MasterChef – Tues, gelato immunity challenge

Two Sweet Week mystery box winners and the winning team from Zumbo’s invention test compete for immunity over two rounds.
First, it’s a gelato taste test. Does that mean the immunity challenge is puddle – I mean ice cream – based?
I’m loving Matt’s perppermint boiled lolly pants. He needs a ruffled shirt to complete the look.



  1. I worked at bar italia in leichhardt for 7 years , 2000, to 2007. famous for its gelato {though actually much better, elsewhere). They have new owners now so cant comment on standard. Also standard of gelato sevice by workers should also have been an issue there. Yet they still came, in droves.
    So when I see these amatas standing before the counter tasting, all I can think of is those customers that used to ask for “tastes” of all the flavours, then decide to buy nothing!!!!
    I didn’t care to much as it wasn’t my business. But we were all encouraged to have that nonchalant

    • I used to buy gelati there (chocolate and lemon – not particularly adventuresome).
      I am sure I said hello, and I am sure you were polite.

      • I hope so .it was a long time ago. would you believe they did encourage non helpful, non friendly service. because people came back expecting the same service.

    • Wow, how rude. I could never have the gall to taste every flavour & then not buy anything.
      I used to go to a gelato place at Circular Quay years ago & they had a flat type serving spoon & you could have as many flavours as you liked. They just put small amounts of each flavour. But nowadays they have scoops & you have to get a whole scoop of one flavour. If you want another flavour you have to pay for each scoop. Was much better back then.

  2. I’m really hoping that given we are having to endure a lot of Kristen’s chat to camera means she’s going soon.

    • poor chloe. she really is a deer in the headlights. I don’t think she actually realises how crap she is, that she truly is in with a chance. So does genuinely cheer Kristen.. Perhaps too much cannabis sattiva gelato.

  3. The flavours:
    rocky road
    choc chip
    cookies and cream
    rum and raisin
    vanilla bean
    blood orange
    black sesame
    cherry ripe

    On no…Kristen gets her chance of immunity…..

  4. I don’t know if I can bear a whole episode centred around Kristen. As Brussells said on the previous thread “…there is something mean -spirited and unpleasant about her.” i certainly find her very unpleasant to watch and it has nothing to do with her weight problem it’s her manner that I can’t take to.

  5. In that clip, everyones hair looks dirty, except Ben’s. Don’t they have showers in the MC house?

    I see there is a grey or black ice cream there. Squid ink? Charcoal? Black rice? Surely it is nothing as predictable as licorice.

    Matt’s outfits often make me laugh. He looks so spiffy and staid on the top, then your eyes travel down…

      • I saw what you meant, Jayblossom. Kristen got puffed running to and from the pantry and she never really recovered. Her cheeks got redder and redder and that one greasy, sweaty clump of hair got stuck to her forehead and then it never moved. In a kitchen, sometimes you sweat; it’s hot. But if your funky hair is pulled back and off your face properly before you cook, you can wipe your face once in a while to keep sweat out of the food, with less risk of pulling a hair loose. Kristen seems to prefer her hank of hair pulled forward over one shoulder. Fine…but not in the kitchen.

        And you never, ever run in a kitchen.

    • they set them up in a house where there is one bathroom for 15 people. It’s really a gross festival.

  6. Even the stooges couldn’t get around lack of both appearance and flavour – I’m surprised, however I bet if it had been Chloe whether they could have found a way.

  7. Guest chef was very gracious. It was rude of MasterChef to hold a dessert challenge in such a short space of time. At least add another half hour so we can see some skills demonstrated

  8. The gelato taste test was really difficult. It’s green and has crushed pistachios sprinkled over…must be, um, green bean? It’s chocolately and has marshmallows prominently placed on top…chicken? Why were the gelatos presented as though they were squeezed out of a dog’s butt into the containers?

    Thank goodness Kristen didn’t get a pin. Even a drawn score was being generous to her. Her dessert looked horrible, beige on brown, without even a bit of apple peel or mint leaf to add a bit of colour. The guest chef’s blob thing may not have set, but her dish at least looked appetising and probably tasted much better than Kristen’s overly-ambitious failure.

  9. Call me out on this… but white chocolate is really just cocoa butter, milk, sugar and VANILLA… no chocolate in white chocolate. So how on earth is making a white chocolate cream heroing chocolate.

    Flabberghasted that the pro had never used a blast chiller before… modern day pastry chef’s best friend.

    I also think Reece and Kristen should hook up together and mate… both all knowing, both think they deserve more than they’ve got….

    Thank goodness she didn’t win the pin… it would’ve been torturous… and she would of been so smug.

    • Awww, Reece is growing on me. He seems to have a good understanding of flavour and technique but needs more time management skills to work out what’s achievable.

    • You’re right. White chocolate isn’t actually chocolate. There’s no cocoa in it. They should really give it a different name.

      • White chocolate isn’t even food. It is the devil’s mucus. It is vile. My opinion on this subject is FIRM.

  10. All those flavours & they didn’t have blueberry? The best flavour in the whole universe. But they had shit like coconut & black sesame? Bah. I went to an ice cream shop one time with 50 flavours & they didn’t have blueberry. I said to them all these fucking flavours & no blueberry, you’ve got to be kidding. I was not impressed.
    Kristen picked chocolate but then cooked with white chocolate, which technically isn’t really chocolate. She may as well have picked vanilla. She should have picked dark chocolate.

  11. The professional chef gets low scores for her puddle on a plate and yet Reece was one of the top two for his puddle. At least Kristen didn’t win. She should have listened to Shannon and not added any more lime zest. Didn’t really want her to win the pin so I’m happy she didn’t listen.
    Both desserts were fails although the chef’s dish looked appetizing compared to Kristen’s. I’m surprised the pro had never used a blast chiller.

    • Yeah she had no decorations or anything on the plate. Usually they’ll put a crumb or some fruit. It looked very bland sitting on the plate.

  12. The judging is very poor this year.

    Ben would not have got in if he made the meringue kisses with yuzu curd.

  13. Kristen was going to kill someone after that – her fury was barely disguised. How could they not appreciate her genius?
    I reckon her co-workers at the Public Service are rooting for her to win … so she doesn’t come back to the office.

    As for the trip to London, Nigella’s gone into witness protection.

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