Daisyโ€™s Bold & Beautiful chat – July

Over to Daisy (thank you) …
The Bold and the Beautiful is doing my head in, and yours too, judging from your comments. The devastating effects of Dollar Bill’s trickery and his attempts to pull the wheels off Liam and Stephie’s marriage have finally began to unfold and be exposed, as we now have a united and tentatively loved up couple bonding over sleepless nights and baby poo, but an abandoned Hope, shipwrecked on the lonely island of jilted brides. It’s an island she knows well, and it’s staffed by her mother, urging her to build a raft, or a pirate ship and push back out into the unpredictable sea of love to fight for her man, with whom she is, according to Brooke, destined to be.

New intern, Emma, gets to poke her nose into Hope’s love life.

Don’t sit back and enjoy the marital bliss between Stephie and Liam. Bill is not going to accept defeat, nor remain in the crucible of thwarted devilry. He will soon be spinning his web of evil over Liam and Stephie again, but will Wipes once again be his willing dupe? Will Justin assist him again with gritted teeth and a concerned frown? In my opininon, it’s time for Bill to turn to Brooke for assistance in tearing down Stephie and Liam’s little family nest. Not that I want Bill to succeed. I am enjoying Brooke’s defeat too much. I wish I could tell you that Brooke will have to remain with the egg of defeat on her face, but we all know that won’t happen. Ridge’s happy head cocking to one side as he salivates over his daughter’s victory, won’t last long either. Will his and Brooke’s marriage crack and crumble like a beautiful meringue?

Maya and Pam discuss what’s best for Stephie, Hope and Liam.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast have been in the wings, awaiting their turn to return with some juicy nail-biting story lines. I am hoping for a return of Quidge to be the sledge hammer that cracks Bridge.
It seems I am too full of dramatic analogy today; like a writer for Mills and Boone. It may be the caffeine I had this morning. Readers, I will leave you with this thought; are you able to endure the tempest of Forrester/Spencer romance, heartbreak, wrath, plotting and fleeting joy for the month of July? You know I am not one for spoilers but I will tell you this; as I have previously mentioned, have heard that the iddy biddy detective will get a bigger part. Take that as you will.
Auf wiedersehen lovers. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–



  1. Katy certainly took a long time to get over Wipes. A whole 8 minutes before she was kissing Thorne and sizing him up as Daddy material. And Thorne wasn’t shy about using the little tacker to get to Mommy.

    Katy said Will was her first priority. That explains why she was having daytime sex with Wipes instead of playing play doh.

    • Katy doesn’t watch Dr.Phil, so she won’t know about step parent Thorne’s statistical likelihood of being an abuser. Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

  2. Ladies, click on the just fasion now ad. There are lots of nice dresses, and I don’t usually like the clothes in internet ads.

  3. More disfunctional than any Dr Phil guests. The dna is going around in a very small circle.
    No one has ever made Hope happy like Liam has. Her idea of happy is getting her heart repeatedly shattered.

  4. Sally Spectra picks up sorrow drowning Wyatt in a sleazy bar. Never lonely for long in LA.

    Thomas and Caroline back together.

  5. Her lips might be saying a lukewarm, “Yes”, but you can see it in Brooke’s glassy eyes that she is saying, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings…or Hope gets Liam.

    Sally is in a dark bar looking like she is waiting for Humphrey Bogart to show up; “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks in to mine”.Instead she gets Wipes.

    Liam has made the giant leap from hating Stephie, to rubbing her feet. Now why can’t I get a man to do that?

  6. Oh no, Sally is back to having nothing….which means she will have to latch on to another heir. She had to return the $50 million building that Liam gave her, but she kept the millions of dollars worth of designs she stole from Forrester. Now why don’t I feel sorry for her?

    • You wanted her to shoot herself. It’s possible.

      Probably missed Wyatt because she’s drunk.

      I haven’t been to Boldplay.

  7. So where areSol, Gran, Darla and Coconut. Are they all sleeping on a beach too. Why wouldn’t Coconut take in Sally? Why wouldn’t the people who took in Grams, take in Sally?
    And I don’t know anything about guns, but was that a gun from the set of Hogan’s Heroes?

  8. Emma’s choreography is awful, so Hope signs her up pronto.

    First there was Justin Bieber, now Justin Barber is in town.

