MasterChef – Sun, elimination & masterclass

The elimination challenge will determine who will go into the semifinal. The bottom three contestants will fight it out for their place in the competition. Plus, a final MasterClass of the season.

Masterclass on a Sunday? That’s two hours of MC tonight.

Over to Amanda for her recap (thanks!):

Yes folks … Tonight is the big night. Tonight is the start of “GRAND FINAL WEEK!!!”
How do we know that? Well that would be from the ads showing every 2 minutes during every show on the network.
There have been movies and TV shows that had a twist that set the world ablaze. Well this evening’s show put them all to shame, … but I digress.
Tonight is the elimination where the judges find excuses to get rid of Ben or Sashi. We first have to pay our dues in the form of about a million speeches and monologues by everyone wanting to once again state… THIS IS GRAND FINAL WEEK!!
I just have to say it right now: If I see ONE more granita, crumb, tuile or mousse this season I am going to unleash unholy vengeance on the universe!
And we have the scenic shot as Ben, Jess and Sashi board a speedboat that looks as if they stole it from a 1970-80s cop show. And even more monologues – apparently because Jess made a savoury dish she suddenly feels like she can smash it – clearly not that much since she does yet another dessert.
Sashi recites from the script he received 6 minutes prior and eventually they arrive on a harbour boat that looks suspiciously like the one I got drunk on during a new year’s party once.
And more monologues – they introduce guest “chefs” whose names I didn’t get or bother to listen for right up until the last one – holy moly who is that specimen of perfection? I will just refer to him as “my future husband”! (Note from Juz – I believe you are referring to Adelaide’s own Jock Zonfrillo and, yes, he is fine, umm, a fine chef. And now we all know, Amanda, that you did not watch Restaurant Revolution – but you and millions.)
As mention before as they decide on the courses they will serve, Jess decides on dessert. Frankly, if I was Ben and Sashi I would have volunteered for dessert just to screw her over, but whatever. Staggering their starts, Ben is first. He decides to do trout and another seafood with … crab bisque. BISQUE AGAIN!!! FFS what is it with these contestants that they have to do the same dish a million times over. Gary and George decide he is looking too comfortable and give a passive aggressive swipe at his idea to do bisque. Ben just gives them the look of death and resists the urge to attack them both with a fishtail.
Meanwhile, as Sashi and Jess wait – she gives an unconvincing “good luck” to Sashi who decides to be a total boss (or is just over it) and stares her down. I realise at that point that I love him.
Sashi is next to cook and decides to make … Singapore Chicken Rice and gives the sous vide machine a go. Umm, Sashi honey, you seemed confused about working your timer, maybe a sous vide is a little outside your thing?? Just sayin’.
Over at planet seafood Ben is working away while one of the unknown “experts” decides to give him a hard time again.
Finally it is Jess’s turn to start and she decides on some weird black sesame ice cream with yuzu and peanut – while complaining non-stop about the rocking boat. Weird that she is the only one to have an issue. George realises he hasn’t yet sold Jess to the other judges so approaches her with my future husband to discuss (by discuss I mean talk her up and basically threaten war if they don’t love her) her dish.
Back to Sashi and I wish I could just tell him that he is leaving anyway, so may as well grab a beer, sit back and take a load off – but bless him, he is cooking anyway. He is adding a lot of ingredients – none of which involves a granita or a crumb, so I am a happy redhead. It is Ben’s turn to plate up and I have to say it is a nice-looking dish – cue Gary to turn up to once again try to give him a hard time. Regardless of that he presents the dish and they all like it.
While we wait for Sashi to plate his fried ri – err – Singapore Chicken Rice – I am pondering just what has happened with Khanh – poor dove must be feeling a bit lost at having *no* camera time so far. Nor have the judges given long-drawn out speeches about Jess’s age. Jess realises she has burnt her sugar (for a so called “dessert queen” isn’t this a bit of a rookie move?).
Gary decides to drop the pretence of this being fair and all but tells her she needs another idea because she is about to fail. However, Jess is still trying to figure out the difference between feta and parmesan and misses the hint.
Finally, Sashi presents his dish and starts laughing like some weird drunk person. The judges look at it with a bit of disdain and spend a moment trying to figure out how to pick faults in it. One of the random judges calls it “homey” (translation – the rice we order from home). Future husband says something – honestly, I was so distracted by the sheer aura of his perfection to listen to what he says. George is elated as it is pretty obvious Sashi is as burnt as Jess’s sugar. Next is the turn of Jess who seems to be blitzing some cocaine – that’s new. Jess’s disc thing has pretty much disintegrated and then she sets her paper on fire. (Juz’s note: She leant everything she knows about kitchen arson from Sashi.)
Frantically she tries to figure out what to do and decides … Holy sweet mother of all the is good and pure … a frickin’ TUILE! Finally, she plates up and it looks … horrible. Basically crumb and ice cream with a bunch of dots around it. The guest judges all pretty much hate it – cue George to tell them to basically shut the hell up and she is… Only 19!
Finally, we get to the judges’ verdict and Sashi is out – oh, wait a minute.
What the hell is going on? Was the lunar eclipse a sign of the apocalypse? Jess is out of here! Honestly, didn’t see that one coming and, frankly, Sashi needs to go and get a lotto ticket immediately.
We get through the speeches and the replays of all her dishes basically being the same and George telling her she is the next Reynold.
Next up is the masterclass and in a direct copy of season 1, they decide
to get George and Gary to do a mystery box, which I can’t be bothered covering as now I need a big glass of wine and maybe a tuile. Ciao!



