MasterChef – Thurs, Snow Egg is back

tonight all the contestants but Get Out of Jail Free apron holder Chloe have to make not one but THREE Snow Eggs.
That’s the Peter Gilmore dessert that was a final challenge in the Adam and Callum era.
Gilmore actually retired the dessert from his Quay menu in April this year, despite 7 in 10 diners ordering it.
This will show us who practised all the previous elimination test dishes before coming on the show.
There’s a masterclass after, so the whole shebang goes for TWO HOURS! That’s me out once, umm, Ben? is eliminated. Sorry, Ben, I love you and all that but it’s a dessert challenge, not a make the best seafood dish challenge. You are toast, mate.



  1. Seen one snow egg , seen them all. This is no surprise. Three times as much boredom.

    Ch 10 has snow egg all over it’s face.

    Crows v Geelong for me.

  2. HI tells the audience she is not scared or intimidated. Gawd. This is going to be a long episode.

    Reece plays the pin.

  3. Khanh reckons he is ‘going to die’.

    If these contestants were actually big fans of MC they would have practiced the snow egg before applying.

  4. Hahahah. LOL. Khanh reckons he is making the last snow egg eva…

    Just because the item is retired from Quay doesn’t mean someone out there is not going to make it.

  5. Did you know that Jess was ONLY 9 when she first saw the snow egg.

    Chloe actually thinks she is a good cook. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Oh no – I haven’t started watching yet but it would be a shame if Sashi went. He’s certainly not the weakest cook left

  6. I’ve missed most of the episode. Tuned in in time to he hear Chloe say “ have you started chacking off your chack list”. What’s with her accent. Sounds like the kardashians California drawl

  7. I wish Chloe with her fake “Ja’mie” (Summer Heights High) voice would shut up. That aaack-sent drives me nuts!

  8. LOL. Check out HI telling Peter Gilmore it is an honour. If you are going to pretend to well up at least get the tears happening.

  9. It seems that Sashi will sashay away. ( Dunno how to spell that properly, but dunno how to make a snow egg either)

  10. Gary, Gary, Gary. And I’m not Chloe saying it. How sucky were Chloe & Reeth (rhetorical question). Who will George choose for his tasters?

  11. When Sashi was in front of the judges with his snow eggs, it was like he was on a job interview. He said everything the judges wanted to hear and more!
    “I want to open a restaurant “
    “I want to cook with so and so famous chef”
    “i’m Not ready to go home”
    “I have so much more to show you”
    “this is my first elimination “
    Sheesh, talk about overkill.

  12. I started watching the catch up but it was too nauseating watching HI practically orgasm over the snow egg. So worth checking in here for the result though.

  13. Well that was a good result.
    As for masterclass, I know I may have said this before but I do find Matt’s slaughterhouse/dominatrix rubber apron oddly disturbing. I get that as a critic he doesn’t get to wear chef whites, but I am not sure why he is forced into rubber.

  14. Good, at least one of the obnoxious contestants is eliminated. Reece didn’t seem to be too bothered by that, but Khanh was nearly prostrate with grief. He gave a truly impressive performance, with tears and snot and everything.

    When plating, why didn’t they put the glass in front of the tray where the snowballs were? Was shakily transferring each snowball so far meant to cause some tension and apprehension with viewers? Because my first thought was, oh for chrissake, use some common sense; put the dish near the food. Good for Ben for showing how to do it without acting as though he’s in a 7 magnitude earthquake.

    I like the master classes. It’s the only time I like Gary; I think he’s good at explaining and demonstrating how to prepare a particular meal. If he’d cooked the venison a little more, I would have been happy to have what he made.

    With the price of pearl meat, I think George would have done better to use real croc meat.

    Matt’s lamb looked appetising and pretty. What’s the bet the bitch will wrap her beetroot in foil next time she chooses beetroot for one of her stupid salads.

    Peter Gilmore seems like a nice man. No face-pulling, belittling, or berating anyone from him. He was pleasant and encouraging, and calmly told the contestant when an element of the snow egg needed to be redone. It was refreshing.

    • That was my thought, too. They should have moved the glasses closer to the snow eggs. Didn’t they think of that or were they not allowed to do that to create more stress?

    • I totally agree with you Von – especially on Calm Ben, nice Peter Gilmore and that it is possible to like Gary – but only during Masterclass. Even though he can’t help himself slurping some of his stock, I think he does actually shine and show what he can do and it’s interesting. I thought I’d eat the venison dish too, agreeing that I would like it to have stayed in pan longer!

