1. Yep as I suspected Gina was never in with a chance. I will be totally shitty if Sashi gets another pin, given that he didn’t deserve the first one.

  2. I don’t think I’ll bother watching the rest. I don’t have anything against Sashi himself it is just too obvious that he is a protected species. It just doesn’t ring true that Sashi with no experience or recipe for making salted caramel did a better job than Khanh.

    • When Shannon was dripping the sauce off of the spoon it was obvious that Sashi’s was a bit runny whereas Khanh’s was thicker and looked as if the consistency was better. They just wanted Sashi in the immunity challenge to make MC history.

      • I don’t especially have it in for Sashi either JB but it is difficult to see him on fast forward to final for no particular reason.

    • Yes . I also commented to myself my kids love my fishfingers and shoe string fries. No peas. Are you serious? They are green

  3. The fix is in. George reminds everyone they are all about the flavour rather than presentation. Guess we will switch the channel to 48 hours.

  4. I think Masterchef has jumped the shark this season if 2 pins are given out.
    Maybe I can pick one up at the $2 shop.

  5. So far in MC, the front runner never wins. Marion came to mind.

    Thus I think Sashi won’t win.Top 3 maybe. I still think Ben will win.

    Its so obvious it will be a male winner. All the males left (maybe not Aldo) could be pushed to be the winner.

    Last year I think they were hoping Ben, the ice cream man to win. Then before the finale, he was caught drink driving. Can’t have him as a winner.

  6. Well, the immunity challenge seemed fair. The chef’s lamb was raw in the centre, never mind Gary saying it was “unevenly cooked”.

    How many times did Gary dip his licked spoon into the chef’s sauce? Yuk, Gary, no one wants to eat your slobber.

    The low self-esteem woman (Kristen?) is a real sour face when she isn’t part of a challenge.

  7. Even though it didn’t bleed out on the plate I thought I saw a few bloody areas on Sashi’s lamb. Also noticed some areas of glistening unrendered fat.
    Just give Gary an individual bowl of sauce so he can slurp it all up on his own. Watching him double dip was disgusting.
    Maybe they will give Sashi a 3rd pin and make even more history or will they hand Reece another pin so that there will be two contestants with two pins each. πŸ™

  8. BTW, there was some kind of bug crawling around in the bowl of sultanas. Could have been used for extra protein or a bit of crunch. YUCK!
    Dani Venn won 2 immunity pins (LOL) but didn’t have them both at the same time.

  9. OMG History made… after Reese got slashed always knew Sashi would be the victor.

    And in a ground hog day moment… we have meat with splat and a jus. This year is year of the jus. Soon Aldo will make a panajus, Miss Low Self Esteem will make a dessert inspired by jus, Ghana In Law will do a noodle with a jus sauce with minced wagyu, Khan will be caught naked wearing nothing but jus, our little youngest contestant will pull out her dads jus recipe, and Ben does nothing but jus lately. Nonna better learn how to do jus quick smart!!!

    Reece was really cut after Sashi won the pin… his look on the gantry because he lost his dream of having 2 pins.

    And did you notice when Nonna got eliiminated she ignored Sashi completely and only accepted a hug from Khan.

    Hopefully tonight Sashi’s group is to go to elimination and next week being a dessert week hopefully he’ll struggle without being able to make something with a million spices.

  10. I am hopeless at chopping vegetables, it takes me ages. When that poor guy cut his hand I felt so sorry for him.. I don’t think it’s fair when someone injures themselves they don’t take it into account when judging. Poor Hoda was in agony the other night & had to keep going. They should stop the clock & make everyone stop till the nurses attend to them & they are ok to continue. It’s not live. It puts that person at a disadvantage.
    I have all sorts of trouble with hollandaise sauce. Many times I have ended up with scrambled eggs.

  11. Just watching repeat and noticed Reece leaving the gallery just before meals are tasted. Dear Reece, jealousy is a curse.

  12. My memory of Sashi (particularly at the beginning) is that he is one of the few that can actually cook, and not just Indian food. Methinks they are rigging this so that they don’t end up with only one-pot wonders in the finale.
    That would be a complete disaster for the franchise given their history with some of the past winners.

  13. I am booooored out of my mind with this year’s Masterchef.
    There is just no creativity left. Lamb & peas? Really? Snooooze. Meatballs? Meat & 3 vegs? A SCHNITZEL, ffs? Some kind of mousse or pana cotta with some “soil”, “crumble” or, as I call it, the burnt bits that lie at the bottom of my toaster.

    For the big hoopla they’ve made about the 10th season, it’s all just a big blob of meh. So underwhelming.

  14. If the producers thought that the monumental, world-shattering event of having 2 pins would make things more interesting, they’re mistaken. It was very predicable. And their show’s still dull.
    Less historical, more hysterical from the other contestants – forced smiles, but they hated Sashi’s guts. I thought Vintage was going to stab him – but then she remembered the cameras were on.

    For sure, Sashi will be in the next elimination, but will use one of the baubles – his sons will be proud, as usual. Even so, I think his food always looks delicious.

    So sick of Baby Huey … Reece. What a sook. And slobbering and sweaty – feel like a shower, every time I see him.

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