MasterChef – Sun, Superpower Week

Here we are at Power Apron Week – oops, I mean Superpower Week, which is TOTALLY different. For real.
The promo teases us with Peter Gilmore and his now retired Snow Egg but I fear it will only be used for “inspiration”. I would love to see all the remaining contestants do a Snow Egg, which was the final challenge for Adam and Callum backnin the day.



  1. Hope it’s not as bad as the ridiculous Power Apron. I recall the woman who had it for about two weeks practically ran a dictatorship. I think she’s in the UN now.

  2. I think Ben will go next because he called Gary “gazz”. They don’t like Ben when he is confident

    • Exactly what I thought Jazz – Gary’s mouth said it was okay for him to call him Gaz but the rest of him said “How dare you!”

  3. This week’s mystery box – each contestant gets a different mini mystery box and three plates. They have to present three plates of the same dish for the judges featuring their individual mystery ingredient.
    Jesse- Porcini (she states she has no idea and will cook a dessert)
    HI- Macadamia
    Samira- Miso paste
    Reece- Vanilla
    Sachi- ginger (yeah, these mystery ingredients are so randomly assigned)
    Khanh- Blackberries

    • So lucky that HI got Macadamia’s, Reece got vanilla and Sashi ginger – amazing good fortune for them when we know how fair this show is>

      • It was so random. They were just incredibly lucky. Who could possibly have known that macadamia, vanilla and ginger were playing to their strengths?

    • He has not even tried to hide his soft spot for Chloe this episode. “ I bet it’s delicious” he says before even tasting her confit salmon

  4. For once I don’t mind what these contestants are cooking, except Under 19. Could she have cooked something besides a dessert – for once? And no featuring Kristen? That’s odd.

  5. With the Mystery box, the contestants should make the ingredient the main ingredient and not just for garnish.

  6. Samara has never cooked with miso?
    I am just over these people coming on cooking shows without basic cooking skills. Like it’s something to be proud of.

    • When Samira auditioned for Survivor, she didn’t plan for this.

      No fennel alament tonight? Surprised by that.

  7. Oh what a surprise Ben is sacrificed for Chloe. Many a contestant has gone for bloody meat.

    Never underestimate batting the eyelids. Chloe would give Meghan Markle a run for her money in fake modesty.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that even on the rare occasions HI is happy (as distinct from her usual smug) her mouth always turns down?

    • I have. I know I have said it before but there is something about her that sets my teeth on edge. I’m overweight also so it’s not about her size. She has two settings – smugly unbearable or humourless / surly – and I can’t take to either of them.

      When she was told her oily lemon splodges were HEAVY I chortled very spitefully indeed!

    • See LP, if you have limited skills and imagination all you need to do is learn how to make a dumpling/wonton. Then you just need to re-do it to constantly to fulfil all manner of different briefs as the contestants clearly think the viewers are as gullible as the judges.
      There will be the dessert dumpling, the sugar wonton, the goat cheese dumpling, the beetroot cube wonton, the fennel frond dumpling, tomato tea wonton, “the “insert random ingredient” dumpling . . .I swear if they could ram a dumpling into the churner it would win the whole shebang.

  9. Stupid bloody super power is destined to lead to carnage one way or the other. If HI wins the room won’t be big enough for her head and she’ll spread misery to all other contestants. However if she doesn’t win the winner better hope they have a lock on their door.

  10. Reece serves ice cream in the mystery box and the judges act like he’s cured cancer and rave about how a fairly pedestrian looking dish looks “posh” then serves a really similar dish in the invention test and they rave again. No wonder he’s lost his fear of going home.

  11. Oh yay oh yay oh yay.
    Of course HI now has plenty of time to plan her vengeance. I love the camera shot of her aggrieved face framed through the stooge’s backs. I hope they have the families of the judges secured in a witness protection programme. I’m sure there’s a joke about bunny boiler in there too.

  12. Hurrah for no more HI this week! Although I was facepalming when she was carrying on about not wanting to join Ben in the elimination cook off, by the end of the week everyone apart from the weeks winner will be joining him in the cook off, it’s not that bad!

    • I love your optimism but alas I fear we are going to be overloaded with HI’s “words of wisdom” from the gantry and the ‘to camera’ pieces.

