1. Zumbo always looks unwell. I don’t know why. He also looks like he is ding the same fake smile as the guy “the lovebirds” from mkr

      • yes that is true. its kind oc the way they both lower their chins and the smile almost appearsto be coming out of the neck

    • Zumbo’s health: Lives exclusively on Croquembouche and Zumbo Tim Tams. His name should be Zombie, not Zumbo. He grabbed Nellie after MKR is last I heard, too..

    • He always looks uncomfortable speaking on TV. He was awful on his own show. Luckily he has built his pastrychef empire.

  2. With the Mystery Box, the rule should be they have to use at least 3 or more ingredients from the Mystery box

  3. Why have a patissiere “terrify home cooks”, as Matt proclaimed in the intro.? A waste of a week, the sweet ones, cos the big tests then require long experienced professional skills. What a load of soft brown stuff!

    • With George wanting to put his bum in the fire the other night, and now something happening in his crotch area, there are entirely too many circumstances that make people think of George’s body parts. Ew.

  4. Ben, Jesse, Sachi, FV & Reece are tasted with Reece winning. Consolation prize is awarded to Ben. Gary is not impressed.

    • How many contestants in the past have been eliminated for sloppy ice cream/sorbet/parfait?

      This is not a strong group of contestants…..

      • There had to be better desserts to be tasted than Reece’s, Ben’s and Sarah’s. Can’t believe that Ben’s and Reece’s dishes were chosen. Ben’s dish so simple, nothing much to that, and then Reece’s looked like a mess on the plate plus he has done ice cream/sorbet, parfait and caramel sooooo many times.
        Sashi’s and Jess’ dishes looked a lot better but the judges thought the mousse could be lighter. I think it was just BS.

    • So true LP. It looked dreadful and his little tantrum when other contestants dared to use the freezer when he needed was as off putting as the close ups of his sweaty forehead.

      • I was surprised they showed the close up of his sweaty forehead. Why would they do that and, for that matter, why didn’t they edit that out of the final cut. Who wants to see that??

    • Just as well it was suddenly about taste as it couldn’t possibly have been about looks. I’ve had bowel scans that looked more appealing,

  5. chloe wears the ugliest clothes. like second hand clothes that nobody wants to buy so they just give them away to poor people.

  6. Think Gina is gone (judging by the editing). You would think that the green team only consisted of Jesse.

      • They made a point of showing that oven door making a loud beeping noise when it was left open. How could she, or everybody else in that room for that matter, not have heard it?

        • No one was going to tell a “sweets” expert her oven door was open… this fake friendliness had to be tested at some point!

  7. Chloe and Kristen are in the immunity challenge. Just give it to Chloe now and be done with it.
    Gina, Jesse, FV and Sachi are in the pressure test. Sachi will play the pin. That leaves Gina goneski….

    • Oh FFS! Reece serves up a dog’s breakfast and those two serve a revolting looking dish. Khanh and Hoda’s looked fine and got really good comments but of course the pet has to go through. Also, imagine if Miss low self esteem wins a pin – she’ll be unbearable. So smug in getting to the immunity challenge.

    • I had hopes when they were so late getting their pasty in the oven that she would be in elimination, but instead they get fucking dish of the day.

  8. I’m tempted to read all the comments to see if this is worth watching tonight.

    Salt and vinegar ice cream from the ginger in the tyrannosaurus rex shirt…my eyes just want to keep rolling.

    The descriptions of Adriano, I forget the words used but they made him out as scary. And out walks a quietly-spoken, seemingly mild-mannered dude who wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

    This might be funny, I think I’ll stay for a while.

    • Von – there is a superb moment when FV Thinks she has it in the bag and Ben wins. I confess I watched it about 5 times!!
      Kristen is not a terribly nice person .

  9. The judging this year is all over the shop. I like Ben but that 4 meringue kisses can’t be the Top 2 dishes. Other times the judges Would have said you have not done enough. 75 mins to make that dish. Ben can have a nap in between.

    If it is all about taste, the contestants can just serve each element separately on a plate. Eat them together and then go wow. Why bother to plate up beautifully.

    • Agreed, LP. I like Ben and they looked so pretty, but he used, what, one ingredient from the box? Yuzu. And there was just one element in his dish. Sashi was on to something with his fennel custard but what fools they were for not adding orange elements to it.

  10. I’ve seen those green crackle choux on GBBO I believe so the look did not worry me but the filling flavours were kind of boring. Hoda’s Apple pie sounds yum

  11. Was there something wrong with the oven door? After Jess realized it wasn’t closed she had difficulty getting it to close.
    I find it hard to believe that the judges and other contestants did not notice that the oven wasn’t closed. The judges have assisted other contestants in the past so why couldn’t they have said something. Guess it’s selective assistance and depends on who they want to succeed or, in some cases, their assistance might have to do with who they want to fail (stressing the contestants out, making them second guess themselves, etc.)

    • Jess was very quick to throw Gina’s choux buns under the bus, I didn’t like that At All.
      it was óh we didn’t close the oven door and Gina’s buns were not cooked’. I think it was YOU who failed on the oven door close – didn’t we see Jess slam the door and run off?
      I don’t like that kind of reaction in a team challenge.

