1. I am late to the party.
    (Did not watch last night as we went to the theatre to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, just in case anyone want to go and see something very good).
    So I have joined back into the conversation to see the really most excellent news that three of the most irritating people on MC eva are up for elimination.
    Yay, team.
    I am sure that I could find some appropriate meme but I am just too excited.

  2. Chloe is playing chicken with the bits hanging over each end of the hibachi. The pink will clash with the colours of the spices.

  3. The guest chef is crushing on Jess. FV feeling left out decides to over emote to capture some attention.

  4. Can’t belueve I felt a sense of relief when the guest chef came and interrupted Gary as he was about to start mind games with Sarah.

  5. Couldn’t help but notice HI’s super helpful input from the gantry:
    “They’ve all got to hurry” and “C’mon push” it’s clear to me now they’ve kept her in for her genius insight.
    Chloe is just a tad too happy with herself for my liking.

  6. Give me strength. Gary “ I’m trying to search for faults”.
    You should have tried her cheesecake mate

    • I am so thrilled one less annoying contestant on my screen. Am I the only one who thinks “only 19” should be going based on the comments?

  7. Oh no – the cleaner of the Ma$terchef mansion will have a lot less work to do now without the red hair dye splashed all over the bathroom!

  8. Jess certainly dodged a bullet!
    And why do they all want to open a restaurant – wouldn’t a cafe be a good starting point.

    • Previous contestants also said that but hardly anyone can do it. Only a few managed to do so. Not even the winners. They just pocket the money and work on various projects.

      Go and get a job in some restaurants and work your way up. Being on MC doesn’t mean you are a chef.

      • True LP but my gosh don’t they think they’re the experts on everything after a stint on MC. It always makes me cringe when they yell advice from the gantry to the guest chefs during the immunity challenges. Or they talk to the camera with such earnestness “I really worried about ……. ” whatever sin the guest/contestant has been deemed to have committed.

    • Most of them have no idea of the costs involved in setting up and running a restaurant. They think $250,000 is a fortune. It kind of is, unless that is the only resource you have to start a new business. Take out a year’s rent, wages, food costs, etc. and that amount is small. I doubt many of them have done their homework, but just have this airy-fairy dream of being the next MPW or Heston.

  9. I wish they could have eliminated all 3 contestants. . but I will have to suffice with fake vintage.

  10. As predicted FV was obviously the one to go via the promos.

    Just what we needed… Chloe to do well so her head expands.

    The only positive of yesterday (bar losing FV), is we finally get an interesting recipe to cook at home! Do enjoy a good butter chicken.

  11. So it was Chloe’s that was the perfect one that he said looked like he’d done it. Bleh
    Sarah nearly burnt the kitchen down. I thought the judges loved crispy chicken skin. Now all of a sudden they don’t. I always leave the skin on, it’s the best part. I thought it may have been Jess going when they said hers was bland.

  12. Chloe was bad enough before, but will be insufferable now. Telling the guest chef that it was a privilege to cook one of his dishes for him was nice enough, and it might even have been genuinely meant. But then she had to simper and smirk and suck up. When she said she was so glad she “nailed it” when making his butter chicken, amid more simpering, I really wanted to smack her. Gag.

    Once again, the person who decides not to read the recipe through is the one to be eliminated. Serves FV right, but at least she no longer will be away from her son.

  13. I haven’t watched any since the Gordon Ramsey, but my 3 top ‘most annoying eva’ contestants would be these three (maybe due to me actually watching the season and the judges favouritism)
    Jamie from that season could’ve easily made the list too

    • I’d add blonde Georgia from a quite recent series – the judges bent over backwards for her. And there was one last year who thankfully I can’t remember her name or face but the judges did a cafe menu board for her when she left – she was very annoying.
      I’m in the couldn’t stand eMElia camp but I remember that opinion was split regarding her.

  14. At least she got $10,000, which is great just for making top 10. More males left than females so it seems they’re setting it up for a bloke to win and end the winning streak of the ladies.

  15. I thought that this elim would be a who cares – as they’re all annoying.
    But watching it, I came to the conclusion that Only 19 is the most irritating of the lot.
    The gushing, the jumping around, the exaggerated facial expressions, the ‘it’s all about me me me’ attitude. So damn it.

    Now she’s going to coast to the end – so they can finally say “Youngest Evahhh!” Blah.
    … but she’d better look out for Kristen … (theme music from Jaws … )

    • Jess and Reece both annoy me with their childish behaviour – they probably think they’re being endearingly child like in their enthusiasm but to me it comes across as a mixture of fakeness and immaturity.

    • Funny, I have a stronger dislike for Chloe, because she is arrogant, and knows she is judges’ pet so plays that up. She puts my teeth on edge. And her damned messy hair is still dirty.

      Jess is irritating, but I can ignore her to an extent because she is young and silly. I just tune her out.

      I’ll be happy to see Chloe, Kristen, and Jess eliminated. I even prefer Reese over those pests.

      • Don’t get me wrong Von – I’m right there with you regarding Chloe and Kristen and definitely would like to be rid of their smug faces first.
        I just don’t have much time for faux childlike wonder that Reese and Jess display. I can be more forgiving of Jess because she is Young but Reese needs to realise he’s a grown man not a kid.

        • That’s fine, J. We don’t have to dislike the same people to the same extent :). I hate when a woman simpers and coos and bats her eyelashes at men to get her way. That’s Chloe, who unfortunately has some cooking skills to go with her coy ways. Kristen doesn’t do that, but she played the “poor, fat, unworthy me” card, and that is as bad. No one cares, Kristen.

          What a season, when the main point of discussion this week is who is the most wished to go home. It’s a very weak competition this year.

    • I guess it’s subjective as to who’s the most annoying and boy, there are so many this season.
      For me, it’s Jess, with Reece a close second too. Her youth is no excuse though – I know many girls around her age who don’t behave like nine yr olds. I think she milks it on purpose.

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