  13. I think I tuned out for this year. Will continue reading the comments though.
    It is soooo boring this year. 🙁 And I had really high hopes after that awful MKR… But the contestans are mostly unlikeable, the favouritism is again soooooooooooo obvious (and Chloe is not even cute or anything, at least Tamara was pretty and Georgia was cute). Only 19 annoys me awfully, she reminds me of one of those J/K-Pop girls, stupidly giggling away and hoping everyone thinks she is so so soooo adorable and falls for her. When you are 19, you know pretty much what to do already in order to get what you want. I was 19 once too and cute. 😛 Sure, she has some talent, but her repertoire is limited as hell.

    Plus I am over the “Never have cooked this or that before”. This is season 1934847547, so by now you should know what’s coming your way. Either they just say that stuff in order to get some pity from the judges and a pat on the back for not utterly fucking it up, or they are just random idiots.

    Sorry for the rant, but MCA has run its course. If they want to make another season, new judges (get a female regular judge for ffs!!!!!), keep Matt (he is by far the least annoying and I often find him rather encouraging towards the contestants plus he still seems to have fun being on the show), get Gordon Ramsay (even though I do not like him) or Yotam Ottolenghi or an Australian chef (I want to have Matt Moran back, but I guess he is out of the picture with Bake Off and Food Fight). Shorten the episode orders down to about half of what it is now. Stop playing favourites and the obvious “keeping XYZ over the better allrounder ABC in the competition”. Cut the “I wanna make my goldfish proud” crap. We know, we know.
    Stop immunity challenges and bring out the chefs only for eliminations.

    Otherwise, please let it finally crash against a wall and then take it off life support.

    • Love your rant, Zhee! MKR is bad and MC judges always said their show is all about cooking, no nastiness, blah blah blah. But the ratings are awful. Still worse off than MKR ( wonder why)

    • Totally with you. I like Ben and Samira however not so much that I can put myself through the possibility I might throw a a brick toward my tv screen at the sight of HI, Chloe and I 19 year old “cute” it’s awkward to watch.

      • Great pickup LP – clearly proves what we all long suspected, hey?
        I didn’t hate Only 19 before, but the constant googly abashed innocent look and wide-eyed wonder shtick is doing my head in.
        If you are obsessed with sweet stuff why don’t you go on bake off – or are these people just not good enough for that?

  14. Geez, the bullshit was deep tonight. The judges should just make up name tags with “Favourite” written on them, then slap them on Chloe, Jess, and, apparently, Reese.

    They weren’t told that the little mystery box ingredient had to be the main feature, so Ben’s peas garnish shouldn’t have counted against him. Although his dish didn’t look very appealing.

    Since when does the standard for perfectly-cooked lamb mean it should be completely raw in the middle? It wouldn’t even have been hot.

    Jess was getting a big buildup this episode. As good as anything Reynold made – I think Reynold was able to put up a good savoury dish or two. Jess can only do desserts. Who in a cooking contest would admit to never having heard of porcini mushrooms?

    Matt told HI her sweet concoctions needed some contrast, so she adds limoncello. Dummy. Her mushy blobs looked yucky, and when she poured oil next to them, yucky was elevated to disgusting. After Gary told Jess she’d had two hits in a row, the look on HI’s face was precisely the reason for her H.

    There were 5 minutes left when Khanh decided he wasn’t happy with his plating. Whey didn’t he re-do it?

    Samira used a meat thermometer on her steak. Why then pretend to be sweating over how the steak was cooked?

    Gary’s smirk at Ben in the gantry when it was being decided who would join
    him was unkind and petty. And it showed yet again what a narrow-minded, biased judge Gary can be.

    Who cares if George has a thing about crunchy beans? He is not the be-all and end-all of bean doneness. If they’d been cooked until soft, he would have complained that they weren’t a bright, vibrant green. It’s a shame that he doesn’t know how to eat a bean, but lets it hang from his mouth while he chews. Philistine.

    The high point of the night was obviously when Kristen got her (no adjective needed) butt sent to elimination Coventry. *cheer, fist pump, chortle*

    What a dismal season this is.

  15. HI just keeps on producing… now we’ll have to hear her moan about how her self-esteem has taken a battering because she’s up for elimination. She wanted that super-power bad… you could see the dribble running down her chin.

    Chloe is always a few weeks behind… a jus, and tomato tea… finally clued in that jus/sauce is this years savoury thing.

    Reece is disgusting to look at with that sweaty brow… wouldn’t eat anything he’d prepared looking like that.

    And again Sashi gets lucky.

  16. Can an amata be inspired to put mousse or ice cream into a TV dinner?

    Go ahead, surprise me , then.