    • Gary. You have cooked a few bisque’s before. Back to passively aggressive comments to Ben.. So astute why didn’t he say to Khanh and Reeth another granita, ice cream, mousse.

  1. They knew 19 would falter if she had to Cook for 30 people and something not dessert. So 4 people to Cook for and Jess is preparing dessert. Oh the shock. What a load of Hooey

  2. I am out. The wobbling camera work is making me seasick.

    But we saw enough. Jess thinks she should win this as she did crap at school and really has no idea what a huge, huge ship is. Oh what a surprise? What is the challenge? Cook what you want.

  3. Did anyone else see when Jess gave her insincere “good luck sashi” he just stared her down. Suddenly I like him 🙂

    • He has been in law enforcement for a while. Only a prison guard for a few years. I believe copper before that. This guy is no dummy. Probably has picked up on a lot of subtle cues. His BS meter is in overdrive.

  4. I have decided either Sashi or Ben going by just reading the comments here. So I think I will just spend the rest of the night building a Jurassic World on a new computer game.

  5. 19 is nervous. Really I now have to take adrink as per drinking game. Glad Khanh is not cooking and they stopped mentioning 19 age. I would be super pissed and have a boat load of saltiness. MC booze ceuise

    • Can swan around and tell everyone how fabulous everything tastes.Maybe he got pushed overboard. Lol

  6. Garry “ the pressure really got to you today”, and two obnoxious judges trying to derail him. I think the look on bens face spoke a thousand words

  7. The ‘ship’ is so small. With the camera crew around, not much space for everyone.

    Again, I think they knew beforehand what they are cooking. Not easy to stock up the equipments and produce for cooking in a small ‘ship’

  8. Gary: he is bribing us with crispy chicken skin. So what are other people bribing you with? And Sashi doesn’t do well. Sad face.

    • Where is the ginger sauce and spring onion sauce, Sashi?

      I must have ginger sauce with my chicken rice

  9. George: start like a mouse, 19: finish like a lion George making claw figures and goes roarrr. Ewww also confers something more personal going on.

  10. 19: Someone push me overboard. Sashi and Ben rush to her aid as Khanh rises from the Briony depths to help. Dammit according to drinking game age was mentioned. Drink Drank Drunk

  11. Haven’t watched yet so avoiding reading your comments, however, heads up, Survivor fans the first 15 mins of the premiere are on TENplay now if you want a sneak peak. They usually do not keep it up for long.

  12. Ben sweet! Oh damn Sashi hugging 19 he gave a serious greasy to the judges. The hug looked stilted Ben looked pleased.. no more drinking game duh Reynold is mentioned as well as she will become a star. you started here as a little girl and leave as a lady.. ugh Hairy George. Gross wait 19 was mentioned twice. Let me pause for wine.

  13. I hate this judges cooking contrived nonsense. Good to see some of the other contestants. Didn’t notice Reece, and only one shot of Chloe.

    • I would break out my saltiest Gordon Ramsay impersonation. The Gigigitygigs Seem to be giving Ben some passive aggressive lip.

      • Still no Chloe cam. Maybe she blasted the producers for not getting heir in the coveted top3. My guess is. Allegedly. Comments here are for entertainment purposes only. And because MC drinking game . The alcohol made me do it.

  14. George is such a nerd in his glasses. I saw him wearing them on hybpa he kept taking them off in between reading every question

  15. Oh hey this is going to continue. Dear god the MC drinking game will have me paralytic. Glad I have no work tomorrow.

  16. The “moments” between 19;and George are so scripted. Remember that this is the 1st time American MC has crept into our Oz version. Ramsay. Is the executive producer and star of that. Hence I believe is why he finally made an appearance. This is why they changed the audition format with the families in the pallet and fruit box garden. And the Fakery is just transparent.

  17. I watched the Full Monty prostate awareness show on “other channel”. Forgot this was on.

    Tuned in to see Jess has gone.
    Party at my place.

    • They really did do the full Monty. Pixelated of course. How nervous would you have to be?
      It was very funny in parts, and poignant in others. Worth watching.
      And I suspect much more fun than this episode of MC.

  18. So, Facebook comments are exploding I assume? Like: They kicked out the only female and have a male final only. So sexist!

    Well, bye-bye baby girl! But I still do not watch more MC, it is enough to read your comments on here. 😀

  19. Surprise elimination…thought Sashi would be gone until I heard the judges’ comments about his and Jess’ dishes although they made it sound close but the ingredients in her dish didn’t mesh well.

    Aldo overload…could have done without that.

    I’m guessing Ben vs Khanh in the finals.

