Love Island – finals week

Who’s still watching Love Island?
It’s rating well in the younger demographic so it looks like it has paid off for Nine.
We are up to finals week, with Thursday the last day.
Erin and Eden look set to win, even though Eden seems the kind of bloke who’d punch someone if you gave him full cream instead of skim milk in his morning protein shake.
The show has struggled to incorporate the Monkster into the action. She’s a funny woman but reducing her role to mainly tottering in every few days to cast someone out takes no advantage of her dry humour. She needs more one on one time with contestants.



  1. I didn’t watch it, but it’s okay to own up to it if you did. I thought about it , so it was a sin in my head.

    Ch 9 must have thought it ‘d go alright because they flogged it on two channels. Always something better, like the SBS test pattern, for example.

    What sort of “younger demographic” are we talking here~ 10 to 11 year olds?

    Or is it a new “dumbographic”?

    • Too busy watching other shows to have made time. I no no shame when it’s rtv or Bold and the Beautiful.

  2. I just watched tonight’s episode and there are so many unlikeable people in the final eight. And not in a cool Survivor “he’s a snake but gosh he’s really smart so I give him credit” kind of unlikeable.

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