1. Hoping for HI to be shown the door … in handcuffs. Or Only 19 going on 11.
    But I think it will be Ben. Hope I’m wrong – as usual.

  2. They try and kill HI by making them do an epic walk to the elimination site. The only thing missing is the tribal torches.

      • Brendan’s was ok.
        Why on earth would you cook a dessert in the NT humidity. I feel sorry for all the cooks when they have outdoor challenges. The safe contestants are sweating like pigs. Are the judges wearing ice vests under their suits?

  3. When did this become an Instagram competition?

    Now shy and humble HI brags she is a great artist. On the upside they showed her home clip.

    • Next week’s episode will be sponsored by Derwent, as they all have to sketch their planned dishes. (By the way, how good is the artist who does all the cake sketches for GBBO – I love that bit).

      • Me too Juz – the GBBO is a style production all the way through. The only reason why I dont watch it sometimes, is if I am on a diet :0

  4. Is Chloe trying to place herself in the background of every camera shot? Unless she’s just looking for shade. What’s with Khanh and his Tim the Toolman look (crossed with Henry from Neighbours)? So effortlessly contrived.

        • Yes, and Khan offering Jess clear advice, which they seem to be not allowed to do this year – keep it in the oven longer, etc.

    • It looked nothing like her photo. I think any photo she would have conjured up a panna cotta style ensemble

  5. Oh FFS…HI voices breaks as she declares that she has to be less self critical… slow clap for her. Producers should be feeding her the lines not Sachi.

  6. Channel Ten has shown who was eliminated in the ad for Sunday’s episode.

    You gice won’t be happy.

    • Noooooooo
      We’ve had os visitors and I’ve been frenzied and not watching tv. Just catching up on tonight’s ep for the first time for over a week after coming home from the Swans loss. It sounds like this is NOT a good day for me. Not good at all. Kristen safe and Brendan gone… nooo

  7. The way Khanh dresses makes me feel old – baggy black denim overalls with only one strap done up. It’s very late 80s but he’s a DJ so it must be cool

  8. Oh well, with school holiday starting next week we will be on a road trip so hopefully by the time I am back, jess Chloe and HI are gone

  9. Oh, just saw on Netflix that Zumbo has a new show on Netflix, starting July 13 – Sugar Rush. Lots of baking. Wooohoooo!

    • Everything about this show should be good, but his last outing left me cold. He is so wooden.
      And I know dessert can look beautiful, but as we have seen on MC, there are only so many times you can watch someone make icecream/pannacotto/mousse before I am asleep on the couch.

  10. Slabs of barra are always ‘underdone’ in the middle or the outer parts would be inedible. That’s why it’s crap fish to eat like that. For me. Howevaaaa underdone pork belly is nevaaaaa acceptable. The fat has to be rendered gelatinous and the meat melting soft. It was so obvious looking at it that it needed more slow/low cooking. Yuk. I feel for Brenno, giving him false hope when they brought him back, praised his food to the high heavens and then ‘splat’.
    On another note, I’ve seen a handful of eps & cannot come at Kahn & Kristin. I think I’m going for the Sri Lankann(?) guy.

  11. That was kind of stupid, disjointed and boring. Make something according to what your photos show? Okay then, make what you want but sort of tie it in with a photo.

    Brendan will be all right, he has already had some experience with a good restaurant. It’s such a shame that HI didn’t get eliminated.

    I am losing interest so fast that I don’t know if I care at all what happens for the rest of the season. MC was the last cooking show that I enjoyed watching, but not this season, and maybe not again. Boo.

    • You are not alone. Now its about sucking up to sponsors. Going around the NT to show off the area.

      Why don’t they do a masterclass in the so call beautiful surrounding? Too hot for the judges, I think. Or MAsterclass on the boat

  12. Brendan’s fish was slightly undercooked in the middle but the outer pieces were fine. The fat was not rendered enough on Jess’ pork belly and the pork needed to be softer = undercooked. Yet Jess is safe and Brendan is eliminated. Makes no sense to me but then the majority of the judges’ decisions make no sense.
    Wonder if they got to keep those cameras. Doesn’t seem fair if they did and the contestants who weren’t in the elimination didn’t get cameras.

    Didn’t see most of the tie ins with the photos and the food. Kristen’s consommé and oil looked nothing like the oil she photographed. Once again, she was featured more than the other contestants. Was hoping she would be eliminated. Maybe next week will be her time to walk out the door. Hope she doesn’t win whatever this greatest power in the history of MC might be.

    • Jess had crackling, the judges love it. The minute I saw her crispy pork crackling I knew she was safe.

      • BUT how about all of that gelatinous fat. Crackling might have been great but there was too much fat and pork was not tender enough. That seems like a failed dish.

  13. Brendan was my favourite, so now I kind of don’t care. Thought the judging was bullshit, for reasons others have stated above.

    What does HI stand for? Hidden Immunity?! She is very annoying. But nowhere near as annoying as Chloe doing the model’s pout in the background.