  20. Overall boring cooking, btw…
    Ben…more seafood and another bisque.
    Sashi…some chicken and rice.
    Jess…yet another ice cream with some fruit and other garnishes.
    This is the year of repetition and there has been too much of it. Even Gary made ice cream to go with his Brittany biscuit.

      • LOL….or perhaps someone will recreate a Brittany biscuit for a final dish.
        I expect to see a few more ice creams before the end of this season.

  21. Totally agree Smythe. Uninspiring dishes from all three. Seems Ben can only cook fish. I don’t really like any of them to win, they are certainly not, in my opinion, the best of the 24.

    • Indeed Smythe. Super boring. And again they get to cook whatever they can- oops- I mean LIKE.

  22. I am actually kind of outraged by how much they are dumbing down this season. The challenges are so blatantly rigged, the contestants can cook whatever they like, there are no restrictions on produce or ingredients, mystery boxes aren’t – they are startlingly obvious, judges are phoning it in, etc etc.

    • I am with you Brussellsprout. The caliber of the contestsnts is not up to scratch.

      Top 4 and last night dishes were mediocre.

      I really don’t care who win.

  23. I can’t vote. I don’t like any of them and I want them all gone.
    Ben or Sashi to win? I think Kahn can cook but he is just so annoying. Don’t make me choose.

    • I think Khanh IS the best cook, but he will be insufferable. Sashi will be insufferable toting out the prepared scripts. Ben is probably the least annoying, but also the least deserving. This is a deeply ordinary season.

    • Thanks for the recap Amanda. Enjoyed reading it. As for your future husband, I think he is on his 3rd wife.

  24. Love the recap, Amanda. Must go and look at your future husband on the net.
    Seriously, did George really call 19 “the next Reynold”? Sorry, Reynold is totally unique and nobody will be just like him, especially someone with a minor talent in reproducing the same dish repeatedly. The thing I remember about Reynold (and Marian and a few others) was that they really pushed the boundaries in trying lots of different types of dishes.

  25. Sashi rides the waves of luck again… but then we are watching SimpleChef when the same shyte is regurgitated over and over again. Sure we’re not watching a series of “How to cook X 500 different ways?”.

    Masterclass was designed to help improve the profiles of the 2 Judges who have lost a lot of love the last 12 months.. (Matt is still semi respected hence his lack of appearance). At least with Gary he cooks alright and better than George which is surprising how George is seen/advertised as the more successful of the two.

    And why was Aldo the annointed one to come down and judge? Understand Jess as she was just eliminated but “ALDO??”… please don’t tell me it was an audition for some new channel 10 show.. “Aldo and his Nonna do Italy”. And I felt nauseated watching him attack Ben and give him a big kiss to the top of his head! Creepiest Sh!t I’ve seen all year.

    Shows how far behind these best 3 amata cooks are in becoming good chefs.. when 2 v 3 and the judges completely blitzed them without a sweat.

  26. I could not see Chloe at all. I even froze the recording and studied the balcony. Every time I thought, oh that’s her, it turned out to be some other muppet wearing black. Quite curious as to why the no show, and no excuse – Loki was at least in Thailand.

    Hooray, for Ben getting through!

    PS Great recap Amanda.

  27. HEWHOHASNONAME -Aldo has been pitching for his own show since he first appeared on MC – hence the constant mentions of his heritage, nonna etc.

    • That’s what I don’t understand… he doesn’t even have a face for radio. He has no appeal what so ever with the only talent being he makes panacota.

      I could pick any italian from Lygon St and they’d be a far more superior choice to have their own show.

  28. Thanks for the recap, Amanda. I missed most of the first hour and just tuned in in time to see 19 get her marching orders at last.

    I was disappointed the Master Class wasn’t that at all, but a silly cook-off. I’ve heard “boom boom, shake the room” enough already to last me a lifetime. And then some.

    • On my captions, this time it came out as “boom boom, shake the roof!”

      Thanks for the recap, Amanda.

  29. Thanks for the fun recap Amanda.
    They treated Sashi’s dish as simple, yet a lot of people on twitter said it is rather a complex dish. A lot were annoyed at stupid Aussie chefs giving Sashi tips on how to cook his national dish.
    I was surprised to see Jess go, thought it might be Sashi when it was down to them.
    I love the final master class when they get their revenge on the judges. Loved when Khahn tasted it & just gave them that look & walked away.
    Where was Chloe? No explanation for where she was. They told us why Loki wasn’t there. Strange.

  30. Just watched this and couldn’t believe it – I was certain Sashi would walk the plank.
    Ahm sooo happy, ahm freakin out!

    George is certain 19’s going to be a superstar – as what? An ice cream churner?
    Did she go to the Press Club as a (now) ‘lady’ and come out a wohmaann? George?

    Maybe she should go back to school and revise general knowledge, such as basic astronomy and seafaring vessels. And less sooky Hello Kitty.

    Very happy with the last three:
    Khanh is probably the best and an all-rounder.
    Ben is a decent cook with a great, stoic nature.
    Sashi is funny, excellent with curries, but limited. Though is he high on happy tablets?

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