    Maya has sprung Emma taking spy photos.

    Wyatt and Sally Spectra are getting it on. No muzak for them yet.

  9. New intern asks Zander, “Are you hiding something?”. The bromance was palpable. Maybe Emma is barking up the wrong Avant.

    And it takes 5 seconds to scoot up the ladder at Forresters to be unsupervised and in charge of training the new models.

  10. If you want to know the meaning of “pokey”, just look at Emma. She’s a perfect example.
    BTW, the models were very compliant to go along with being trained by three brand new interns. Also, they weren’t tall enough to be catwalk models.

  11. As if! Brand new interns, ie most junior staff members, are free to enter executive offices whenever. And another Liam castoff for Wyatt.

    • They would want to pay their interns well, given how much responsibilities they have; hanging around planning fashion shows and making important decisions…when not stealing designs and inside information. I really hope Zander hits on the boy, leaving Miss Pokey to scratch her head, “Why not meeeee”. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  12. Gee, meditation has worked wonders for Bill. He’s back from the retreat an even bigger, more determined bastard. I only caught the last five, gripping minutes. Busy trying to win some Bob Dylan tickets at 4.30

    Feel free to fill me in , will try to catch in morning.

  13. OK, so this ep reinforced that Wipes makes very poor love choices, but that he is also perfect loser rebound material. He and Katy put the bounce in rebound.
    We saw Wipes and Sally’s morning after. It the near miss hair of the dog.
    I was cooking at the same time but did see them sniffing milk together and Sally wearing one of Wipes tasteless shirts. Warning to you Dave, when a girl helps herself to your shirts, she is marking you hers. Sally and Wipes are more pukeworthy than Wipes and Sally. Sally is nursing a grudge against, Thomas, Bill and the wardrobe dept who made her wear S&M underwear and a Hawaiian shirt.
    Liam and Stephie are planning their wedding. Liam went over to book Carter who funnily enough already has a fitting, but unused ceremony. Does Carter get paid for all the weddings that don’t make it past, Katy having a heart attack etc. I tried to add up how many of his own weddings Liam has been to.
    Of course on the way to see Carter, Liam meets Hope. Hope tells Liam not to feel sorry for her. She tells Liam they can still be friends. Ridge and Brooke tell each other that they can still be friends.
    Brooke says the baby can call her Stepnanna. Nah. I made that one up. ๐Ÿ˜
    I think that was about it. No dance of the Sugar Plump Fairy.

  14. Stephie! If you don’t want to call the police, phone Liam. Take out an AVO.
    But why isn’t Liam home protecting his wife from his deranged father? Oh yeah because he is still breaking up with Hope. So Bill is only partially deranged. Stephie needs to spit it out for Bill; “I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last man on the cast!”.
    As for the Avant clan, they sure have made themselves comfy in the Forrester nest.

      • Termites are useful in the bush, but if you let them into tour home; there goes your Mum’s picture frame overthe fireplace. They started with an ex con Maya and have progressed to the family Colin Firth….or is that Enry Iggins? Conveniently he has studies graphic design. The Avants will soon be pronouncing their name “Avont”.
        I’d bring back whiny Coconut if I could swap her for the Sugar Plump Fairy.

  15. Nooooooooo. No more yoyoing between Hope and Stephie.
    Taylor needs to be put away….for bad acting.

    Liam is begging Stephie to be allowed to work for Hope.

      • Bill needs Dr Phil. A double episode. Bill, Stephie, Liam in the b.ue chairs….plus Hope. Maybe Phil could sort them out and stop all the nonsense.
        When is the storyline “Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications go into liquidation due to no one doing any work….except the interns.

  16. I don’t think Bold and Beautiful fans are ready for another tragic Stephie tied to the railway line by the evil villain Dollar Bill. Couldn’t young Kellie at least make it to her 1st birthday before Liam rushes at 100kms/hour into Hope’s arms?

    How was Liam, slimimg his way by justifying to Stephie why it would be such a good idea to go work intimately with Hopeful. No Liam. That’s what we call a bad idea. Or if you like; a red flag. Stephie’s not buying what he’s selling but she failed by not telling him of Bill’s blackmail.
    In any case. Taylor wouldn’t go to jail. She would go into a mental heath facility.

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