MasterChef – Thurs, elimination for final five

This is the final elimination before Finals Week, and will determine the top five for 2018. It’s an elimination over three rounds. Plus, a MasterClass with Curtis Stone.



  1. Ben took more punishment than Rocky Balboa last night. I doubt the producers and judges can make it look fair dinkum tonight. That’d be a “surprise”

    Ben would have to be shattered after the Greek grilling he took last night.

    • To me George is a short, insecure man whose masculinity is threatened by someone like Ben, and reacts by being overly critical of his food.

  2. Gender imbalance, so one of the boys will go. Hopefully not, but probably Ben.
    The women didn’t need to even show up. Totally safe.

  3. They didn’t give all the ingredients but here is the list:

    pine nuts
    green olive
    bay leaf
    chilli powder
    preserved lemon
    olive oil
    coriander seeds

    • How wrong was that challenge. No mystery, no pretense of cloches in a predetermined order. Why bother drawing for spots if the judges just randomly strollled over and picked cubes? The judges could give an easy one to their favourites and screw over others. But backfired big time on Only 19.

      I mean honestly, how can ANYONE have respect for Only 19 as an all rounder if she can’t pick the difference between feta and parmesan?? I do think she is great at sweets, but seriously- those two cheeses are really nothing alike and as she hasn’t entered Bake Off and HAS entered Masterchef I think this is a pretty basic level of attainment.
      I know I am speaking about the person who put mushroom into a Dessert (and given my son nightmare trust issues forever as he despise mushrooms and now thinks they might pop up in icecream sometime). BUT REALLY. get a grip Masterchef.

      (Rant over. Possibly.)

      • I think George was quite disappointed she got it wrong! He had to remind her it’s in all Greek salad. But heck what can he do? He’s already emotionally attached to her LOL so have to safe her even though he wasn’t sure if he like the dish she put up!

    • Even though I don’t like cheese, I think Parmesan has much stronger flavored than fetta.

      For Ms 19 to say she is losing her dream just because she is going to 3rd round is BS.

      So winning is the only way to realize her dream?

      • You think? My taste buds seem to be different. 😛 Feta is very salty and strong, I love eating it (it also is super delicious being on a BBQ and then starting to slightly melt, same with haloumi). Parmesan is softer, I had some in Italy and I bought some here at the market (one was soooo expensive, I really felt a bit guilty paying so much money for a piece of cheese). Pecorino on the other hand has rather strong flavours. A bit more nutty, so yummy on pasta. 😀

  4. Blind cubes:
    feta (Jess goneski)
    tuna (Reece goneski)

    There was 30 cubes so it was a quick challenge.

    • I have so much love for Only 19 and Reece that I am enjoying this elimination. Jess needs to go but I am thinking it’s Reece…. hope I am wrong

    • I remember last year Callan was only 18 when he applied to go on MC. He was a young Heston in the making with his crazy combination. The judges didn’t keep barking that he was only 18/19. I guessed he doesn’t has a ponytail.

  5. Apparently introducing a savoury element in a dessert makes you a genius. The words of wisdom are coming thick and fast.

      • Or porcini, or frozen meals (TV dinners). In fact it’s quite a long list of foods she’s never experienced ….. but then she is only 19. (And I’m so sorry I had to).

        • Or preserved lemon obviously because anyone who has wouldn’t be moronical enough to suggest putting it in a dessert. I’ve noticed the trend in recent years of having wannabe Hestons/Reynolds who practise techniques but actually do not understand food (and have really undeveloped palates).

          Another thing: Since when is food meant to be challenging? I thought it was supposed to be tasty.

  6. They are making a big deal about her ambitions which makes me think she will be safe. They willl re enforced her age again.

  7. George plating up with them Alabama Shakes. And his question will he like it. My guess. He will like it and the hail her as a genius 19 year old.

  8. The only thing that has me thinking maybe Jess is going is that there hasn’t been “to camera” words of wisdom. If she’s gone we know she would have cried and maybe her face would have been puffy and a giveaway.

