MasterChef – Sun, flashback mystery box

On the first day of finals week, each contestant will cook with one of five mystery boxes from a past season. Who will be make it through to the next challenge?
I’d be hoping for a season one mystery box. Here’s an example: Chocolate, oranges, eggs, sugar, coconut, flour. Poh won for Chocolate Pikelets with Orange Sauce. How times have changed.



  1. So true Juz, times have changed.
    Desserts are so repetitive now – always ice cream/mousse/tuile/crumb with jelly blobby bits – always the same. And adding mushrooms or basil doesn’t make it different, just stupid.

    When was the last time anyone made pikelets, a flan or even, dare I say, a cake?

  2. “Flashback ” or “flushback”? Here lies a show that has gone down the toilet.

    Let’s hope Finals Week isn’t a bad trip.

  3. From TV Guide, no episode on Thursday!!

    So the Finals week drag on for another week!

    I think they don’t want to have the finale against Ninja Warrior finale ( only assuming it will be on Monday ,30 July).

    So now finale on Tue

    • Chloe gets the Mini Box, which has teeny ingredients like Tiny Teddies, whitebait and mustard seed. Ben’s Burnt Box includes tea, ashed goat’s cheese, pork ribs and a hibachi to cook it on. Khanh’s Big Box features a cabbage, giant strawberries, tomahawk steak and pearl couscous. Jess gets the Molecular Box, which includes tonnes of dessert ingredients, like chocolate, orange, hazelnuts and fancy setting agents. Sashi has the silver box, with silver beet, silver side, silver edible glitter and a can of a mystery ingredient. Khanh’s Box is a good all rounder, although as he says there are no herbs or spices

  4. I just want to take a pair is scissor and cut the strand of hair that is always falling off Chloe’s face

  5. The judges tell Only 19 the difference between agar (strength) and gelatin (flex).

    Oh… she is making a cherry sorbet.

    • Given how much praise is being direction towards Chloe and Under19, if you didn’t pat yourself on the back, you would wonder why you had applied for the show in the first place. Self-doubt has sent many a cook home.

  6. Too often this season there has not been an even playing field. It is much fairer to make them choose from the same group of ingredients.
    And I’m heartily sick of “playing for a super advantage”, just let them cook FFS!
    I’m not sure how they chose who got which box but not at all surprised 19 got one she was thrilled about. Chloe must me feeling her slip from favour.

    • Ben wins the Mystery Box with his sticky ribs. The others get 75 mins for the invention test and an open pantry, with no theme. They can do whatever they want.
      Jess is doing a Negroni dessert with a granita. What is with all the granitas this season? Sashi is making an Indian styled dessert. Khanh is doing a prosciutto ice cream with crackling and apple. Savoury desserts are so in. Chloe is doing a “forest floor” with “chlorophyll”. I have no idea what this means – no doubt there will be kale dust involved

      • I had no idea of chlorophyll as a cooking ingredient, either, only knew that it’s something to do with photosynthesis.

        After a very brief read of google results, it seems to be a fiddle fart way of extracting the green from parsley. For Chloe’s forest floor, maybe moss or green slime? Ick.

  7. Oh here we go 19 and A Genius. Lots of conferring. Eating without words and knowing loving look amongst the judges. Age mentioned. Molecular box not easy, brilliant cooking, clever. Didn’t see that coming.

  8. I’m so glad I haven’t had a drink every time 19s age was mentioned, if I’d started at the beginning of the season I’d need a liver transplant by now.

  9. Gary tells Sachi his fish is not one that can be used for stock 15 minutes out. A hint could have been dropped at the beginning IF this was a fair challenge.

  10. So they finally get to shine without the fixers. Jess knows about alcohol and booze. Maybe the fix hasn’t left the building. Jess is pulling on the heartstrings really George.

  11. Did Khanh not learn anything from MKR cut the cracking off and just roast that under high grill heat. Sheesh I don’t eat meat and I even know that. Lol

    • Yep, that’s pissed me off all season. It’s so fake and over the top
      i haven’t seen this much hugging since our last family wedding.

    • Exactly! One tuile, mousse and a microwave sponge. The rest was all picked herbs and flowers.
      When will Jess learn not to make super sweet desserts? This has happened several times now and it seemed they were being kind with their “it’s a bit sweet” comments, so it must have been in Mars Bar territory. Khanh’s dessert was a clear winner.

      • You are talking about someone who sugared a savoury sauce! Her palette is clearly loaded to the sweet.
        Mind you, as I said below, I would still rather eat a sickly sweet dessert than a weirdo kale infused parfait, and I don’t especially love sweet!

  12. Sashi will be in the pressure test tomorrow.

    Chloe may win this. Unless Khanh do the impossible and pull the rabbit out of the hat

  13. All Hail19 wait, no the fix is shakey. Sashi Nope. Fixers shaken up. khanh looks like he has put the boot through fixation . Wait did Gary just say it’s a fix it’s a fix!?

