MasterChef – Matt’s review test

Tonight the bottom three from last night’s Vue de Monde challenge have to cook a dish using only a review by Matt Preston as a guide.
That’s Ben, Samira and Jess.
From the ad it looks to be a lemon curd dessert.
Matt is a great writer and very descriptive, so I look forward to seeing how they go.



  1. The chef’s dessert might have great flavours and textures, but it is presented like an amata’s crime, AND it’s on one side of a big plate!

  2. Lemon curd dessert? Only 19 should breeze through it. They really want to get rid of Samira and Ben eh?

    • And my other pet peeve ….. Reece is a little bit worried about …. (in this case Ben). What BS, as if Reece gives a shit about the other contestants.

  3. Samira reckons that in comparison to her dish the chef’s is “way too sophisticated” (she hasn’t tasted it, so is just going on looks). I live on a different planet. Yeah, she had unsuccessful elements, but that doesn’t elevate the chef’s Eton Mess to “sophisticated”.

  4. I reckon make-everything-Samira has been the most accomplished cook of this series. But Jess certainly shone brightest tonight in her special subject of desserts. A very admirable effort. I might now defrost a slice of outsourced Xmas pudding.

  5. Don’t worry about Samira – she’s already auditioning for her third reality show.
    The Azerbaijanis Want a Wife … and The (eastern) Bloc. Maybe even The Bold and the Dutiful in LA.
    Hence the serene smile. I thought her accent was fake anyway.

    So another dessert, I wonder why.
    And who needs an immunity pin if you’re Teflon 19? She always survives.
    (and it’s mandarine, George, not Mandarin, if you’re referring to the fruit)
    Chubby 19 pretends to have a meltdown early on, so of course, she’s safe – and gets to carry on about her 150th idol, Reynold. I lurrrve Reynold sooo much etc.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Matt Sinclair, who was a fabulous cook and lovely to boot. I lurrve him, he’s mah idol!

    • I know it should be “mandarine (reen)” but it always has been mandarin around here. Hearing people say mandareen hurts my ears.

      • It’s not one or the other that’s correct – they are just variations of pronunciation. Both are correct.

    • I really like Matt Sinclair too! But it is getting increasingly difficult to watch. I can’t bear the idea that I have to ditch Masterchef too – I had to ditch MKR this year. Et tu Masterchef?

  6. Ch 10 is filming Dancing with the Stars next year. Bet you, Sarah and maybe Only 19 will be in it since Ch 10 don’t have that many stars

  7. And tonight’s test is…reading comprehension skills!

    Jess said reading is not her strong point. Damn, Jess, I’d be embarrassed to admit that.

    This was a silly, pointless challenge. They need to get back to cooking skills and get rid of contests that do nothing to test contestants’ skills in the kitchen.

    I missed Samira’s exit, but gather she had a graceful, tearless one. Good for her. What was her exit blurb?

    • Writing a cookbook based on her culture. Name escapes me where she comes from as I think they barely mentioned it.

  8. They did this pressure test based only on reading a review of Matt’s once before. I am sorry Samira went, but glad that Ben and Jess stayed. When I saw Samira was releasing a cookbook of Azerbaijani recipes, I was glad she was the one to go. It grates on my nerves when they leave and release cookbooks!

  9. I was watching it late, in bed, and fell asleep towards the end. I don’t really get those desserts that are all one colour

    • And they are all soft in texture. Also serving pannacotta with sorbet must be the trend now. How many times have they serve this combination this year.

    • That dessert did not appeal to me in the slightest. Honestly shoving lumps and spoonfuls and dollops of nuked sponge all over the plate just does not look the least bit appetising to me.
      While the snow egg probably wasn’t my thing either, I could see the skill. The challenge (was it last year) where they had to inject caramel into an egg yolk or something like that looked skilful.
      This looks like something my 15 year old throws together based on shoving his favourite stuff on a plate – a scoop of ice cream, a dollop of yoghurt, a few strawberries, a drizzle of chocolate sauce, etc. I must get him to “plate it” onto a charcoal-coloured square plate (if we have something like that – i fear we have plain white plates) and see how it photographs.

  10. I was surprised to see Samira go, I thought Ben made more mistakes. But twitter went off. A lot of very angry people on there.
    I thought Jess was in trouble there when they pointed out a mistake she’d made & when she read the thing again still couldn’t understand what she did wrong. Didn’t see if she corrected it.

  11. Hi all, you may not remember me but this is Amanda from the now dead (RIP) Reality Ravings. I finally found my way here..mainly because of the need to extend some Masterchef snark.

    In saying that – i watched this episode while being too sober. I wish they would mute Georgia-errr sorry, Chloe’s microphone so we dont have to hear her fake valley girl accented insights.
    Jess – I am waiting for george and matt to just drop all pretence and cook for her, they seem to not being subtle in their….”helpfulness”.
    Ben – he can plate up vegemite on toast (not toasted properly) and still manage to get through.

    • Glad you found your way here Amanda. I could not have tolerated MC or MKR this year without TTV.

    • Welcome to Snark Central! Plus, I think Amanda your wish will come true. We are teetering on the brink of George and Gary just taking over for Chloe. When Gary ran the pass for Chloe recently he was itching to demonstrate how to whip the mousse. And that’s not a euphemism, by the way. He told her exactly where to position her plates, how many, and corrected her dodgy ideas. It was super touching . . well, it would have been if Chloe was a wayward toddler trying to master putting ice cream on a plate, rather than an actual contestant.

  12. Thank goodness Matt is no longer a food critic… that review was terrible.

    Reading through the recipe last night… wonder if any of them knew what the vacuum machine was for (none of them appeared to use it anyway).

    Although 19 did teach me something new, the egg test for ensuring the sugar to fruit ratio is good for the sorbet.

    I’m upset Samira left as she’s really a competant cook (ignoring her androidness and continuous references to her mother land).. and guess english being her second language having to follow a review vs a recipe would of been a lot more challenging for her than the other 2.

    Watching this season has been like taking on an eating challenge in Man Vs Food. You know you’re not going to finish the challenge but you keep taking mouthfuls and fight it out… 1 week and a half left till it’s over and done with and wonder how many of us will barf.

    • I agree – I often looked at what Samira cooked and thought ‘that looks good – I’d eat that’. Some of the others, not so much.

    • Interesting Jayblossom. I didn’t watch the episode so not sure what makes her think Only 19 has put on the kilos! And coming from an Asian Chinese background, Asian mum would rarely refer to their children Chubby/fat unless it’s bluntly obvious. I think only 19 mum is seeking some attention on camera in my opinion.

    • Wow. good to finally crack the mystery of how old Jess is – that article kindly informed me that she is Only 19.
      I’ve been watching Masterchef all this time and could easily have missed that fact.

  13. I have a friend who is Asian (but born here). She has always been told she has cankles. By European standards, she is pretty perfect. By Asian standards, not so much.
    She is understanding and doesn’t take any of it to heart. Apparently, that’s just the way it is.

    • I agree. Mama 19’s chubby comment was just a throwaway line, something a mother would say.
      For the net to do an in-depth analysis and call it ‘fat shaming’ is ridiculous.

      Anyway, lucky Ma didn’t meet Kristen.

    • The Chinese sisters on MKR also said her parents were very blunt. They will say they are fat.

  14. So sad to see Samira gone, she was the most likable contestant left imo. It was a silly challenge as well, tough enough with a recipe, without one it was a farce.

    I starting to believe the final two will be blokes, the 2 gals left have no chance.

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