MasterChef – Mon

s survival week continues, the contestants are shocked to discover that another challenge may lead to elimination when they have to turn a tray of terror into a modern masterpiece.



    • The contestants’ reactions annoyed me. They are pathetic, stupid bunch aren’t they?

      Khanh, Only 19 and Samira can go.

      • This is a stupid pathetic season Maz.

        Samira said she’s struggling she’s not the only one.
        I am strugling to:
        – keep watching
        -stay awake
        – care about the outcome

        • Far too often the contestants have been allowed to cook what they want that it has become monotonous.

          • Be fair Maz. If they were asked to cook specific things not in their core skill range they would fail. And you obviously forget that they demonstrate great flexibility and skill in cleverly disguising the fact that they make essentially the same thing every single BLOODY TIME.
            Reece makes ice cream, but he can clearly be versatile and sometimes can make sorbet. And to prove he is a winner, he makes parfait also.
            Chloe can make wontons, but to show how truly flexible and skilled she is, she can also make dumplings.
            Kristen can make flatbread AND crispbread. COMPLETELY different items, you haters.

            So I think you are being completely unreasonable with your demands for challenges that challenge and skills tests that test, well, skills.

        • Normally I don’t doze off but lately I did! Either I am getting old or the show is too boring

      • Most of them whining about not ever eating and/or knowing nothing about TV Dinners. They didn’t have to make the dinners just use the main ingredients in them to reinvent them. It didn’t matter if they never ate one. Where did they find this group? There had to have been better choices.

    • Which then turned into a beef salad and the judges think it is a good interpretation.

      I would send it back to the kitchen if I have ordered meat and 3 veg

  1. Chloe tells the world she is not familiar with TV dinners as she is a “nutritionist.”

    These contestants can not think out the box.

    • Exactly. What they are doing is not even a TV dinner. Just a dinner served in a tray with compartments. Even dieticians work in hospitals to create meals for patients in hospitals.

      Far out! They are not even serving them in a tray. So what do difficult with this cook

    • And because I dislike her so intensely I had to check my understanding of “nutritionist” and as I suspected, it’s not to be confused with someone who HAS definitely studied the field/applied in scientific type way, such as a dietitian. You can have any old qualification and call yourself a “nutritionist”.

      Dietitians must have a university degree in nutrition and dietetics, and must be accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia.

      “Dietitians who meet strict criteria are eligible to join the Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) program. APD is the only credential for dietitians recognised by Medicare and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and many private health insurers.”

  2. Chloe is making excuses already, she says she’s not confident about the dish but it’s really that she’s up against Jess and can’t be sure fluttering her eyelashes will work. She’ll be fine with Gary but Matt might be a problem for her.

      • Gravy is the best thing ever. I never do a roast or sausages or rissoles without gravy. It’s the law to have gravy with them.

      • As if a nutritionist worth their salt would go on Ma$terchef. Chloe has at least succeeded at frying her brain.

  3. Actually, the challenge should be the dinners are frozen and then reheated in a microwave before serving to the judges. Now that would be fun.

    • All the left over food goes to Oz Harvest or whatever it’s called. They did a story on it a few years back.

  4. What a bunch of condescending snobs. As if nobody has ever had a “TV dinner” – aka ready frozen meal – in their life

    • Also what they cook is not even TV dinner. Just a complete meal for dinner. As if these contestsnts eat fancy food every night

    • Weren’t they pretentious wannabes with their condescending airs? i just wanted to wring their fake non-organic necks and say “Listen petals if you think coles is a source of fresh food I’ve got news for you”

    • I used to like the McCain veal parmigiana. It had nice potatoes with it. I used to go late night shopping after work & got it as it was quick & easy to heat up when I got home.

  5. On a side note;
    Thanks Juz for keeping this site going .
    I had a look at FB MC recently and you definitely attract a better crowd! The FB crowd attack each other personally if they disagree even about trivial things.
    Posts here are entertaining and posters are nice to each other even when we like/dislike different contestants, judges (though I think we all pretty much agree about Gary and George), eliminations etc.

    • Thanks Juz. I feel slightly bad that this series has just made me sneakier than usual but I very much appreciate the site and the amusing but not malicious posters. It’s a good gang.
      I happily click on ads if it helps!

    • Thanks, gice. I was actually made redundant last week (I have some casual work to keep things ticking along) so some ad clicks to help pay for hosting woukdn’t go astray. And I know we are at the point where we all whinge about MC but can we just remind ourselves how atrocious MKR was this year. So it’s nice to see people who know what a colander is on a cooking show. Ooh – there’s an idea for a future “name that thing” challenge: What cooking equipment is this?
      As for the TV dinner challenge, it’s a pity Ben wasn’t in it as I reckon he would have smashed it.

