1. This episode is another painful episode. It is all about Ghana.

    Jesse’s mum has told Jess she has stacked on the weight.

    • That was way uncomfortable- “chubby” when she still looks slender! What if she was HI’s mother- yikes.

    • Was surprised about Jess’ mom’s comment. Jess looks just fine when it comes to weight. I would think that would be embarrassing for Jess but maybe she is used to being criticized like that. Mum wasn’t all that supportive regarding what she was cooking either.

  2. Reece’s best friend picked duck for his mystery ingredient. Don’t think they are going to be friends anymore as he wanted a dessert element.

    • I hope she was watching it with him & slapped him when she saw he cooked with the duck for the next challenge after she’d left. Why bring them only for the one challenge?

  3. Common Gary. Fettuccini is like noodles to Chinese. Doesn’t mean you can’t use it to make an Asian dish

  4. As soon as family members walked through the door, I changed channels.
    Watching Cake wars on the Food channel instead.

  5. Reece is making a parfait and granita. So good to see him branching out and doing something totally different.

    • Undoubtedly, this will be comment of the night, Jayblossom.

      I’m reading comments before the start because I don’t really give a crap on the result anymore. Nil fucks given. If they get rid of Chloe, I might be able to enjoy the final.

    • Same old stuff from Reece although he did cook duck in the second round but still. He and Jess should just be eliminated for doing so many of the same dishes over and over and over again. I was doing other things and semi watching the episode because there is nothing very interesting happening on MC 2018.

      • Thanks. I’d forgotten that. Can you remind me again where Samira is from? My memory is hazy- I wish they would occasionally remind us of key details about the contestants.

  6. Lots of besties as loved ones. They each pick an ingredient for the Mystery Box.
    Lemongrass is Sashi’s wife. Chocolate is Jess’s mum. Moreton Bay bugs is Ben’s wife. Coriander is Khan’s BFF/sister.Chilli is Chloe’s partner. Duck is Reece’s BFF. Samira’s BFF chooses coffee. They get 60 mins and can use the usual staples, plus each other’s ingredients.

    • Always bloody 60 mins. If they want to see something different then how about 2 hours: we might get pies, cakes, etc.
      But no, 1 hour so the judges don’t have to wait around too long and to guarantee that all we’ll ever get is ice cream and some quickly cooked protein with leaves.
      Love how Matt was so anti-smear at Samira last night. Is he just over seeing skid marks on a plate after 10 years? Imagine how we feel.

  7. I don’t dislike Sashi but he’s not one of my favourites either. I do understand why the producers have kept him in ….. he plays the game. How do I know this? He is such a dreadful actor that it is super obvious that he is repeating the lines he’s been given but he does so with incredible enthusiasm.

    • Yes agreed. I’m also willing to believe that the Jess was being promoted to “just say how old you are again.”

  8. I love how Reece nonchalantly slaps the duck down on the bench. I have to say, even though I’m sick of granitas and mousse, the judges never seem to rattle him

  9. So Ben’s dish is not good enough but Jess chilli crab is elevated to fine dining. All I see is just another chilli crab like how chilli crab should be.

  10. These people! Honestly, I hope they are never in a situation where they experience real fear because they are constantly so scared in this competition. The consequences the stooges not liking your food are simply not that dire.

    • It was very Vue de Monde. I love mushrooms but am not keen on the foraged ones – too many reports of people poisoning themselves! I still reckon Khanh and Reece will be final two

    • This despite Chloe’s shameless homage to Gary’s masterclass ravioli, right down to the high dome!
      The dish looked pretty rancid and she def made the right choice, even though I fear she would have sailed through regardless.

  11. If this is the second time Only 19 has cooked crab, it’s hard to feel for her melodramatics and bawling.

    If the little brat has watched Ma$terchef since the snow egg, she’d know crabs are seafood staples. Is it her IQ that is nineteen as well?

  12. Welcome to MasterJess.
    Always gets the front cooking bench. Always wears the big bow in the ponytail to accentuate youth (except she’s not 4 yrs old). Always puts on the tears, everyone has to hug her, a mothercraft nurse is called in to change her nappy.
    What an actress.

    Even the mother was channeling the Only 19 Look. I wonder if she taught her daughter to ‘get tasted.’ Ah showbiz.

    Samira From Azerbaijan has to pull in some neighbour as a ‘loved one.’ The poor woman looked like she didn’t know what the hell she was doing there – and who’s Samira?

    Reethe has taken over the mantle from HI as the resident serial killer … judging by the filthy look on his face when Khanh beat him. There was something in his pocket … but he wasn’t pleased to see him.

  13. Another MasterMeh episode.

    Do you think 19 got tasted because the judges/producers were afraid of her mum? Would of loved for mamma19 to go to Gary and call him chubby.

    So I’m confused… is GIL’s partner a partner or husband?? If just partner then she can’t be GIL.. as there is no Law in that relationship… phony!