    Jess is adorable, but that was a really bogus elimination.

    • Homicidal Intent – for the Julie Bishop stare. Ah, poor Brendan. I am sure he will do well with his market stall

  14. If either Jess or Kirsten win, the backlash from viewers will be thunderous. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a bunch of final contestants so disliked on social media.

    • I think the majority of contestants on these ‘fake reality’ shows, in recent years, have been unlikeable. Do the producers pick the worst people so there will always be drama to keep the shows alive? Like many of you, I am not very interested in MC this season, I don’t think I have seen a complete show and have missed several altogether, just catching up from the comments here.

  15. HI must think having Low Self Esteem means you think you’re awesome at only 90% of things…or perhaps the delusion of being on Masterchef makes her think she’s worthy? HI after the show is done and dusted Masterchef will move on worrying about the next season and you’ll have to go fend for yourself again without your face on tv any longer.

    With Brendan (even though I think Jess’ was worse), they couldn’t have a returning contestant win… usually a “returning” eliminated contestant only last a week or two.. it wouldn’t sit well with general population if someone once eliminated won the thing.

    So whose left to go for?

    HI – No way.
    GIL – God help me.
    Reethe – Na would rather slide down a slide of razor blades naked.
    Khan – Can’t stand him
    Sashi – he’s done nothing for weeks… rode on a lot of luck.. and used up his pins because he had no clue how to use native ingredients. No curry spices he’s nothing.
    Jess – Just can’t warm to her.

    For me I’m going for Ben or Android (Samira)… and I probably just jinxed them.. as they’ll be the next two out.

    • Ben or Samira for me, too. Brendan would have been one of my choices but, unfortunately, he was eliminated again.
      Is Reece really 28? He looks so much older.

    • Pretty slim pickings, hey?
      Very hard to be motivated to choose someone based solely on the criteria of “not hated as much as the rest”.

  16. I guess I have to go for Ben because he seems just lovely but I know he’s not going to win. Final two prediction: Reece and Khanh

    • I hope you are wrong especially when it comes to Reece. If he goes to the finals his theme will be “The Mousse” and he will make one for the entree, main and dessert. Dessert will also include ice cream and a crumb.

  17. Well that challenge was bullshit. I would have been completely stumped. I have no imagination for these types of things. They did similar last year with Heston week when they were in the country.
    Brendan Brendan Brendan, why didn’t you check your fish was cooked through before serving it? So annoyed to see him go. Again.
    Really felt for them, cooking in that heat would have been a nightmare. I went there years ago in August & it was hot then.

    • I lived up there for a while. It’s just not possible to wear a jacket at any time.
      I am assuming the cooking/ filming was done first thing in the morning, and the photography was done after the cook-off, otherwise the make-up would have been sliding off the judges in sheets.

      • George took his jacket off and Matt his crevat… but Gary and Matt didn’t take their jackets off … assuming looking at their overhanging guts wouldn’t be too condusive for good television.

        • Perhaps they had like dickie shirts on. Ie only st the front where visible. Like that guy on Big Bang theory wears dickie turtlenecks

  18. Nice scenery, but the cameras, the photos, the whole ‘religious’ experience – what a wankfest.

    Only 19 sees a pile of rocks of rocks and immediately thinks of pork belly, as you do. She could’ve taken a photo of a tourist bus and still cooked crackling, cos she knew that’s what the piggies like. Gamesmanship.

    Samira (whose accent goes from strong to not- so- much) is made aware of crocs, so sagely advises to swim very fast if in the water. Thankyou Samira.
    She spots a twig which reminds her of Azerbaijan – then cooks kangaroo, which reminds her of her grandmother, whose name was Hoppa Skippiova.

    But HI took the cake. Splayed over the rocks on her belly like a meteorite, she sees some sludge. Because she’s so clever at everything – and apparently with a PhD in Botany – she immediately identifies it as eucalyptus oil from the trees. Yeah sure.
    Pleased with herself, the genius proceeds to make something which looks nothing like her photo. More like a haemorrhage.
    But the judges love it anyway. Maybe this was what was meant by the Year of Surprises … loving bloody Kristen.

    For someone with no confidence blah blah etc., she certainly had enough to expose herself on national television. And then the big-noting and self-flattery … quite unbearable.

    Disappointed to see the lovely Brendan go – should’ve been that sneaky nincompoop with the secret weapon … crackling.

    • Totally with you Lulu but your very funny rant just made me realise exactly how bad and contrived this season is.

  19. Watching repeat now. Havnt read comments
    “Look at that cliff face” exclaims Kristen , a little apprehensively.

  20. Oh what? Think about presentation” Chloe helpfully reminds Jess. (What is with Chloe’s dress sense? It reminiscent of a nineties schoolgirl whose parents give her limited funds to spend on clothes, so she “creates” her own

  21. Without his pins, i fear Sashi may be exposed sooner rather than later. Sad to see Brendan go but sadly he undercooked his food again. The whole camera thing was bizarre and unnecessary, now they’re even giving away free cameras.

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