MasterChef – the $20 test

Contestants are shopping for their own mystery box ingredients with only $20 and 20 minutes. Maker of the best dish goes through to the immunity challenge, followed by the winners of the invention test.
Then we have the invention test, which is the always frustrating to watch team relay.

Good to see them follow through on the back to basics theme. Hopefully we get lots of inspirational ideas, although the 20-minute limit will make things tough.
MasterChef screens on Ten at 7.30pm and goes for 100 mins. 100 mins! They don’t make it easy to watch it live



  1. Can’t make ice cream or panna cotta in 20 mins.

    Too bad , too sad, amatas.

    Who’ll try to peel a shit load of prawns or pin bone salmon?

    Enough time to under cook some more protein.

  2. Twenty minutes to shop or twenty minutes to cook? You can buy quite a lot of food for $20, it’s not as though the contestants have to get toilet paper and detergent et cetera. They only have to cook enough for Matt, Gary and George (George is hereafter known as Feckless to me).

    Start with a packet of chicken thighs, grab some colourful vegetables, and go crazy.

  3. So obviously jarred passata is ok. As Gina opened it in front of judges and nobody batted an eyelid

  4. Lisa is really pimping her son out in the mystery box challenge. Take a drink if she mentions her son. 🍹🍹🍹🍹

        • So we did not see Hoda or Jo urging the cook even though Jo had a smoking gun out and Hoda had some giant pastry thing. I’m surprised Genene did not do a blue cheese ravioli with caramelised pear slices instead – grated pear is such a subtle flavour. They were sneaky with the edit – she did well

    • Yep. Genene has a massive target on her back. Now they have had a go for not making her own ricotta.

  5. I was watching Brendan peel prawns with his damaged hand and was cringing at the infection potential. He was wearing a glove but it would only take a drop of prawn juice.

    • Don’t jinx my winner pick! I like that he has a backup for the rice cakes in case the steamer ones don’t work.

      • I wasn’t wishing infection on him, I was just concerned. I’d be happy enough for Brendan to win.

    • I actually hate the lipstick colour that Lisa use.

      She looks so much better with a lighter colour

    • Couldn’t stop looking at it after I read this, a shade that would becoming to very few (I’d even say no one would look their best).

    • I saw it and immediately thought “Don’t give up your day job for an acting career’. Truly woeful acting.

      • We definitely hate Fake vintage – her shameless hamming for some camera time is intensely annoying.

        • I think that is the risk you take when you make yourself stand out. To me that’s what the whole FV persona is about. It could work if you were a great cook and super likeable but it just shows up any pretence if you’re not.

  6. Feel sorry for red team with bossy Kristen going first, I think she’ll get really cranky if they don’t exactly follow her plan. And I have to mute her running commentary.

  7. I don’t mind some of the contestants. I quite like the prison officer, as well.
    Too old Nonna is growing on me. In an era (or two) when women of a certain age become invisible, she takes no prisoners. I am starting to admire her. She won’t win, or even make it to the final five, but she will out-see some of the others.

  8. Has anyone seen footage of George with hair? Ha ha ha ha. Everytime I picture it I can’t stop laughing

    • Its a silly idea to do something so technical. Its like throwing your teamate under the bus.

  9. Giving Masterchef a miss tonight , Excellent documentary on Tasmania narrated by David Attenborough on at the same time on ABC.

  10. It’s such a bummer when Ben who I like and Chloe and Reece who are super annoying are on the same team.

  11. Kristen has a face like thunder – would sleep with one eye open if red go through to elimination.
    Going last is definitely the hardest so whichever team ends up shouldn’t blame the fourth person – it’s a team challenge after all. It does seem that Samira was the only one with a clear plan as person one. Lisa and Kristen were both pretty hopeless.

  12. Everything looked the same! It would have been good for a No.1 to go old school and do an updated version of honey prawns – that way you don’t have to pass on loads of instruction for a complicated dessert with lots of elements.

    • Nah.

      Doing The Voice and then the crime shows.

      Don’t want a bar of Barnaby. Too bad his girlfriend did.

      Sorry in advance.

    • Only watched the deconstructed interview on the ABC this morning.
      Barnaby still persists on blaming everyone else for his troubles, like he simply wasn’t a married man who just couldn’t keep it in his pants, and then went on to lie to all his constituents at the by-election.
      I would hope that he gets thrown out on his ear at the next election, but unfortunately I think it is as Donald Trump says: he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and people would still vote for him.
      PS, I think I am a lonesome cowboy here but I love politics.

      • Bobi I’m interested in politics but not in a married man who as you say “couldn’t keep it in his pants”. I don’t have a microgram of sympathy for Barnaby or Vikki, both were adults who chose their own path but I have all the sympathy in the world for Barnaby’s wife and children. I’d love to see his wife run against him in the next election and WIN!

