MasterChef – Wed, Bondi Icebergs

The contestants arrive in Sydney at the iconic Icebergs restaurant in Bondi. They are competing for a place in the semifinal and need to be inspired by the Italian menu at Icebergs.

I really hope this is a Survivor cross promotion and they have to dive into the pool to cut a rope tethering produce.



    • Told ya. There was just something so BS about tonight. I was
      Right it was his game. But this show ain’t got no game. Seems they sent the ring in to the floor.gah.

    • Ben got to pick fish. The others did a knife pull and Sashi got pasta, Jess meat and Khanh dessert. Khanh is the only true all rounder left – I still think he could win.

  1. So happy for Khanh! He is doing mousse and ice cream. So many time this year, they are serving mousse and ice cream. I thought both are soft texture

  2. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels that something sneaky is going on here. Oh and tears from 19. Watch the judges come running and hold her hand.

  3. Do you think Sashi can’t find anything is all dramatize for viewing.

    How did Khanh know there are dogs in the pantry?

    I always think they already know what they are going to cook. Because the production team will have to get the ingredients for the cooking

    • I was wondering if that I can’t find anything back was for the cameras. Producers know that there isn’t much play in this game.

        • To explain, Littlepetal wrote in Comment 8~

          “How did Khanh know there are dogs in the pantry?”

          I was referring to that. I haven’t seen the MC show yet, Single Wives is on….and it’s awful but therein lies it’s charm..

    • Oh dear! I didn’t even realised I meant to say figs in the pantry and it was typed as DOG🤣 Maybe Khanh can do a hotdog!!!!

      • Hot dogs. Surprise. Served with kennel. I mean fennel. You’ll be bark for more.

        Amata :”Tonight I’m making a German Shepherd’s Pie. It could send me home”

      • That was an hilarious interlude. I was going through those few comments and thinking about them one by one, trying to work out what the hell were the dogs in the pantry?

  4. I’m surprised Jess hasn’t been told to cover her hair
    Sashi whinging like an actress – shut up ffs

    • There has been many health violations in restaurants that feature MC.. I wonder if I was an extra on this show in the dining room if I just kept telling them there is a hair in my food, send it back. Would the union of extras ban me. Might be worth it.

    • Why is this chef cackling like an asshole at Sashis missing Ravioli. There is something a foot I tells ya. Red wine is kicking in. More Snark towards the judges and producers than the contestants.

    • Chloe was late with service cooking against Sashi, Gary literally helped her. She won, but Sashi won’t be as lucky as Chloe.

  5. Sashi is definitely into elimination challenge.

    Also NO MASTERCHEF TOMORROW. Go and have a night out!

  6. Why do George said its like a five course tasting menu when its supposed to be a 4 course menu. It just mean Ben’s dish is too small.

  7. So interesting, there wasn’t much vision of 19 prepping or cooking her dish. Just plating i tells ya there is something fishy, I feel it in me waters.

      • Don’t be ridiculous. She clearly was shown putting that tray of tomatoes INTO the oven. What more could you want? Really and truly I feel you forget that she is. . . ONLY 19. . . how could she possibly do all that by herself?

  8. Khanh you totally did not just make that up. Chef man asked you if you had the cannisters in the fridge. Gah . Otherwise the mousse would have been a bust.

    • I was wondering if I misheard that, but obviously not. The chef asks Khanh if he has the cannisters chilling, and Khanh goes, thank goodness I can do that with my failed-to-set mousse. Then later he jumps around the kitchen congratulating himself on his wonderful idea to use the cannisters. Short memory.

  9. Today I saw the encore. When Sashi said last night ” cumin goes quite well this this”, I thought he said “human goes quite well with this”

    How next level and on point. Not that I’m “surprised” this season.

    George : The challenge asked for “casserole”, amatas, not “cannibal”, yeah?

  10. I really want Ben to win this whole thing. He just concentrates and gets on with it.

    Blue cheese moose (for the third time this season) goes wrong again. Oh, noes.

  11. I am kinda over finals week. It’s seems like there’s a lot of cooking, drama, and no repercussions for those who stuff up.
    The best cook is getting nothing and no-one’s going home.
    Is it my imagination – or perhaps we just keep cooking until Only19 gets it right, and then we give her $250,000 and run away fast before anyone notices that it’s all a crock-of-s**t.

  12. There’s backlash online over the chef being “mean” to Sashi. I thought he was fine, albeit playing it up for the camera a bit

    • Yes, that was rubbish. Everyone kept saying he was giving Sashi a hard time … but he wasn’t at all.

  13. JUZ, would you be interested if i do a recap post ala my snark over at RR, I am feeling the need to outlet the sarcasm 🙂

    In saying that…
    I knew sashi was going to be the whipping boy as soon as he started ignoring the advice re: the pasta. Me thinks the chef is angling to be the Australian version of Gordon Ramsay – without the charm, charisma, talent or well..anything.

    It was a bit fishy that Jess had limited tv time when she had a course that wasn’t dessert. Sashi is lined up to be eliminated tonight. I have to say that I am warming up to Ben and while I think it is going to be Khanh or Jess, i do hope ben takes it.