      The dynamics are interesting to me – Matt gets to cook, even though he’s not an actual chef – but always does something more home cook-y but slightly tricked up. This is just a slow roasted lamb shoulder, but with stuff on top and there was a self-saucing pudding last year that I learned to make at about 7, but with some slight twist. Having said that, it’s not a criticism – I definitely thought I would make that lamb! It looked good. The problem with lamb shoulder is that it used to a cheap cut but now it’s as expensive as leg of lamb and I don’t get that. And don’t get me started on lamb shanks which you used to be given free by the butcher “for the dog” and my mother would slow roast them. Divine! oops. I am seriously old, hey?
      At least we are now spared HI but we did pay a heavy price for freedom having to endure her godawful commentary all week.

  15. It would have been criminal if Sashi had been sent home,especially after that debacle of an immunity challenge. That would have increased the current uproar over Chloe by a tenfold magnitude. When they crown her winner, winner, chicken dinner, they desperately need her cookbooks to sell.
    And just pointing out that Ben has been in 9 elimination challenges whilst that was Sashi’s first. Even without the favouritism shown to Chloe, doesn’t that show that Ben’s cooking is marginal at best?

    • I think a lot of Ben’s elimination challenges have been team related? I owe him an apology for doubting his Snow Egg ability – he’s actually great at steadying his nerves to read instructions properly

      • I feel I misjudged him too! I particularly liked that he didn’t pander to the judges and pull out “it means so much” and talk about Going Home as if you were sentenced to Hard Time in some remote gulag for 20 years.

      • I think you’re right, Juz, on the reasons for Ben’s eliminations.

        His skills may be lacking in some areas, but he is definitely the adult in the room. I haven’t seen any tearful displays from him either.

  16. Glad that Kristen is gone. Nothing about her going out and working in the food industry, just starting her own sweets business. Does she know that much that she doesn’t need more experience? When George was talking about flavors being balanced and one dish being out of balance I thought they were going to eliminate Samira due to the lack of guava.
    Couldn’t they come up with a new pressure test instead of doing the snow egg again? At least it’s being retired so it probably won’t be brought back for another pressure test in some future season of MC.

    • She’s been a planner for SA, she’s so confident and awesome! Of course she doesn’t need to go out there and get some experience.

    • H.I.’s sweets business. Don’t get high on your own supply.

      Try not to demolish the cheap Ch 10 Ma$terchef door with yer arse on the way out.

      Ah well, she’s Nigella’s problem now.

  17. Phew! I’ve been waiting for her to cook the chocolates that appear behind her tirumphant face in the early ads… So glad she’s out. That sidepart drove me mad. I would’ve thought she’d ace this one. There are advantages to being in pressure test after pressure test. Very pleased Ben, and also Sashi, made it through.

  18. I am beginning to suspect they groomed Jess to be the winner. The biggest surprise eva … the youngest 19 year old to have eva won blah blah blah

    • Only 19? I wish I’d realised that sooner – it’s changed literally EVERYTHING I thought about her, her food, her ideas, her experiences, her attitude – EVERYTHING.

      I fear you may be right JustBrian. What an incredible surprise that Only 19 could knock it out of the park.

    • That would explain all the emphasis on desserts – whereas normally there is tremendous criticism of being a one-dish wonder.

      • It’s becoming too apparent with the number of times she been safe during elimination cook off.
        Also she couldn’t have been only 9 when the snow egg first appeared on MC ( season 2 right… ie 8 years ago ) she would have been like 11!
        All these emphasis on her age etc is just a total give away!

  19. Hallelujah, sing it with me… sing hallelujah!

    I was worried about Samira last night… when they said balance of flavour! did they not give her enough Guava?? those bastard producers do some shifty things to ensure/aid the people they want to stay safe are safe (in my experience being given frozen butter, which I thought was refrigerated, or magically the fridges temperature which used to sit a 3-4C is now at 10C).

    If I was HI for now I’d not worry about opening up “Flourier” or whatever pop up… with the flashbacks she surely has put on 5kg+ since the audition, she was almost about to die yesterday just standing at her bench and moving around. And being a pastry chef is not going to help her waistline either….

    And GIL… the best way to flatter/seduce people is to immitate (learnt that in a business relationship course)… she was pulling out the George end of sentence “YEAH” every bloody. time she spoke. “Make sure you get that done! YEAH”, “Taste it!, YEAH”…. I now have this apron which makes me the best and most knowlegeable cook of everyone.

