MasterChef – SA Week, weekly chat

I’m on holidays for a bit, folks, so use this thread for all MasterChef chat.

South Australian Week continues. Look out for a service challenge at an SA winery. A few of my friends went, but they’ve been annoyingly tight-lipped on what happened, so I can’t wait to watch it and try to spot them among the tables.



  1. Liberty- Genene went. No favourites here of course. Leaving off a vital element doesn’t impact the dish if you are Chloe.
    On another topic – may I have Permission to rant?
    That was the nastiest and wankiest most ridiculous dessert. I mean, give me strength – lemon meringue “pie” with 3D printed white chocolate LEGO and frankly disagreeable looking fennel peas.
    I’m vomiting just writing that.
    I would feel so ripped off if I had ordered a lemon meringue pie and got the quarter of a plate worth ( yes it was teeny) of tricked up crap. How does white chocolate lego printed by 3D printer qualify for lemon meringue?
    There were other weirdo elements but luckily I have erased most of them- thank you merciful god for that amnesia. I think coconut was one…and I have some vague recollection of ginger but who’s to say where the show ended and the nightmare started?

  2. THAT WAS NOT A LEMON MERINGUE PIE. That was the most ridiculous looking piece of shit I have ever seen. What does he charge for that? I bet it’s not cheap. Imagine ordering a lemon meringue pie & getting THAT? And what’s with the fennel & ginger shit? They do not belong in a lemon meringue pie. The fennel things looked like peas.
    And bloody Chloe is still there. But I was worried for Hoda for a minute there but luckily she was safe.

  3. We didn’t see them making the 3D meringue that was placed on top.

    What is so difficult to use a mould to make the honeycomb shaped white chocolate base?

    • Would have been more of a challenge if they had to make the honeycomb pieces by hand. LOL
      Technology and theatrics don’t necessarily = good food.
      IMO, this dessert was not worth the “paper” it was printed on.
      The Foodini 3D printer…

  4. Again what contradictory load of horse shyte…

    Hoda’s dessert missing the textures that make it taste like a lemon meringue pie… Genene missing bits of fluff that don’t really detract from the essence of the dessert… guess who survives…

    Overall is Hoda the better cook.. probably… but on that day she failed.

  5. I am not caught up yet to here… but I note Chloe is once again in elimination. Can anyone count up for me how many times that is so far?

    It could become dangerous to be in a team challenge with her from now on.

    • Don’t worry, it will all be part of the “look how she survived and triumphed over adversity” story.
      Sadly no mention of her triumph over her poor team behaviour, inability to think on her feet or well, you know, cook well.

  6. Why was not more mentioned about Ben completing all elements. Why was he lumped together with Chloe? Oh because he doesn’t flutter eyelashes and swish a ponytail? Gary to Chloe early on ‘now you are aiming for this to be the consistency of custard or ganache’. Essentially let me help you be safe. As if genenes was worse than hodas. Hoda is the stronger cook but not in that challenge. Poor genene. If only you were 20years younger youd be a judges pet.

  7. As if Chloe did a better dish than Ben. Ben’s dish was almost perfect. But no, let give credit and praise Chloe for her dish. Then just casually mentioned that Ben’s dish was also good

  8. Call me old fashioned but I like my lemon meringue pie to look like an actual pie, not that wanky piece of chocolate cut out on some blobs on a plate served with a few peas and sprigs of herbs.
    . . . and don’t get me started on dry ice shavings!

  9. Excellent rant, brussellsprout. We’ve all seen stupid desserts before, but this one was the daddy of ’em all. The judges always carry on about simplicity and balance of flavours – well, this thing had every flavour known in the universe, trying too hard?
    It would’ve been a very unpleasant orgy in the mouth.

    As for the 3-D printer, just because things can be done, doesn’t mean they should – it was pretty silly. For a show celebrating ‘home cooks,’ how many of them have a printer in their kitchen … IT-Chef?

    Ben was superb, Chloe got away with it, as usual, and poor face-palming Genene was robbed. Hoda’s dish was clearly the worst, but she’ll be around to the end, I’m tipping. Could even win it.

  10. I thought that pressure test was dumb. MC is supposed to be about excellent home cooks honing their skills, learning new techniques, and expanding their boundaries – within the limits of normal culinary expertise. Here, amateurs, try to use a machine which you are unlikely to ever use again in your life, in a kitchen or anywhere else.

