• I only recently caught them and found them particularly forced and cheesy this year – I don’t think any of them should give up cooking for acting.

  1. Jess the judges won’t be able to tell the difference between Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisine.

    Time to drink. Jesse can’t say she does it for the kids. She channels the RedGum instead.

  2. I’m hoping Brendan or the other WA woman get back in. And, although it will never happen because he is over 35, I would cheer if Metter came back. I think he has a lovely friendly face and a beautiful smile.

    I can’t remember what his cooking is like, which goes to show how tedious this season has been.

    • She and Reece both look slightly unclean all the time. Like that guy in season one who wore the hat.

    • What does that say about him? He missed Gary (????) of all people more than the other contestants? Twat

      • Funny I thought it was smart – sucking up works with them. Of course it would have worked better if he was young, female and blonde.

      • It says he’s a shameless crawler because Gary is repulsive in the extreme. Make your son proud, Loki.

  3. Appalling attitude of judges towards contestants. Don’t know why i watch because their table manners are even worse

    • In the hands of an amata , it becomes Fail dust.

      I can just imagine what Nonnas think of Kale dust.

  4. fv The resident carrot expert is incredibly excited Brendan is using carrots. It’s not as if she has a patent on them

    • So gross George has the rights to Greek, FV carrots, Chloe noodle making and Reece, Jess and Kristen have to share desserts.

  5. Strangely, given that it has been such a boring season, I seem to recognise more of the returnees than I usually do. Of course there are always a couple that I’m sure were never there in the first place. Like, who is the woman front and centre of the photo, I swear I’ve never seen her before.

  6. I sort of don’t care who comes back into the competition.
    Ben is good to watch cook, but the rest. . . no thankyou. Seen it all before. glad he is safe.
    Would like Meeta to return but find it highly unlikely as he is not the judges pet.

  7. Someone needs to take Gary aside and tell him his gluttony is not cute, it’s just disgusting. And while they’re at it they should teach both Gary and George some basic table manners.

  8. Brennnooo’s baaaack. Yaaaaay.
    I had MC on, first time since Brenno got shafted. I wasn’t paying attention to it at all, thought it was elimination, till I walked back in the lounge just as announced Brenno’s back.😁😁😁

  9. Juz will be happy with the results.^^

    So, Ben, Kahnh, Brendan. Hoda and Samira. These are the only ones who do not annoy me.

  10. See, it took me leaving the country in disgust at his elimination to send it out to the universe that B should come back

  11. It is great to have Brendan receive his just desserts, but unfortunately it does not correct the injustice of his elimination episode. The person who should have been eliminated wasn’t, and the viewers still suffer.

  12. Glad that Brendan is back because he should not have been eliminated. They didn’t show what all of the returnees cooked.
    I don’t know what to think of Ben. He sounds so robotic and matter of fact almost as if he is reading off of cue cards or a teleprompter.

  13. Pissed myself laughing “Aldo is also writing a book called ‘cooking with my nonna'”.

    Although I wanted Aldo out that challenge is stupid.. as a chef do you really need to understand different cuisines (albeit french is a pretty foundational cuisine). But an ingredient like prawns lend itself better to some cuisines… anyway we’re free of him!

    Only sad news is that Chloe looks to be making top 10!

  14. Now we can get rid of Chloe since she has no chance of coming back. I was torn between Brendan or Loki coming back. Loki should have said I’d like to play my pin now. But I am happy Brendan is back.
    How awkward would it be if you remove the cloche & don’t know the country of the flag you got?

      • If the amatas don’t know what a colander is, I won’t put next week’s rent on them knowing flags. Probably took days to shoot. No “surprise”.

  15. Gordon taught us that “less is more”, so it makes Ma$terchef sense that Zumbo arrives with a missile sized croquembouche. Another surprise.

  16. It’s fun to throw them into different cuisines, normally. But when elimination is at stake, there should be a level playing field. Make them all cook Bulgarian!
    (oh no, that would remind Samira of Russia … Swedish then)

    Disappointed to see Aldo go – I enjoyed his exuberance and humour.
    Yet we’re seemingly forever stuck with the female dregs; Ghana, Vintage, mopey Kristen, ditzy ‘I’m Only 19,’ and Grease. Most of the eliminated people were better cooks than these five.
    But I guess they tick some special boxes.

    Very happy for the delightful Brendan. Trouble is .. he’s too … decent.

  17. Yeah, I really am sorry to see Aldo go, too. But I was so keen for Brendan to get back in, I was okay with sacrificing Aldo’s chance to return! If it had been one of the chosen women eliminated, rather than Aldo – they’d be back in quick as a flash, and Brendan would have had no hope, regardless of how brilliantly he cooked.

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