    But I do personally think Sashi should be the one going… but I think being a potential male winning season and the need for more diverse ethnicity with who is left helped him. I do think grainy meringue is worse that a bit of clotty cream, and the man can’t make dessert to save himself… if he makes the final he’s toast especially if the Heston challenge is a dessert.

    They should also consider having some back up challenges…. we already knew 19 has made the dish before and semi copy of it already on the series… that’s just unfair. Reece probably annoyed now he wasted his pin… I’m sure he’s made the snow egg too or something like it.

    And finally again for HI…. over confidence was your down fall….. funny hah!

  20. The fix is in – Ben to win it all…why did they not show Ben’s twill being made? Or whether it “cracked” when hit with a spoon?? With the other contestants, they made a big deal about this….and it was a total set up to get Jess across the line! She does that egg in her sleep…while dreaming about cooking with dad.

    • I don’t think Ben will win – he doesn’t fit the diversity brief. It has to be someone with an ethnic background.

      • I don’t think it will be another winner with ethnic background. Last year we already have Diana.

        I still think it will be a male winner. Ben most likely. Another humble guy, a builder, not your usual foodie. Sashi will be stuffed with a ridiculous Heston dessert. Khanh may be in the Top 3

  21. Well it was touch & go for a minute there. I was really worried for Sashi but thank God he was safe. twitter would have exploded if he went home when he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.
    That stupid snow egg & having to make 3 in 2 hours. How ridiculous.
    And Gary was worn out after helping Chloe so much the day before so he wasn’t there. But he turns up for the master class.

  22. So Only 19 has morphed into Only 9 now.
    Are we now going to see videos of her at Only 2, making chocolate crumb with a rattle? Why doesn’t she just wear a T-shirt which says ‘I’m So Freakin Young. Suck It Y’All?’

    Once again, “Oh mah gard, it’s Peterr Gilmourr. I lurrve Peterr Gilmourr, he’s mah idol,” she gushes – which adds to the large tally of her idols. Actually, is there anyone who isn’t her idol?
    I shudder to think what she’d do with Heston … aside from washing his feet with salted caramel.

    She’s probably been making that dumb dessert every week since she was Only 11. Reethe was p’eed off because he carries a couple of spare snow eggs in his pocket, waste of a pin.

    For me, all the females left are annoying in their own special way:
    Only 19: say no more
    Ghana: the nasally, lazy speech and the way she rotates her hands around to gesticulate. Plus the smirk of over-confidence.
    Samira: the poor ‘little ol’ me’ passive-aggressive demeanour. And that high-pitched, monotone voice is excruciating.

    Unfortunately, Sashi got a bit icky with the altruistic ‘helping others’ stuff. Didn’t believe a word of it, and the MC people have heard it all before.

    I wonder if the HI/Nigella tea will go ahead. Or will it be faked, like Capricorn 1?
    Or maybe Nigella’s busy trying to catch the ebola virus for that day.
    Oddly, I’m kinda going to miss HI – she was a … presence.
    A lumbering mass of insecurities and arrogance, combined – tearing up over a twig, a cloud, a droplet on a winsome leaf. The poetess was amusing.

    Bah, not really. I was just curious to see her husband … (is he still alive?)

    Go Ben. Maybe not the best cook, but the best attitude by far.

    • Apparently the tea with Nigella has already happened. They discussed scones, and whether to out cream or jam on first. Sounds thrilling. HI was thrilled. And we were all thrilled for her, weren’t we.

    • I saw that too. As usual George is giving her a pep talk. Tears will get you to the top. Also saw Khanh crying.

  23. Did The Living Room just give a MC spoiler? They showed the top five. I almost definitely think I saw Samira and Reethe. And Ben? I am not sure that I saw Sashi. It was fleeting.

    • I saw that but thought it was just the contestants walking into the kitchen for Sunday night episode

    • But seeing Ghana has that (rather embarrassing) super power, and she doesn’t have to serve up her food … doesn’t she just win the whole thing haha?

  24. Sashi can consider himself lucky to still be around. Without his pins he is slowly being exposed. Anyway it looks increasingly likely there will be a male winner, with Reece or Ben likely to be the chosen one.

    • Much as I hate to say it, because I think he’s a bit sucky, I think that Reethe is actually a good cook. It wouldn’t be a travesty if he won.

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