    I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, but did notice the judges’ comments about Ben’s dish, and then about Chloe’s dish, which were decidedly different, until the end when Chloe’s incomplete effort was suddenly elevated to being on a par with Ben’s. Except it wasn’t, was it.

    I figured Genene would get the boot last night, whatever she did. I did laugh and give her a little clap when she overrode George’s “but now it’s time to say goodbye..” with her own, word for word. Good for her, one subtle little thumbing of her nose to him at the end.

    I’m not enjoying this season very much.

  11. Can’t stand Aldo. He always kiss the girls on the forehead or head, like you are kissing a child. Yuk

    • Maybe because they’re all much shorter? I don’t mind him so much – love him or hate him, at least he’s not completely devoid of personality like the other blandies.

  12. Poor Samira is going to be haunted by pig face Aldo’s hug forever. I bet he doesn’t wear deodorant

  13. Haven’t read recent comments, but I’m enjoying this one. The pro chef is going to give no leeway this time, standing there hands on hips, ready to cook.

    I’m trying to think of something I would cook with Vegemite, no idea, on toast only.
    Come on Khanh

  14. I’m no chef… but vegemite, seawood, prawns already tells me confused, too salty and unbalanced.

    The Chef has brought shame to his family and therefore must be outcast and hang his head in shame.

  15. That was very clever of Khan to pick vegemite. He completely stumped the chef. He took about 15 mins to decide what to cook. I bet the judges assumed that risotto was Khan’s. For once it wasn’t blatantly obvious who cooked what. Was that the lowest score ever given to a guest chef?

    • I thought Khanh played that super cleverly. I am actually rock solid sure they thought he cooked the death dish risotto and chef did the very cheffy looking dumplings and broth. Otherwise they would not have given such insultingly low scores to the risotto! Maybe there is some truth to the ‘dunno who cooked this/we just judge’ lines.
      Mind you, usually it is crystal clear, so there’s no need to cheat.
      I haven’t watched much this season but he seemed okay – I totally thought he was trolling the judges with his OTT “yes it’s Khanh week” stuff. Props to him.
      I am wondering what’s with the random extra h at the end of his name? Is that some kind of Asian-bogan thing like Alissah or Jaxon or is it legit and culturally appropriate and I am now about to be sent to Manus for insensitivity in suggesting you can be an Asian-bogan? He does have the required bogan sleeve tatts.

  16. I think they knew which one was the chef.. as the chef was japanese and Gary’s remark “is that seaweed”…. also being the “death dish” no amata would attempt it.

    • oh yes. excellent point. I do always think they know, so not sure why I have had this outburst of naivety!

  17. Why don’t they bring back a few of the Judge’s pets from previous seasons? they could have a friday Panna Cotta Special with Emelia. Bring back Kira for some Gluten/Carb free. Julie goodwin making some Huey-esque cooking

  18. Did either of them actually “hero” the vegemite? Khanh used about a spoonful in his broth and the chef just added some to the butter.

  19. To ‘hero’ the vegemite or to overpower with it, is always going to be a fine line.
    Khanhhhh was clever, likening it to fish sauce and used it appropriately.

    Of course there’s no such thing as a blind tasting – everything is scripted. The pro was clearly the fall guy in this, but they didn’t have to score him quite so low.
    The sight of the others enthusiastically cheering his 5/10s was pretty embarrassing.

    • Yes, almost like Sharon and the Stooges had a thing against this pro-chef and wanted the amata to win.

      But was interesting that the chef basically said he never cooks outside of the restaurant kitchen (at home) so he never was suited to a challenge of thinking on your feet and playing with a random pantry.

      Personally I would of done a dessert… lots of “desserts” have used vegemite… Cadbury-Vegemite block, we’ve had a vegemite macaron done on the show (I think Zumbo’s done one too)… I’m sure a vegemite panacotta would’ve worked… vegemite icecream..

    • Yes however many of their pets are in the blue team so are they looking to get rid of Nonna or Samira? I’d be happy for any of the others on blue to be gone. Reece’s dessert won the team challenge last week so I wouldn’t count them out just yet.

      • I’m also offended. Her theatrical pause for the camera to gaze soulfully at the hills mid-challenge had me fighting off the urge to soil myself.

