House Rules – backyard judging and more backyards

The judges see the backyards. Then the teams see the backyards. This takes two days.
And then Tuesday and Wednesday is devoted to – you guessed it – more backyard renovating.



    • Oh wow. I must’ve changed channels at the wrong moment, because I totally didn’t see that at all.

      Still, it’s nice he’s making a go of things.

  1. We have 2 more b’yards this week, then 2 more to be completed. If current form continues a total of 8 episodes, 4 of those judging/scoring/repeating. Then 3 teams booted, leaving 3 teams to duke it out over x amount of episodes. I’m gonna die before this is over… 😣😣

    • They are really, really dragging this season out, aren’t they?

      I tend to lose interest anyway, once we get to the backyards. And the fact that the show is moving at a snail’s pace isn’t helping that much.

  2. I didn’t see a House Rule that stipulated:

    “Make sure the neighbours have an aerial uninterrupted view of us getting maggotted by the pool”

  3. If House Rules returns for another season I hope they go back to one episode for judging results. There is absolutely no reason that this should take 2 episodes.
    The backyards looked a lot better but I think the homeowners were generous with their scores.

  4. Interesting that all four zones had good parts and bad parts. Chiara and David were so annoying trying to pretend that the pool was their idea, and how come all the entertaining area was inside the pool fence – was it to make the silly swim-up thing? You could never have families over for a barbie unless they locked their kids outside the fence and dropped their food over to them.

    Kim and Michelle have turned yukky all of a sudden, accusing people of being strategic and suddenly turning on Toad and Mandy. I think the help they got to knock out Leigh and Christie has gone to their heads and they now think they have designing talent. They got the easiest zone (kid zones always do well ’cause the parents see the joy and can’t mark low), brought in a boat when there was already a play boat in the yard before. The other part was a real fail. I thought it a bigger crime to miss the brief entirely, than T&M’s only crime of “under-designing” which is a matter of taste. I thought the pool looked fresh and uncluttered (and easy to maintain). And, of course, no person in their right mind would block that view. The point about needed a clear blind was reasonable, but there was no way they could know that, not living there.

    Poor Jess and Jared are really out of their depth, although I suspect the producers are making them look even more than they are. Chiara and David have turned all smug, and obviously thought they were the top of this bunch of four.

    Most annoying is that the producers, having lost the ultimate horrible couple, are now trying to pin that onto Mel and Dave. Sorry, not buying it. The more I see of them, the more I like. I love Toad and Mandy and think they should win on the basis of consistency, but Mel and Dave would be a happy second choice for me.

    Three teams to eliminate – my choices: Chiara and David (because she is getting nasty), Kim and Michelle (because they really are not up to the others in talent), and Jess and Jared (because their failures are becoming heart-breaking and I want the misery to end, for them).

    • I do feel for Jess and Jared. They’re both so lovely, and a really nice couple, but neither of them really seems to have any idea what they’re doing.

      At least Jared got a renovated house out of the deal.

  5. As a PS: can’t help but feel that the judge’s scoring is being “designed” to create a “shock” elimination at the end of this round. They better not have Toad and Mandy in their sights!

    And they are still calling Kim and Michelle, the “most loved” team. What planet are they on?

  6. Oh dear, what a night of whinging. Kim and Michelle are really losing the plot and becoming so paranoid. Looks like it was a mistake to help them win to get rid of Leigh and Christie, because it has unkindly given them an inflated sense of their abilities. Imagine thinking they were entitled to the zone of their choice because Mel and Dave were top of the leaderboard after the interiors. No logic. it was smart of M & D to give in in the end, because that water park was always going to suffer from the plumbing required.

    Seems like the boys have the harder challenge on the farm. It seemed that the clutter of the shed was making it difficult to see any vision. Lots of vision of Jared scratching his head, but somehow structures were built in the background. His inexperience is really being milked (pun intended) for all its worth.

  7. Jared’s rocks aren’t big enough. Are they building Stonehenge here?

    Clueless in Candelo.

    “Give us a pizza oven that looks like the Taj Mahal”

  8. Are the pizza oven manufacturers sponsoring the show?
    KM and MD should have just thrown their names in a hat and whichever name was drawn would do the water park. Water park looks boring.

    • It had so much potential, though. And zones for kids are worth fighting for as they are nearly always scored well. One of the judges commented at the start about how terrible the water park would be if it was done in an amateur way, which seemed to signal that whoever did it, would be considered amateurish.

  9. The judges liked the water park. Looked better with the water turned on but still, IMO, it just wasn’t that good.

    • Apparently there’s tough water restrictions in Perth during the summer months, so that’d make for a great water park. Plus, imagine the water utilities bill (for a family who’s whole back-story was that they struggled financially). I mean, yeah, it was a nice idea, but practicality-wise…

      • …and not to mention, three extra water features and a pool. Then you can add in all the water park taps being left dripping continuously by kids not turning them off properly.

  10. The judging segment between David & Chiara and Dave & Mel was very gracious in my opinion. D & C gave their criticism fairly and constructively, and D & M acknowledged their mistakes and agreed that they were worth losing a few points. Nice to watch.

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