      • Jess prepared the 2 fillings and one of them was too watery to be used. She didn’t take the Blame for that

  12. We have a season of big-heads who realistically aren’t much chop!

    Reece’s self love is evident! Miss-Low-Self-Esteem who apparently has no tickets on herself has more tickets than anyone and a huge chip on her shoulder! All of a sudden Ghana-In-Law is a sweet legend because she once made a decent choux pastry!

    Nona is toast! Surely doing a modern style cake is going to throw her… can go help Aldo write his book (perhaps she’s the nona he’s cooking with?)

    Sashi will use his pin, Can’t see Jess faltering and fake vintage has some skills up her sleeve to outpoint gran!

    Beyond that.. even the desserts that did well all kinda stunk!

  13. Just a thought, but has there ever been a challenge using bush foods or has an indigenous chef been a guest? There a two indigenous chefs that I can think, though I’m sure there are more, who are doing great things, namely Clayton Donovan and Mark Olive.

    • They have had some native ingredient challenges in the past – I think Jock Zonfrillo’s visit was one and I have a hazy memory of a road trip where an indigenous chef demonstrated some dishes. And maybe another one where the chef was a forager

          • Yeh, weren’t those Commonwealth Games awesome? Camilla fell asleep at the Opening Ceremony. $hit trip for Prince Charles when you throw Ma$terchef in.

  14. Salt & vinegar chips are my least favourite chips so salt & vinegar chip ice cream sounds revolting. And she put extra vinegar in it & that’s why it didn’t set? Why would she put vinegar in ice cream? The vinegar flavour from the chips would be enough. So many failed ice creams last night.
    Those promos were so misleading showing Zumbo’s croquemboche. I assumed they had to make his one, but no they could make their own. What was the point of him bringing it? Khan made one for the mystery box challenge. He could have used the ones he already made.
    That oven door seemed to be faulty, when Jess went to close it she closed it 3 times before it stayed closed.

    • I grant you the oven door was faulty, but that didn’t stop her throwing all the blame Gina’s way.
      I liked Jess until last night.
      and I am totally with you – Salt and Vinegar chips are the devil in disguise, and it’s nearly as bad to me as throwing fennel into things that I might otherwise have enjoyed. Not Genius, just YUCK.

      • Zumbo’s croq looked like a white Christmas tree – pretty but you could not even see the buns. For all we know there could have been nothing edible inside. Spun sugar is pretty but, really, who actually eats it?

    • Vinegar belongs into salad. That’s it. When I lived in Ireland, I learnt the hard way that you always have to say “dry please”, because otherwise a restaurant or take away pours vinegar over your food. After work we went to try out a new fish and chips shop, because I never ate that before. I had to spit my fries into a paper napkin because of the vinegar. Same with a Chinese take out, they poured vinegar over the rice. 🙁
      In general, Irish cuisine left a lot to be desired. 🙁 One of the English co workers told me back then, that it is not much different from British cuisine.
      Yes, in Dingle, I had fantastic fish and chips. But most of the food was really bad. During lunch break once, we went to a little restaurant, I ordered the curry. What I did not expect was them bringing me rice, with curry and a side of French fries. Eh what? Rice AND French fries? Next time we went again, I asked if they could substitute the fries with a side salad. The waitress looked at me like I am an alien from Alpha Omega Prime.
      You really are in for something when you never experienced British/Irish cuisin before. I grew up on German/French/Italian food. So a lot of fresh ingredients, herbs, subtle flavours. So Irish food was kind of a culture shock to me. 😀
      Salt and vinegar chips are disgusting. It feels like my tongue gets ripped out.^^

    • She can do it, Dave, but I’m pretty sure, too, that she will be the one eliminated. The rules are very flexible on MC this year, depending on whose dish is being judged.

      Reece’s sloppy mess should have been thrown into the bin instead of winning.
      Jess is a spoiled brat. Gina looked so embarrassed when in front of the judges, deservedly so, but it was a joint effort and Jess stood there grinning thinking her little girl charm would get them through. Kristen’s low self esteem has transformed into a giant ego trip. Chloe, wash your damned hair. And do it in the shower instead of using a dry shampoo. Sarah…should just go away.

      Lately I’m watching to see the contestants I dislike get their comeuppance, rather than enjoying the cooking.


  15. Would like to see them do a special diet week: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. Judges and the majority of the contestants would probably hate that.

  16. What a farce.
    They’re only tasting the five most appealing looking dishes … and they pick Grease’s? It looked like someone with bowel issues had an accident.
    But of course, the .. er .. flavours were there.

    ‘I’m Only 19’ has a nasty habit of throwing everyone under the bus and tries to cover her own faults with a ton of spun sugar and teary eyes. Jess is a pill.

    Low Self Esteem actually has a pretty high level of self-esteem and knows how to play the victim card. Will probably sue MC if she gets eliminated – then write a poem about it.

    Of course Sashi will play one of his pins, and Nonna will get shafted for sure.
    All those dreadful females remain – why are there so many painful women this year? Except for Hoda, who’s OK.

    And why was Vintage dressed like a dinosaur?

  17. Vintage may have dressed that way to frighten the other contestants into making mistakes *loud dinosaur roar*.

    Or maybe her job of choice, if she doesn’t win, is to stand in front of a used car yard flapping her arms about.

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