    And again GIL pulls out the unoriginal and reconstitutes someone else’s idea. (although Sashi did do that paste idea on his meat from Matt’s masterclass).

    Khan and Sashi both scare me.. something about them both (fake) that I don’t like. Also don’t like Reethe still much either…. I think that’s what has made the slog of this series hurt as I tipped him to be first eliminated after that SPLAT in audition…. which is the clue… he’s the winner… a contestant who has grown so much from putting a SPLAT on his plate to now mastachef quality… even his comments last night to his buddy about how much better his dinner parties will be…

    For the 10th series I think they’ll balance the genders in the final.. and I tip Reeth and GIL…. Reeth to be the best eva mastachef.

    • He’s her husband. But you have to say ‘partner’ now as the terms husband/wife/children are politically incorrect. Just ask Qantas.

  14. The last seven contestants are very underwhelming.
    I guess if I had a favourite it would be Ben.
    No standout cooks this year.
    In years past I enjoyed watching Billy, Matt, Adam and Dianne.

    • I agree Lola. It is SO hard to choose someone to back. I like Ben – as a human being, etc and for refusing to kotow to judges all the time. But I don’t know if he’s a super strong cook and don’t really think he’s up there with a Billie or a Diana or an Adam. Mind you, other than that we have the dessert queens and the one trick ponies (i’m looking at you broth girl GIL) so the pickings are slim. I practically always like the look of Samira’s food but Sashi seems such a over-enunciator of a not good script that it is ruining my appreciation of his food. Khan I don’t mind, but don’t love! wow. it’s getting very difficult.

    • Isnt it funny?. I don’t remember any of those names.
      What’s memorable to one, not so much to another.

      • I vaguely remember Diana, don’t remember Adam at all, but definitely remember Billlie. Billie is a nice, normal woman, talented in the kitchen, gave Matt a bit of stick once, and if I remember correctly, she actually went on to do an apprenticeship. She could be a chef by now. Most of the contestants have grandiose dreams of their own restaurant or cafe, but few seem willing to put in the work to get their dream from fantasy to reality.

  15. I switched off before Shannon’s bit. Surprised to see that Khan won. Did they all take heed of his warning regarding size of dish for degustation menu – that would leave only very small portions for the three little pigs.
    And I’m not keen on Sashi – can’t really think who I’d like to win.

  16. Well that kind of makes up for robbing Sashi of the super power last week. Glad he’s safe till finals week.
    What is this bullshit cook something with a story? If I was told to do that I wouldn’t have a clue what to cook.
    So that was a waste of the super power, but thank God it’s out of play now. I thought the idea of it was to save yourself in an elimination challenge if you didn’t think your dish was up to scratch. I would have thought she’d be so arrogant as to assume her dish would be picked for Shannon’s restaurant. And wasn’t that what Gary cooked in last week’s master class so technically if she’d won it would be HIS dish not hers?

    • I think the judges were misleading to say winning the Mystery box will fast track you to Finals Wk.

      Sashi and Khanh will have fight it out and then beat the guest chef to fast track to Finals wk.

      Actually it is just like winning the immunty pin and if you are in elimination after the last challenge, you can use the pin and still get into finals week.

  17. It was hilarious when Matt choked on the chilli. Someone on twitter said he should add more chilli & offer it to Gary & George.

  18. At this point I’m convinced they’re just fucking with us. Another parfait/mousse/crumblewithshit from both, Jess AND Reece and they both get tasted? For the most uninspired dishes of the season? I am sick and tired of it, seriously.

    And what happened with the superpower? Why did she use it? They did not give her an edit that made it look like she fucked up. And then she just shrugged and played it? Superweird. Not bad, but weird.

    How cruel to tell Samira that her dish is gorgeous. yummy, tasty and what not and then put her in a pressure test because GIL played that stupid superpower. Now I’m starting to think that GIL played it to fuck with the others.

    Don’t get me started with all the crying from Only19. I’m sick of it. And it will continue today, so she’s in no danger. THE YOUNGEST MASTERPET EVAH!!!

    The only ones I can stand (barely) are Ben, Khan & Samira. I thought last season with the blond grinny girl and the whiskey girl sucked, but they had talented and versatile cooks. This is a bunch of uncreative, unimaginative boreheads. And I hate Gary and George with burning hot red hate whenever they open their filthy mouths – be it to talk or to shovel food in like they are fucking cavemen.

    • I think GIL played the apron as she knew she was in the middle somewhere… it was guaranteed that Ben, and Jess were definitely going to elimination at that point and that Reeth and Cobra Kahn were safe. So she had to think she did better than Samira (which I don’t think she did), and deep down I think GIL knows she’s soooo lucky to be where she is she had to play it.

      By the looks of it, she’s made a good choice as the ads for tonights challenge looks pretty difficult.

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