No one liked the reform. 😉
        Same with English and French grammar when I learnt both languages in school. Grammar lessons were a big part of the classes. Lots of people hate the German school system, but I cannot complain too much, at least I received a broad spectrum of basically everything. Even Art and Music theory lessons.

  13. When I saw Aldo go in for the big consolation/farewell kiss for Lisa I thought of that missing woman who was found in the belly of a python.

  14. Yeah, another day in MC, another travesty.
    How did that make sense? Alla bangs on about balance of flavours etc., then the person who put too much of something on gets penalised at the expense of the person who left it out all together.
    Lisa was criticised for slapping her pasta on roughly … was she supposed to pray to it first? Do they make it up as they go along, or what?

    So Lucille Ball is the only one to miss an element and goes through – the Oscars next time. Did anyone notice her snapping at the gantry, “Stop telling me what to do!”? She actually let her guard down for a sec, interestingly.

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