        • I’ve been told by a former contestant that the producers/directors or whoever is asking them questions behind the camera actually give them directions on what to say and more importantly HOW to say it. I feel sorry for the past contestants who have come across as d!cks because of these to camera interviews. And for me calling them d!cks.
          Okay that’s done. Let’s see how long I last.

    • Oh didn’t she bang on about it – for a while, I was worried she’d run over and start rolling around in the dirt.
      Perhaps she could get inspired by a treadmill? (oops … too mean?)

  20. George has such an unpleasant countenance not exactly resting bitch face … maybe resting arsehole face?

    • Feel sorry for you gice in the capital cities. Was in one watching Masterchef and every second ad seemed to contain a judge spruiking something… South Australia, Pimms, Canstar, Cadbury, Swisse…all we get is the occasional one with Curtis shopping where a Masterchef shops.

  21. Contestants describes their dish as “beautiful”. Take a drink. 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍷🍷🍷🍷

  22. Why do they always, always, choose to use pork belly when they don’t have enough time to cook it properly? And that is even when the oven is on.

    • Same reason an amata will try to peel three hundred prawns in ten minutes, debone fifty “quails” and pinbone salmon for a hundred mains.

      • Oh my God it drives me nuts when they pick fiddly time consuming things to cook when they have limited time. Do they not watch previous seasons?

    • Von – it is because they are completely lacking in talent and intelligence. They go the current fad and go it hard – whether it is pannacotta or pork belly or God Awful bloody SOIL.

  23. As I feared the blue team was safe, too many judges pets to put at risk. I also suspect they don’t want Kanh holding on to his immunity pin for too long. At least Samira is safe but my other favourite Ben is in elimination.

    • Ben has been in many eliminations but he always come out on top. I think all these extra cooking will help him and I am hoping he is the last one standing.

      I can’t see any of the girls are good enough to take out the title this year.

      • The amatas have to make three dishes with one chicken. I’ll be “surprised” if they can do that. A 3D printer could be used to make spare chicken.

        George: ” Your three dishes were under chooked. I’m sorry, you’re going home. Your chicken ice cream wasn’t set ”

  24. Ben takes a BIG RISK by using half a chicken in the first round.

    After that, he’ll have to “wing” it…..

    Ben looks safe on that promo.

  25. So they turned the oven on & then it either magically turned itself off or someone bumped the knob. I think in future challenges keep checking the oven periodically to make sure it is on.
    Blue cheese mousse, what a revolting concept. I hate blue cheese & don’t want it in my mousse.
    Chloe is having a whinge in TV week about all her on line critics.

  26. Looks as though Khan uses his pin!

    How on earth does Sashi keep escaping elimination… he and Reece have had those pins for a while now and still have not been in the situation where they’ve needed to use it.

    Miss-Low-Self_Esteem…. her head is bigger than her body…. she sure loves pumping herself up thinking she’s creating genius… a moose, a crumb an icecream/sorbet… wow so original.

    Masterchef sponsored by Pork?? how many pork bellys this year? Can whomever is stocking the pantry remove all pork bellys, panacotta cups, icecream machines and lets make them sweat.. no blast chillers!

    • What is the fascination with pork belly?
      How many times can Kristen make a soil/crumb?
      Both teams made mousse…again another example of their lack of creativity. Even the starters were not creative at all….salad with beets and grapes, salad with calamari and grapes.
      When it comes down to it, none of the dishes were creative.
      The foods this group of contestants has cooked/baked has generally been very boring.

  27. Ben is in trouble for using half the chicken? I am missing something. I could use a whole chicken and make at least six meals (possibly more but I couldn’t be bothered working it out).
    We used to have one chicken (count them: one) for christmas dinner for 9 people. No one went hungry.
    Methinks this is manufactured drama.

  28. Personally, the blue team’s entree looked underwhelming, unoriginal and hardly enough to compensate for that awful pork.
    But at least it reminded Samira of Russia … again.

    I think the wrong team lost.
    I can barely understand a word Reece says.
    And now we get the Queen of Fakeness, Maggie … spluttering verjuice and counting the sales.
    That’s all.