  14. I think Chloe thought she had it won from the look on her face while they were rabbiting on. Although there is still help being thrown Chloe’s way, it does seem that she is no longer flavour of the month with the judges. Maybe she rebuffed Gary’s advances?

  15. Even more so than usual, this was the night of cliches.

    I watched the mystery box portion. Some of them lifted their games tonight; except for Chloe, who still did vegetables, and tested the teeny vegetables by sticking them up her nose. Her kitchen habits are disgusting.

    When Only 19’s cherry bubble was cut open, it looked like the result of pricking a blood blister.

    I liked the look of Khanh’s dish, and it sounded appetising

    But, yay for Ben, hoorah. He didn’t sabotage himself when he got stressed, as he often has done. Plain old pork ribs done well even beat little missy and her molecular gastronomy, or gastromy, as she pronounced it a couple of times.

    I didn’t see much of the invention test, because I was busy making my own dinner, which won in my kitchen. I’m sure, though, that I wasn’t the only one yelling at Khanh to stop opening the oven door. Was he trying to torture the crackle into going crackly more quickly by continually prodding it with tongs? Since his odd little dessert won that round, I gave him a polite round of applause.

    Gary annoys the hell out of me when he makes judgmental comments before he has even tasted something.

  16. Good on Ben & Khahn for having winning dishes. I was holding my breath at the end there thinking don’t pick fucking Chloe. Now let’s hope she really fucks up so badly tonight that even the biased judges will have to let her go.
    Jess’s dessert with the berries looked really pretty but they say it’s too sweet. It’s a fucking dessert it’s supposed to be sweet.

    • I wondered about that too – are we so up ourselves in the “make it different, make it original, do something different” wankery that we forget that usually desserts do not require pork crackling? I would rather Jess’s too sweet concoction that actually contained dessert-issue stuff than some crap with mushrooms or pig fat or basil or fennel frond or kale or whatever else we’ve been forced to applaud this season.

      • If this was the elimination round, the feedback would be along the line, it’s looks fantastic, creative, sophiscated and very sweet and that’s what desserts should be, well done Jess! You have shine and what an accomplishment and omg you’re only 19.
        On the side note, have anyone keep tracks on how many times past winners have been in the elimination round? Think Jess been placed in eliminations so they can add that to the “history” of MC …

        • ” She was only 19 and didn’t know what a tv dinner is but her genius has seen her triumph over culinary adversity and alimination cauldrons into MC legend”

          Feta and Parmesan , well, one smells like fresh vomit and the other doesn’t. No need to be a Ma$terchef “genius” on that one.

    • Think Sashi is kaput tonight… he’s struggling now without spices, and desserts he’s not great at (ignore the apple thing as with apples and icecream hard to screw up)… and following recipes is something I don’t think he’ll be great at.

  17. Definitely rigged… prior to walking in they would be told the order to stand in… and with the knife block you notice the contestants usually can only grab the one closest to them, so easy enough to rig the boxes to a prefered contestant.

    Granita’s and Tuiles have been done how many times the last few weeks? So sick of the same crap being regurgetated.

    And every cook this season is like 60mins.. what can you do? If you apply for this piece of turd you’re best just buying copies of Women’s weekly quick family meals in 30 minutes and Jamie Oliver’s books in cooking in 20 mins.. memorize them and you’re a chance to pull out a dessert.

    I have the same icecream machine at home… so my doubt on being able to do an anglaise, chill it enough and then churn it to get fully set ice-cream is questionnable… needs at least 40 minutes in the churner.

    If I was Chloe’s nominated producer I’d just ask her lots of questions in the hope her gesteculation overload would cause her to knock herself out. She was smug thinking her unoriginal idea won her the challenge.. genius creating a microwave sponge.

  18. Khanh’s deconstructing of a Sunday Roast into a dessert. Genius.

    That’s like getting a Beatles record and making it into a polka.

    Just Let It Be,ffs.

    Jess~ ” I need to nail this because I don’t want to go home”

    Never heard that one before.

  19. Poor Jowl$y had to wear his stained jacket for the whole shebang. He should have donned his slaughterhouse apron before attacking those ribs.

    Gee, no overseas trip but that’s a bit cheap. Surprise!

  20. Later this week the judges were so excited to tell the Final 4 they are going to Sydney!! I wonder do they jump up and down and saying things like – Wow, we are going to Sydney.

    They must be shitty that there is no overseas trip!

    • Gary roars ~ ” Because you’re the best of the best, you’re going all the way to Sydney courtesy of Ma$terchef and staying in an amazing, seedy, roach infested hotel in King’s Cross ! “

  21. Just watched it now.
    Seriously, why is Only 19 always at the front bench? Is there a plaque with her name on it? So sick of her repetitive desserts – they’re all just variations on the same theme.

    Of course, like a cockroach, she’ll survive again. I think Sashi will be the sacrificial lamb tonight – due to gender imbalance and he’s not 19, doesn’t have a ponytail.

    Poor George doesn’t know the plural of mouse … “Don’t be frightened, little mouses …”
    Not like ‘mousses,’ big boy.

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