    • Ooh yes please. I used to do them but Mr 6 never goes to bed on time so my TV schedule is out of whack. Just email anything through and I will post it. I think Ben could have won it four years ago but now the technical level is so high and they want fancy food

  14. They know they have people coming to cook who are not familiar with that kitchen. You’d think they would put all the pans they might need to use out where they could find them easily. I don’t know why he didn’t just ask Monty instead of wasting time running around the whole kitchen looking for them. Things like that frustrate me.
    The way that Monty spoke to Sashi & treated him was a fucking disgrace. What a total rude prick. Standing over him barking faster faster faster isn’t going to make him go faster but fluster him & slow him down. Then to force him to apologise in that condescending way was humiliating. Funny how Chloe wasn’t told to apologise the other week when she was HALF AN HOUR LATE & SHE FUCKING WON!!!. Twitter went off last night. People were furious with that Monty prick.

  15. Khanh wins with the same old sh*t, different day dish….another ice cream, another mousse,more figs and honey and then the infamous crumb. What a bunch of crap!! This type of dessert has been done over and over and over again during this season of MC and I don’t feel it was deserving of a win even if it tasted great. All he could come up with was this or a tiramisu which Monty basically talked him out of by telling him that his wife was the pastry chef and she makes two of the best tiramisus in Australia (or maybe it was just Sydney). There are so many other Italian desserts that he could have prepared.

    Sashi…didn’t listen to the professional chef about starting the pasta first which probably didn’t sit well with the pro. His choice of dishes wasn’t the best either but the chef was too hard on him. Yes, this is a professional kitchen but Sashi is an amata. I think the way Monty was pressuring him just made things worse. Make linguini or tagliatelle…a lot easier than making raviolo. Don’t combine pumpkin with mushrooms and red wine. Which member of the production staff stole one of the raviolos?

    We didn’t see much of Jess which was strange. There was a lot of oil on her plates and the meat looked rare rather than medium rare.

    As for Ben, I think he should have won the challenge but maybe because he has been on a winning streak lately they decided to give it to Khanh this time around.

    To repeat what I have written in other posts, no feedback from the diners. There are more of them than the stooges and they should have some input regarding which dish was the best.

    • I totally cry SHONKY on the disappearing raviolo when chef previously watched Sashi count. Someone ‘lost’ one to elevate the drama.

  16. Please don’t let Khan win… imagine he does.. the hand gesticulation, the jumping, the high pitched tone, the crying…

    Sashi is getting worse and worse… tonight… goodbye!

  17. I know it’s been mentioned but it is increasingly obvious that we never ever hear anything from the eaters of this allegedly fabulous food.

    Was there an incident where someone said ‘FFS – it’s just ice cream. Why can’t we have a nice tart or a delice or a cake or a pastry – you know, SOMETHING actually delicious other than F&*(%)$ ice cream or mousse? Ya losers can’t even make a nice waffle cone it’s all goddammed tuiles. And if you give me flaming granita which is just flaked up ice blocks when all is said and done I will flaming deck ya’ . . . or words to that effect.

    Hmmm that was kind of scary how easily that rant rolled off my tongue. Possibly I have been repressing my issues with the easy way out desserts. Lock up their churners and blast chillers I say.

    • In seasons past the diners used to vote. I remember they would have boxes & they would put in whatever colour of the team whose food they liked. And they used to show them commenting too. Maybe something like that happened so they stopped. ha ha Or maybe their favourite for that season went home because she was in the losing team.

      • If this show is really fixed, which I think is. The producers and judges can play with the votes outcome and edit the comments according to the outcome they want.

  18. Sashi was a bit of a goose. I’m sure that before they start a challenge in a strange kitchen, they’re told where everything is. Watching him running hither thither looking for a pan was ridiculous.

    And if you’re flipping out about cooking pasta, you don’t belong there – go work in a curry house. (I would even come!)
    I didn’t think Monty was hard on him at all, just amusingly assertive.

    So Only 19 was told to put on the tears again – easily done. She suddenly gets upset for no particular reason … “Ahm freakin’ out” etc.
    After about 3 or 4 “freakin’ outs,” she gives her reason … that she’s just realised she’s cooking in a 2-hatted restaurant.
    Which she knew from the start, of course – one helluva delayed reaction.
    Or complete BS.

    19 cooks her course invisibly, almost under a veil of secrecy, but, naturally, her admirers call her bloodied, raw meat ‘the perfect medium rare.’
    As we know, she wouldn’t know an eye fillet if she tripped over it.
    Or cheeses.

    To be fair, Khanh did mention doing tiramisu, but was discouraged because Mrs. Monty was the tira queen.
    So he checked the dogs, which were good and went with ice cream, mousse blah blah. Ooh so close to something different.

    And congrats, Littlepetal, for the best typo evah. I’m checking my pantry for dogs too!

  19. I the radio they were playing back the Monty / Sashi drama and it sounded a lot worse than I remember. And I was watching sober too. For once. It did sound bad the way they played it back all at once.
    I do think Sashi should win, but he won’t. So I’m going for Ben. Slow and steady wins the race? ( as long as he doesn’t get too cocky with gaz)

  20. The part where Sashi was running around looking lost was bizarre and unnecessary. Also, the chef giving it to Sashi was perfectly fine, its his kitchen and Sashi was behind in service, even Jess didn’t struggle as much as he did.

    Ben and Khanh seem to be peaking at the right time so i’m picking them for grand finals.

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