  29. Kirsten looks like violet from willy wonky tonight. The scene she turns into a large blueberry and has to be rolled out.
    Aldo is making chicken revoltingi

  30. i usually try to avoid looking at either George or Gary because I find them equally repellent but I caught a look at Gary guzzling Aldo’s dish and thought – whoa you need to ease up. He seems to have gained all the weight George lost … and then some.
    He and Kristen are matching blueberries about to burst.

    • Yeah, I heard that too – good for her! But she better be careful because she now has a target on her back.

  31. How fake was George’s nose crinkle when Hoda was talking about seeing her kids.
    I like jess, but I think it will be her. I hope.

  32. They couldn’t have let the team with Reece and Sashi win yesterday – if both had used their pins there would have been to few contestants for this challenge.
    and as for the result tonight – really? really?

  33. I love how Matt doesn’t change the way he says pasta just to sound Cheffy. I myself have decided to start saying tacos again, as opposed to tarcos .

  34. George and the judges think they are so important in this world. They are role models!

    “It’s quite emotional. There are over 100 countries who watch the show,” Calombaris said. “We’ve got a lot of responsibility. People look up to us. We’re role models, and we need to not forget that.

    “What television show has moved the political debate in Australia? MasterChef has. It’s done so many things to the Aussie psyche.”

    • Fucking Herald Sun. It’s behind a paywall so I can’t read it. Is that the article saying they’ve banned panna cotta, domes, spheres, smears? I saw a headline on twitter the other day.

      • I couldn’t read it either. But I did read somewhere that they had banned all those things plus soil etc but we are still seeing them
        Im sick of that trio!

    • George has never heard of Four Corners.

      Oh yeah, George , I look up to people who assault others at the soccer and steal wages from their employees. You buffoon.

  35. After not having the promos saying “a favourite would go”, suspected it would be either Lisa or Jenny from the block.

    Aldo has announced himself in the competition apparently! HE’s been doing nothing but announcing himself since the audition!

    Enough of Jess already… she should be taking miss low self esteems title.. plus she can’t cook savoury and her desserts are repetitive (like Reece and Miss low self esteems ones).

    Oh and like Khan was never going to use the pin… “I was captain and feel like using the pin would be like jumping ship”… $250K at risk… could end up like that other guy (how quick we forget their names) who didn’t use his pin and ended up bitter about it (even though pretending he wasn’t).

      • Notice how Gary didn’t do the whole “are you going to use the pin or are you going to back yourself” with Khanh as he did with Loki.
        Poor Loki.

  36. So how many times has Jenny made those sticky chicken? Didn’t she do something similar the other week? Poor Jess couldn’t do a dessert.
    What a pity Chloe wasn’t there, she would probably have minced it.

    • Jenny got eliminated. Should have been Jess. Jenny’s first 2 chicken dishes were much better than Jess and her chicken was cooked well compared to Jess fought chicken

  37. I’m sort of losing interest in this season. Enjoyed Gordon Ramsay week but the rest feels a bit tedious.

  38. It’s kind of ridiculous how those 3 nincompoops suck up to Beer:
    Maggie, you’re the best; Maggie, we love you so much; Maggie has the best farm ever, you are all sooo privileged; Maggie, can we rub you all over with verjuice …
    Let’s face it, Beer in Boots and MC have a nice symbiotic relationship, and every year, her $$$ go up.
    And trust her to have peacocks strutting around – unless they’re her grandkids.

    Very disappointed that Jenny was culled – she was the most competent cook of the final three. But two of the protected species had to be preserved.
    And now Jess can get back to sugar, flour and cream – and lose that sad face of savoury cooking. Goodieee

  39. Wow. I saw 100+ comments on this page and thought it was an anger-filled episode where some Judge-pet (Chloe?) served raw chicken and was not eliminated 🙂 not realising this was a weekly thread

  40. I don’t know if this was in her exit blurb, but there was an article in yesterday’s West Australian about Jenny, who has got a job at Wildflower, an up-market restaurant in the city. I say up-market because of the prices. She said she rang asking for some work experience and on her second shift she was offered a job as commis chef.

    It will be interesting to know if she sticks with that. Often someones “dream” of working in a real restaurant is dampened by the reality of shitty hours and doing the scut work when starting at the bottom in a kitchen..

      • Ha ha, Dave, not that far at the bottom, more like peeling carrots and onions and putting sauces made by other chefs into squeeze bottles.

        One would hope that this restaurant does not require cockroach baits.

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