MasterChef – Wed

The blurb says: George pays a surprise visit to the MasterChef contestant house with a special guest. Together, they reveal the challenge.
Having George banging your door down at the crack of dawn is not a surprise – that’s a rude awakening.



      • I hope you all didn’t read my comment and think I own a pair of Valentino shoes! I meant to say I have the ad appearing on my screen at well.

        Can’t afford those shoes and I won’t be able to walk in them. Have never been good with high heels

        • I used to love wearing heels, though not that high before I got arthritis in my hip. Now I can’t wear them.

      • It’s the shoes one of the Plastics wore when she got drowned in water at one of those abysmal IR…
        I’d take them as flats though… Even though I am supershort, I never ever wear heels of more than 5 cm. 😉 So I never reach 1,60m in my life. Ever!

  1. For Khan
    in an essential or natural way.
    “murder is intrinsically evil”

    • I was standing near a bunch of teenaged boys today. They were debating what a honeydew is. One said a fruit, one said a type of honey and the third closed the debate with “I’m sure it’s just a type of bubble tea”. Aaaargh

  2. I thought it was really refreshing to see Khanh acknowledge that he didn’t know what ‘intrinsically’ means. We’ve endured a season of contestants the likes of smug Kristen who think they know everything.

  3. Interesting team split. In no way rigged that Sachi and Reece just happen to end on the same team again (along with FV, Only 19 and Homicide Intent).

    • Sashi have been in most team challenges with Reece. This team can’t lose. Imagine both use their pins and you are left with Jess,Sarah and Kristen.

      Judges would like to send Hoda or Samira home.

      • RED: Ben, Chloe, Khanh, Hoda, Samira, Brendan (captain)
        BLUE: Sashi, Reece, Kristen, Sarah (captain), Jess. All the sweets people on one team!
        Blue gets to feed 40 customers instead of 48 due to uneven numbers.
        They have to serve 2 savoury and 2 sweet dishes BUT the twist is the savoury dish must taste sweet and vice versa. Perhaps Sashi and Sarah should take another crack at their fennel profiteroles

    • Yes noticed the same… basically will mean that future team challenge perhaps instead of “luck” apron picking that judges create the teams and seperate the two. Although down to top 10 next week.. so if they don’t use their pin in the next fortnight it’s moot as I think from top 5 nothing can save them.

  4. Does anyone else think that sweet mains and savoury desserts is a stupid trend? And is it really a trend or something they just made up?

    • Thanks, Jazzman, that gave me a good laugh. I was just flicking quickly through comments, so as not to spoil any surprises (heh), and “butt” jumped out at me. Any parts of George that worm their way into my mind from now on, I will banish the thought by picturing the offending bit consumed by fire. (George fans, I don’t really want him to be hurt.)

  5. Kristen flaps her hands around wailing, ” I don’t know what to do”.
    Maybe she will get eliminated tomorrow as that fish will taste horrible.

    • I couldn’t help but notice that according to Kristen the fish was too oily and the grill too hot (umm who turned on the grill and prepared the fish) but I cut more than was needed. So problems are nothing to do with her but she’s the saviour.

  6. Unrelated, but…

    My 5 yr old son was talking about “making Masterchef history” in his sleep last night

  7. Are the judges just trying to pump up Sashi’s dish?

    Not sure you can wrap the rice in the betel leaves and dip into the curry. Unless it is glutinous rice

  8. Just tried to check websites for Coda and Tonka to see how their menus compare, but they are both down

  9. And yet again I call BS!
    Unfortunately all of my favourites are in the pressure test and can only hope to see the back of Chloe but this is MC so probably not.

      • Filling the restaurant with smoke and the ‘granita’ dessert was a big fail but their’s was supposedly the better of the two.
        In the beginning when Gary said to Khanh “If you keep cooking like this you’ll lose” the subtext was obviously “It doesn’t matter what you cook, you’re going to lose”.

  10. Isn’t stupid fennel so MC 2016?

    Guess Juz has to say good-bye again to Brendan. 🙁

    PS: Ahahahahahahahahahaha. I am having so much fun flaming my co-worker on Facebook because he has the sadz as Germany lost again and placed last again in their group.

  11. So Chloe’s up for elimination but so’s Brendan. Do we dare hope she finally goes?
    This savoury dish with sweet & sweet dish with savoury is bullshit. I want my savoury savoury & my dessert sweet. And I DO NOT want cucumber in my dessert. Yuk, I hate cucumber.

    • Credit to Chloe, though – her dessert was good. Where was Ben in this challenge? In the background, prepping veg? We hardly saw him

  12. I didn’t consider Chloe’s pumpkin cheesecake a pumpkin cheesecake. It was just a cheesecake with some crumble on the bottom and sliced pumpkin on top. To me pumpkin cheescake should have the pumpkin added and blended into the cheesecake mix.

    It’s mousse season at MC. When the blue team was creating their menu I knew Reece was going to say that he wanted to make a mousse. He is so predictable and boring.

    Khanh…what was he thinking? Roasted cauliflower with a raisin salsa as a main. I’m a vegetarian and I wouldn’t have eaten that. Didn’t look good and didn’t sound good. Couldn’t anyone else on that team come up with a better idea? Reaffirms my belief that this group of contestants is lacking in creativity. Most can not come up with something that meets the brief and is also interesting and appetizing.

    I have a feeling that Brendan or Hoda will be eliminated.

  13. Kristin Tibbals will hopefully be a tough task master… Ben and Khan will have to lift their dessert game here.

    Hoda and unfortunately GIL can handle desserts reasonably so prob safe..

    Brendan is at risk as usually contestants who come back in.. go back out fairly quickly… kinda unfair they’ve gone out into the free world for a period of time and come back refreshed.

  14. The advertising is suggesting that Ben goes. Normally I would say that that makes him safe but this year the previews have been on the button.

  15. Because it’s going to be sweets, I think Brendan will do o.k. Would have learned some basic skills from mum.

  16. Pfft.
    You could tell The Evil Team (not you, Sashi) was going to win from the start as Vintage could not wipe the grin from her face.

    The Mozart of MC (“I’m only 19 … heehee”) chucks some ice cream on black rice, and it’s the dish of the century.

    Kristen incinerates her fish, incapacitates the diners with smoke inhalation – but the judges like it anyway, because they fear for their safety.

    Reethe maykth his 1000th moothe, but turns it into a granita because of that pesky blatht chiller. He uses Sashi’s sweat for the required savoury element.
    I think the producers of this show should start taking their meds.

    Obviously, Chloe’s staying – not only is she the soba master, but she can actually put sliced pumpkin on a cheesecake!
    Unfortunately, I think they’re going to ditch Khanh.

    Biggest shock was George using ‘intrinsically’ in a sentence. I wanna see the outtakes.

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