      • Oh I will click like a mad thing then! That is a bugger about redundancy – it happened to my husband after 28 years at the same firm, but did actually turn out to be the best thing ever and he changed career and went from IT to real estate! Good luck. . . .
        And yes, I get your point about MKR – at least I am still watching this series, whereas I ditched MKR after last year’s annoying fiasco. Masterchef is still better!

        • We don’t get contestants calling each other sluts and making physical threats on Ma$terchef. The bar’s not been set too high for Ch 10.

      • Sorry you were made redundant Juz. I’ve been made redundant a few times & it totally sucks.

        • Thanks, gice. Yes, not a pleasant experience. I’m lucky to have some casual work while I sort out my plan
          B – but no idea what that is!

      • Juz, sorry to hear. There must be a way we can help with costs of running the blog – especially those of us who came across from the other site. I’m more than happy to make a contribution.

  6. Could HI have sounded any less sincere when she said (in a monotone) “C’mon Jess have some confidence”.
    She’s so supportive and really wants Jess to do well.

  7. So the producers want Sachi, Samira or GIL to be the Masterchef. Think Sachi is the designated winner.

    • I still think the winner is a male. Can’t see any Chloe, Jess, Kristen or Samira winning this

    • Yep i think Sashi is the anointed one. Let’s face it, he was gifted 2 immunity pins. He got one of them wit a score of 20 – ridiculous.

    • I don’t think Sashi will win it, but they’ll keep him around for the family reunion stuff because of his two excitable boys. Makes for ‘good TV.’
      Khanh ticks more of the boxes maybe.

    • I think he has had the winner edit for a while. Which unfairly prejudices me against him.
      I thought the judge orgasms over Reece’s ice creams (one after the other practically identical) might be a sign that he’s being groomed (obviously not literally or he would have had actual hair) for the win.

  8. The superpower week is super boring.
    Let’s just skip to the final. Not really invested in any of these amateur cooks this year.
    Maybe reality TV is just not that interesting anymore or we have seen it all before for far too long.

    • GBBO and the Australian version are still enjoyable reality TV. But it works so well because they do not focus on drama and sob stories and such stuff. No overly dramatic, loud music as well. GABO might be more of a niche program, but I really enjoy watching it. It even makes me not dislike Maggie Beer (is it just me: Whenever she is on MCA, she reminds me of mom from Futurama. She pretends to be this super nice old lady, then gets out of her fat suit when she is alone, smokes and curses and is just mega evil!).

      • I agree Zhee, love GBBO. Not so much the Australian version although I enjoyed the first series.
        Watched repeats of The real sea change and that was interesting. Like Back Roads on ABC. There was a show on many years ago and about ten different people had to do a makeover on 10 different styles of homes. That was fabulous but didn’t rate well and only lasted one season.
        Also love Restoration man and Restoration Australia.

      • I like MC UK and MC Professionals UK as well as GBBO and the Australian Bake Off. So much better than Master Drivel 2018.

  9. Was Gary joking when he said Samira’s grown a lot? Maybe in Lilliput.
    “Ahm frikken out, we hava no tv dinna in Azerbaijan.”
    But then she has an epiphany, thinks of Azerbaijan and cooks a chook. Success.
    That country sure comes in handy – personally, I’m going to start thinking of Azerbaijan for my life choices.

    I think they’re going to give her the super- duper power.

    • Oh? Samira’s from Azerbaijan you say? That’s news to me. I wish she’d dropped a hint, mentioned it in passing. Had it engraved on her forehead. I possibly could have missed it!
      This season just makes me snarky about people I don’t even especially dislike.

    • Oh? Samira’s from Azerbaijan you say? That’s news to me. I wish she’d dropped a hint, mentioned it in passing. Had it engraved on her forehead. I possibly could have missed it!
      This season just makes me snarky about people I don’t even especially dislike.

  10. My god, weren’t Jess, Chloe, and Samira precious tonight- I don’t like corn, I hate that beef, meat and three vegs is just not what I do. Oh, fuck off, crybabies; I hope no one puts a pea under your mattresses.

    Tonight’s challenge was relatively simple, but from most reactions, you’d have thought they had to create a degustation menu for a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant.

    I loved when Ben told Jess twice to stop touching the meat, and said it was driving him nuts. Not everyone is sucked in by the cutesy little girl schtick.

    The judges’ chichi attitudes to tv dinners kind of pissed me off. My family used to have tv dinners on Fridays, the end of the school and work week, so no one had to cook. I loved the chicken, peas, corn, and mash one. My tastes have expanded since then, but I wouldn’t faint from shock at the sight of a tv dinner.