        • She should go on 60 Minutes & expose his rorting & corruption. She must have some stories to tell.

      • The media ran a protection racket for Barnaby during the bi-election. They all knew about the affair but waited till the election was over before saying anything about it. The people of New England are stupid for voting for that corrupt idiot over & over again. He’s never done anything for the rural communities. He’s beholden to Gina & the big miners. Hopefully now they’ll finally show some sense & boot him out. That interview was a waste of money, they didn’t ask the questions we all wanted answers to about his rorting. We don’t give a stuff about the affair.

    • Wouldn’t watch it on principle …….. also would find it difficult to care about Barnaby or Vikki.
      I hope it’s a big ratings fail for Ch 7.

  13. Sashi better be careful… gambling with his luck a bit too much lately… fortunate enough last week to have his professional chef plate up drek, and yesterday did nothing and rode on the curtails of his teams victory. And he has an immunity pin to protect for another week.

    Miss Low Self Esteem really loves to make sure she’s never to blame.. last week trying to tell Gordon not her fault the pana’s are in the freezer and Aldo was too slow… yesterday oh the rest of her teams co-ordination was at fault… go sit in the corner and polish off whatever deliciousness you think you’ve made.

    Aldo… there will be a new word in the dictionary. Aldo : Open mouthed kisser; Annoying; Skilled at cooking only one thing.

    Fake Vintage… I don’t think a dish of just carrots would be that spectacular… I’d have to try it.. but just don’t think carrots have that amount of depth it would work.

    • Good points. Yes the blue team win was certainly due to Samira’s start and the last 2. They were all pretty lucky that Sashi went second where he could do the least damage.
      I thought I was the only one who noticed Kristen’s “disconnected” sledge at her teammates ….. yes it was disconnected because all you could come up withwas honeycomb.

    • She’s such a shy and retiring person that she volunteers to go first. LOL She’s also one of the loudest contestants.
      Aldo…has no concept of personal space. I can’t believe that most of the contestants like being grabbed, kissed and hugged by him.

      • There was a moment when Aldo yelled and frightened Jo beside him… and Gary gave this amazing WTF look of “get away from me Aldo”..

      • First & last would be the worst. I’d probably want to go third. By then most of the work is done & you don’t have the pressure of finishing & plating up.

    • Not a big fan of carrots. I only like honey carrots. That dish would have been my worst nightmare. TOO MANY FUCKING CARROTS. And no meat. Who eats a dish of just carrots & nothing else?

  14. so the girl who did the carrots, did she spend the whole $20? She would have had the most change over. Did they get to keep the change?
    The relay is my favourite challenge, it is always hilarious watching someone stuff up & seeing the reactions of the other team members screaming at them when they can’t hear. No white chocolate velote to be seen. Poor John will never live that down.

  15. Maybe Aldo has a cunning plan ……. the stooges won’t kick him off because they don’t want the contact when he leaves. He wins the final so they can avoid the hugs with his partner and supporters there to take the bullet.
    It’s a theory anyway.

  16. Looking at how this bunch were advertised, I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve seen enough Honeycomb, Pasta and Panna Cotta for the next two years already and really think Masterchef should make a rule that you can’t make important parts of a dish again and again and again.
    And seriously, you get honey as the key ingredient and all that THREE out of four teams can come up with is icecream, figs and crumb? Boring. Mediocre bunch who is also annoying.
    For now, the only people that don’t get on my nerves are Ben, Khan, Semira, Hoda and, surprisingly, Jo.

  17. I wish the editors had removed that reference to white chocolate veloute before the relay test. The thought crossed my mind that John might be watching and would feel humiliated all over again. The poor bastard didn’t kill anyone, he just made a dumb decision on a cooking competition.

    Communication between team members was really bad last night. #1 should have come up with a simple dish that could be explained in 45 seconds. Might have saved most of the others from adding their own spins to the dish.

    Jo and Genene both leaned away from Aldo when when he came at them with open mouth and raised arms. Unfortunately, it looks as though the only way to avoid him would be to turn and walk away quickly, or maybe yell out “back off, space invader”. He is creepy.

  18. Everyone doing figs, ice cream and crumb, really? They should’ve merged into one team and cancelled the ep. I long for the glory days of the white choc veloute, when John went ‘rogue’ – that was hilarious.

    A bit of irony with Carrot Vintage’s dish selection? Now we know how she makes her hair colouring.
    And as for the ‘people who are not what they seem,’ Poor Kristen looked positively murderous when her team didn’t perform well, as did GReece. He angrily folded his arms, disgusted that no one appreciated his genius.
    Personally, I’d love to stick his head in a vat of Pantene for an hour.

    I actually don’t mind Aldo; he’s definitely a bit over-the-top, but at least he has a pulse.

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