    Encore time. The comments (entertaining as they were) above aren’t promising much enjoyment. Worst Season Eva. Ma$tershite

  17. So Jess gets mushrooms & does a dessert. And Ben gets peas & doesn’t even bloody cook them? And no Gary eating raw peas sitting on your lounge is not yummy. Normal people eat chips sitting on their lounge not fucking raw peas. Peas are bad enough, let alone raw. That dish of Ben’s was pathetic. But then he says he likes his beans soft. So he eats peas raw but beans have to be soft.
    They said all 3 plates had to be identical so Khahn left off the banana leaves because he didn’t have enough. But if he left them on they would have said all 3 weren’t identical. You can’t win with them.

    • Gary eats anything…. he probably picks up dog poop on the sidewalk and thinks that’s delicious.

    • I thought the contestant – i think it was Khanh – who said he truly didn’t know what made you get eliminated or dish of the day – absolutely nailed this season for me.
      It is nearly impossible to know what’s fabulous and what is the dirt beneath their feet. How many times previously has bleeding duck been a total fail? But suddenly it’s fine as the flavours were okay.They are told to push themselves and then get slammed for it.

  18. “I’m gonna make a dessert” – Jess
    NO WAY, JESS! THAT’S SO UNUSUAL AND DIFFERENT! I can’t believe it! Will the judges like it? Like they liked Chloe’s bloody halfraw duck? Just like they loved yet another ice cream with shit from Reece? I’M SHOOK! SHOOKETH!!!

    Oh, and the judges are going to ignore Sam and try to confuse Ben? Maaaaan, this really is the season of surprises. Shoot me.

  19. Thought it was funny that during part of the episode the word “Pointless” was on the screen advertising an upcoming episode of that program. The word “Pointless” is very appropos when it comes to this season of MC.

    Mystery box….one ingredient that didn’t even have to be heroed. They mystery for Ben was: What was he thinking? Prawns with celery cream and then just throwing a few of the peas on the plate. He did nothing at all with his mystery ingredient.
    Invention test….where was the inventiveness and creativity?
    Reece makes an ice cream with fruit and meringue for the first round and then a sorbet with fruit and meringue for the second. This is basically what he has been doing all season: ice creams, sorbets, mousse, parfaits with crumbs or fruit. Jess makes a caramel mousse. How many times have we seen a caramel? Kristen makes a mousse and a sorbet. Sashi makes a sambal (think he did that already), Jess makes wonton which was not at all original. Etc, etc. What a boring group of contestants!!

    The best challenge would be one where there are no ice cream machines and no molds available. Reece, Jess and Kristen would probably be at a loss. At least Kristen is up for elimination.

    • When they talked about the invention test and said “Salt, pepper & oil” I instantly asked my husband “So who of the bunch will make olive oil ice cream?” My bet was on Reece, but Kirsten a close second.

      Also: did George really quote Salt ‘n Pepper with “Push it. Push it real good”?

    • I suspect Ben may have played it smart… fail.. have a weeks rest to not fight for the super power.

  20. Judges thought Jess was very clever for creating the porcini mushroom in a caramel mousse but was it creativity or couldn’t she think of anything else because she didn’t even know what a porcini mushroom was. Might as well just make a mousse and stick the mushroom in the middle, then make a crumb and fry up some more mushrooms to put on top of everything.

  21. Yes, Only 19 had never met a porcini mushroom in her life, let alone cook one. Yet she somehow knew the ‘flavour would balance with caramel.’ Not only a prodigy, but psychic.
    When the judges finally stopped writhing in ecstasy, George even said ‘this is what you have after a main, but before dessert.’
    They’ve actually invented a new course for her.

    I think she’s getting a finals edit, having achieved Can Do No Wrong status – Youngest Evahh is looming.
    And does she have to hug every single living creature who walks past her? I think she smothered HI about three times … who’s considering a restraining order (ironically).

    The judges say Reethe has grown and come a long way, which is amusing as he always makes mousse, ice cream, shards. I guess it’s because sometimes he does them in reverse order.

    HI looked very displeased, so knives have been hidden and a swat team called in … just in case.

    • Yes but fortunately she had the opportunity to remind us that she’s only 19. Hopefully she’ll grow up at some point unlike Reece who is a grown man that acts like a 12 year old with a comb over, very little chance of him maturing at this point.

  22. Sachi & Khanh gets to recreate fish and chips.

    GIL & Only 19 gets meat and three veg.

    Are these the stupidest contestants eva?

    Samira & Reece gets Fried Chicken. She doesn’t do fried food.

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