1. I really like watching the contestants as they are enduring the pre challenge chat from the stooges (and they’re not thinking about the cameras being on them). Some have really pleasant expressions (Samira, Hoda, Khanh), some have downward turning mouths (Kristen) and some never forget about the cameras (FV). Reece has a pretty impressive comb over happening at all times.

  2. What is under the mystery box? I haven’t seen any ads for this episode – except for every single ad on channel 10 and channel 11 for the past three days. Some mystery.

  3. Hahahaha…the masks are slipping. Some of the contestants are smiling through gritted teeth as other contestants are being praised.

    • You are so right! I’ve started looking out for it since you mentioned it, it actually makes watching more interesting.

      • This is where those fake “lifelong friendships” forged in the Ma$terchef kitchen hit an iceberg….and I don’t mean a lettuce.

  4. Gina won stating it is one for the “Nonnas”. The producers let her win so she has something for next week’s exit reel.

    Ohh, FFS…it is spaghetti bolognese challenge.

  5. Kristen “… it’s a very reminiscent dish.” Reminiscent of what? What a weird thing to say.
    There are so many contestants that don’t appeal to me this year. Lisa really gets on my nerves and yet she really is pretty inoffensive when compared to the likes of FV.

  6. I find Ben the least offensive and annoying contestant out of this lot. He just gets on with it.

    Sarah is seriously a pain to watch,
    ‘Yep, yep I can do this’ Hopefully her tomato gravy is a failure.

  7. I obviously have a very different sense of aesthetics than Reece. I would not have described his dish as anything near “really pretty” and definitely not “spectacular”.

  8. lol, tough luck Fake Vintage. Stick to your guns instead of listening to the experts… see where it got you!

  9. Reece, Sashi & Khanh. Like seriously? People who already have an immunity pin are in the immunity challenge again? The rest of the contestants can’t be that bad.

    Hoda, Lipstick Lisa and Fake Vintage up for culling. Think Lipstick will be kissing the comp goodbye.

    • I think you’re right there. Lisa has only been getting airtime recently and it generally hasn’t been for great cooking.

  10. What the Hell? Reece got “dish of the day”, Ben not in the immunity challenge?
    At least they didn’t put Samira in elimination, she doesn’t suck up to the judges enough for their liking.

  11. Okay. I know I was ranting last week so I will go easy this week. And merely observe – getting into immunity challenge with a schnitty?
    That’s the standard?? It looked great and I’d trough it down in a heartbeat… looked way better than a panacotta ormound of death…. but still, wow.
    Luckily fake vintage looked like a sick parrot at the end so I can forgive a lot.

  12. What a crap episode.

    Tell me how Pasta Carbonara is inventive? How do 2 dishes of just meat and gravy make it again (are they really pushing for having a first of a contestant holding 2 pins??).

    Aldo is really begining to sicken me… FFS can someone just kick him in the nads… someone does something good/bad and first thing is he zones in for a hug/kiss. Does he understand the concept of respecting personal space… and I swear he does it to make everyone think he’s caring/awesome especially when you see he makes sure to check where the camera is when he does it…. f’in showpony.

    Now down to final 12 and starting to feel sorry (not really) for contestants not getting much love anymore… Chloe and Lisa… I guess there are too many married mothers of young kids in the comp.. so have to filter them out.. or they’re just a bit meh…

    Had some chicken breast in the fridge and few lemons on the lemon tree.. so decided to give Jess’s dads lemon chicken a go… not terrible, not great… so hopefully daddy has a few more in the kit bag beyond deep fried sandwiches and batter.

  13. So I am gathering there was another episode devoted to hero-ing an ingredient that barely appeared on the winning dish?
    I think that Masterchef has jumped the shark.

  14. A bread challenge and not 1 toasted sandwich or bread & butter pudding. Don’t think making breadcrumbs & coating chicken/chops constitutes ‘heroing’ the bread. Jess’s fried sandwich came closest & she didn’t even get tasted. Even though matt tasted it while she was cooking & seemed to enjoy it.
    As for the spaghetti bolognaise ingredients. Did no one think to make lasagne or canneloni with it?

    • Agree with you Carole. Did not understand how turning the bread into a crumb and using it inside meatballs or as a coating would get someone in the top 3 since that wouldn’t be considered heroing the bread. Meatballs, schnitzel and coated lamb chops in top 3 ????? Each of these dishes heroed the protein and NOT the bread. Jess’ sandwich seemed to be the most interesting and yet the only tasting it got was Matt stuffing it into his mouth before the judging. He even liked it and yet it wasn’t selected.

  15. This group of cooks is very underwhelming, IMO. Found nothing inventive about their dishes. Another boring episode.
    Can’t believe that Khanh, Reece and Sashi are going to the immunity challenge again. Why not Ben? Why was his dish not as good as Reece’s?

  16. Signora Gina gets thrown a bone with a schnitzel … really? Or as she says, snitzel. Much as Aldo is disliked here, his meatballs were superior – I know which recipe I’d want. But good for nonna.

    And whaths going on with Reethe? Is he on some world endangered litht?
    Whatever he mucks up and puts out, they all fall over with admiration. The greasy hair and sweating makes him very unpleasant to watch, and I don’t get it.

    I guess Kristen found the spag bol reminiscent … of … rolling around the dirt … of the Barossa Valley … the colours, the sky, the elves … and La Porchetta.
    She’s the self-appointed poet laureate of the group.

    Hope Lipstick Lisa survives. Hoda’s limited, and the Brazilian is auditioning for Neighbours.

  17. With the Mystery box bread challenge, shouldn’t the bread be the main component of the dish? Not hide in some other components or use as crumbs.

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