    This episode had a stupid premise.

    Fortunately HYBPA was excellent tonight and lifted me out of my cranky post-MC mood. And four more boys have been rescued in Thailand, and that puts MC in perspective.

    • I was totally with Ben on that one – why was she prodding the meat with her fingers so much – to make it less cooked?

  11. Vote in the new poll, gice. My final three is Khanh, Reece and Chloe because I think Ben and Samira will struggle more with the cheffy plating required at the end of the comp (and Ben is stuffed in most dessert challenges) and Kristen and Jess are weaker on savoury.

  12. 19 was sooooo annoying yesterday… her laugh makes me nauseuos… hee hee hee hee… although would of prefered to eat your well cooked beef dish over GIL’s raw paddock fest.

    Didn’t know Chloe came out of the womb a nutritionist, I’m sure her time as a child her family may have pulled out a frozen meal or two.

    Khan is a tosser…

    Android… enough Azberjan.. you sound like an old 80 year old Russian woman with blue hair reminiscing about the homeland and communism.

    How the hell are the top 8 best amata cooks in Australia.

    • Brilliantly summed up. This season has not been about the food but all about the ‘tick a box’ contestants.

      The histrionics about the frozen meals was just pathetic. Imagine if they redid the Qantas challenge from a couple years back with this lot. They have not been made to think how food changes when it needs to be consumed in certain environments or processed in a certain way for convenience.

      The virtue signalling horror at the frozen meal suggests that you do need to be relatively affluent to compete on MC these days.

  13. Must be time soon for Reece to be told to use his pin or lose it. From past years if I remember they cannot take pin to last couple of weeks.

  14. Overload of food snobbery and ‘wankiness’ last night. Let’s be honest how many of us would prepare Masterfood creations on a regular basis, or at all?? We would probably sit somewhere between frozen dinners and Masterchef creations

  15. Bloody attitude on Chloe. Oh I dont “do” peas and corn. You grew up in australia love pretty sure every kid was raised with peas and corn on the plate! And both jess and then matt calling her meat well done?? Didnt look it to me. Did noone tell reece cooking chicken on the crown has never cooked in time. I genuinely never remember anyone who hasn’t undercooked it that way. Khan had to plaster the smile on didnt he, he thought he’d won it for sure.

  16. Well that was bullshit. Chloe made a salad for fuck’s sake. How is that a TV dinner? Jess has a funny idea of what well done is. I like well done & would not have eaten her meat. It was still raw in the middle. How is that well done?
    Samira’s chicken looked yummy.

  17. Do most of these contestants hire acting coaches or does the production staff coach them on how to react and what to say? Are they told to smile as wide as they can, cry at the drop of a hat, whine and complain about challenges, state that they just can’t do that style of cooking, hug each other all the time, etc?

    This season continues to be boring and the contestants not impressive. Where are the Masterchefs? They aren’t on MC 2018.

    • Smythe if they hired acting coaches they wasted their money, this is the most insincere and fake group of contestants I’ve ever seen and they are hopeless at acting otherwise.
      I understand why people are getting annoyed with Samira but I still like her.
      Ben seems the most genuine and unwilling to suck up, hence I like him but he also won’t win because you have to flatter the judges. Next would be Samira because she also seems less willing to play the game (mentions of Azerbaijan notwithstanding).

      • Of course I am being facetious to some extent but most of this season seems very fake as if they are acting. Didn’t say the acting was award winning….LOL. Agree with you that Samira and Ben seem to be the most “real” of all of the contestants. Ben, though, is a bit robotic and Samira is a bit OTT with Azerbaijan, but I prefer both of them to all of the other contestants except Brendan. 🙁

        • oh me too – they are definitely the least annoying and I have to say that Samira consistently turns out food that I would actually EAT!

      • Goes to show how subjective it is. I don’t dislike Samira, but I don’t particularly like her either – there’s a nothingness.
        Have to say though, her inconsistent accent, the high pitched voice and permanent smile … is a bit Stepford.

        Not to mention Azer-bloody-baijan and the fixed long plait, as though she’s just come down from the Caucasus, milking cows.
        Ok I don’t like her much.

  18. Has chloe still got the disgusting hair or did they do a makeover yet?
    She’ll make roasted figs on the finale and beat reece’s sorbet
    the last TV dinner I ate was one of those $6 Veal Cordon Bleugh. If you ever see those “onthemenu” frozen dinner range, avoid! they are the pits

    • Alas no make over, hair everywhere except pulled back off her face or in a hairnet. Fortunately have not tried the “onthemenu” and thanks to you can avoid the bad experience.

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