1. Only 19 has never seen a cheque before.

    This is where we feel sorry for every single past top 10 contestant…these useless contestants get $10k just for making top 10 courtesy of Coles.

    Really Homicidal Intent??? You are a public servant. You would be well remunerated compared to those in the private sector.

    • To be honest, I never had seen cheques before either, the first time I used one was after I moved to France. 😉 And that was when I was 28! In Germany, we did not use cheques, we had our bank card (Maestro). Also credit cards are still very uncommon in Germany, unlike in France – I have a proper credit card here.

  2. The contestants are now stressed out as they have to cook with everything in the mystery box tonight. Boohoo.

  3. There’s a big surprise in the mystery box? I wonder what it could be. Maybe a royal decree demanding the Dirty Hair Brigade use shampoo? Oh, yeah, Charles can’t issue royal decrees yet. It’s probably just a recording of a sleazy phone call, sleazy enough to distract the contestants from making ice cream or pannacotta. Auto correct wants me to change pannacotta to terracotta.

  4. We don’t see much of Samira but when we do she really impresses me. no nonsense and just gets on with the job.

  5. H.I. tells the world how beautiful her flat breads are. This is going to painful until she is eliminated.

      • Oh, it was ALL the machine’s fault it couldn’t make perfect flat breads. Sigh… she had to do it by hand.

    • Thank goodness she didn’t get another chance to be in immunity. Super smug when she wins and super pissed off when she doesn’t. She was looking daggers when they were lined up before the invention test.

  6. Really? Debate who the winner is? You dismissed Samira out of hand and then pretended that H.I’s dish was impressive.

    • They always dismiss Samira’s successes. She’s also at a disadvantage because she’s so tiny – as a short person I know how hard it is to cook at benches made for average height people.

      • Being 1,54m only, I know it very well. One of my best friends is nearly 1,80m and she has a kitchen fitted for a tall woman. She always offers me the little step she uses for her 5 year old. 😉

        • Have any of you tried kalettes? I haven’t seen them at my local Coles. I love Brussels sprouts , but don’t like kale, more because of its texture than the taste.

          • No – I will suffer kale if it comes as a surprise with a restaurant dish but I don’t go out of my way to buy it. Like you, would much rather brussies or good old spinach

    • I flipped over during one ad. Then I immediately flipped back after seeing the award was for best “factual documentary”.

    • Why don’t they use egg separators? They have every fancy gadget & appliance but not an egg separator. I’d be lost without mine.

  7. How many dishes have been cook what you want?

    Oh FFS…FV and her child. Is this show about food or how many dependents you have?

  8. Some of the contestans’ reasons for going on the show are so transparent.
    For example FV is so obviously doing an ongoing audition for her own TV show.

    • Visually the looks of Kristen and Chloe dishes have the same color schemes. But judges said Chloe dish looks yak but Kristen dish was beautiful.

      • Yes I thought Kristen’s wasn’t visually appealing. I think they praise up Kristen so they can deny that they only favour young, pretty contestants.
        The way they talk up her dishes is ridiculous, my only other explanation is that they bought her “Poor me, I’ve got low self esteem act” and are afraid to criticise.

        • Kristen’s dish looked bland and lacked interest. Poached pears, crumble and a mousse. How many times has that been done??
          The amount of time Kristen was featured made me think that this was the Kristen show and not MC.
          Thought it was funny that when Chloe said she was making cheesecake George made a comment about her cooking a cheesecake again.

  9. Kirsten’s low self esteem has certainly risen since she’s been in the house with her mates. A little bit too cocky for my liking.

  10. Chloe’s “sophisticated” cheesecake. I didn’t think much of the “sophisticated” close up shot of her butt.
    Oh and also when Jess said shit, I was not expecting that. Do they usually have swearing on Masterchef. Or were they not expecting Jess to say it so didn’t censor it. I don’t care about swearing, just wondering

  11. Straight through to immunity challenge: Khanh.
    Then Kristen, Samira (yay), Brendan (that’s my boy!!!)
    Bottom three: Chloe, Sarah, Jess
    I’m so excited the pressure test is being set by a chef from India – a great change from the usual desserts or fancy mod oz cooking.

  12. Something fishy in Masterchef kitchen. Kristen got her crispbread baked in under 5 minutes. Her recipe said to bake 15 to 20 minutes. Hmm….

    • George must have stuck his arse into the oven to hurry the bread along. Another surprise.

  13. Sadly I think GIL survives.. the promos show her and Jess bringing in their plates to be judged with smiles on their faces.. no showing FV. So I thiink FV is a bye… especially the last few episodes we’ve had her montages with Elvis.. and an indian dish would suit GIL and Jess moreso.

    I was also musing about how Hoda would’ve gone last night… having to use alcohol in a dish, she would never have been able to balance or taste…I suspect they held off that ingredient/challenge until Hoda was off.

    Love Samira but I’m not sure she’s human.. think she may be a cyborg.

    And I wonder if Masterchef spies were on MKR… they had to compete with the Vietnamese refugee mums and Russians.. so here we have “On Point” Khan and Samira to culturally balance the two shows.

    I worry… even though Reece did jack all yesterday he still got substantial airtime… this displeases me as I hope to god he’s not a finalist.

    And what more can be said about Miss Low Self Esteem that hasn’t already been said… but I hope she uses part of that 10K to look into improving her lifestyle and health because she’s constantly out of breath and overheated compared to most contestants.

    And GIL…. I was happy the judges went “not another cheesecake”, don’t know whether specifically targetted at her but noodles and cheesecake is all she does… soon she’s going to pull out a cheesecake noodle.

  14. So I wonder if they got the $10 000 because they didn’t go overseas. They usually go with the top 10 don’t they?
    So that’s about the third time in a row Khan’s been up for immunity.
    So Gary turns up his nose & says he doesn’t like poached pears & then loves them. For once it paid off not listening.
    Chloe’s cheesecake looked horrible. I was worried she might work some miracle & manage to make it look presentable but the looks on their faces when she brought it up said no she didn’t. They really couldn’t make excuses for her.
    So do we dare hope we finally get rid of Chloe tonight. I almost wish Sachi was in the pressure test tonight being an Indian dish. He would have blitzed it.

  15. I actually think Samira is the judges’ fave atm, though she’s basically a bread-maker who cooks food from the ‘home country.’
    Plus she’s very short, and years of MC indicate that Gary and George love anyone shorter than they are, which is difficult. She can do no wrong right now.

    As for Kristen, her continuing success remains a mystery. Though I can understand their fear – she’s even scary to watch. And I’m tipping they have a defibrillator at the ready as she gets so red and out of breath. Never realised poaching pears could be aerobically challenging.

    What a fabulous pressure test – would only be better if it were a triple elim.

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