  9. As I deal with the latest explosion, I wonder if Reeth has cooked his goose (thats an old Tassie – if not elsewhere – expression meaning you’ve stuffed up). Unfortunate for him so, cos twas meant to be chicken skin.

  10. Shakey Pete is making mustard ice cream. hmmm. did 19 inspire him with her mushroom ice cream? or whatever mushroom desert she did.

  11. Tuned out, phone is ringing at work, distracting me from MC Snark mission. I see Matt has his serial killer apron on. Making “Dood Food” Veggie Nacho’s? Master Class? You wot mate?

  12. Oh, well, thank god I voted for Jess as the potential winner… I guess they try to push the youngest evahhhhh winner on the viewer. Or the most annoying one aka GIL. This season has written Mumbling Fringe written all over it again.

  13. Gice, I can’t watch until tonight. Was Reece’s dish bad, or simply that they wanted a Jess win?

    • It came down to 19 years v 19 strands of hair.

      Won’t see it all until the weekend myself. What I have seen …….it’s like Fine Cotton.

    • Reece’s dish they said was too oily. He will be offering cooking classes at the Essential Ingredient Newcastle and will have a pop-up restaurant as well.

      Jess had an usual flavour combination (that probably would have gotten any other contestant eliminated) but by jove gice, she is a genius.

      They probably miscalculated with the taste cubes hoping to eliminate Ben and they probably need Jess to fan-girl Heston. Let’s face it, Reece is hardly going to squeal for Heston.

      • I thought Reece will squeal for any celebrity chef. Remember the funny clapping and dancing like a child?

    • Actually as much as it pains me to give Only 19 credit, i think Reeth made a deeply ordinary chook dish. Nothing special, no fancy pants presentation, etc. I noticed on his farewell montage that an earlier dish of his had charred onion with jews (sp) that I vaguely remember seeing about 20 years ago when the season started. So even though Only 19’s looked great (and I agree it probably tasted disgusting) at least it was a bit more special. Kind of funny that she knocked him out with what was exactly his type of recipe – down to random crunch element.

  14. I really think that independent judges should be brought on board for finals week. The best contestants are not in the final five as far as I am concerned. Ben has zero personality and Khan is too much of an actress. The judges are unpleasant at times – many times.

      • I disagree Dave – Adam Liaw is beyond funny – he is one of the wittiest people around, so I think he definitely has a personality!

  15. I saw the new poll for the top 5 and couldn’t figure out who was missing. Shows how much I am going to miss Reethe.

  16. Suspected Reeth was on the decline… lately he was taking things way out there and not nailing it. Jess took things way out there yesterday as well and presentation nailed it.. but I suspect it tasted awful… but as said can’t have only Chloe to flirt with in the final week (although the bloody annoying Khan would be happy to flirt).

  17. Am I the only one that hates the idea of a granita and an icecream together. To me itd seem like drinking milk and juice together. No thanks.

      • Remind me never to read anything written by this journalist again. Imagine complaining that Matt (!?) was trying to manipulate emotions, and not mentioning Gary’s creepiness. What show is she watching?

        But most of all, we all know that the show has very little to do with the best cook now, but she unashamedly says that the show is only important because it reflects her presumably inner-city demographic (nothing at all like a regional one). So the contestants were all chosen for their ethnicity, and adding in a weight-challenged and a couple of older persons for good measure. How condescending to these people who worked so hard to get on the show, and all those with more talent who missed out because their ethnicity didn’t fit.

        This article articulates beautifully why they will never let Ben win. The political climate between last year and this is so changed that allowing a casucasian appearing person win would raise a howl of hysteria.

  18. I really thought Ben was a goner when he was knocked out of the first round so quickly. Assumed he wouldn’t do well in the second round but they gave him the easiest cubes. Amazing that Jess missed the feta and thought it was parmesan but she doesn’t eat a lot of cheese and so doesn’t know cheeses which goes along with her lack of familiarity with many other foods. That was not the hardest one to taste but not as easy as chocolate and banana. The salmon vs tuna might have been the hardest but I would think the tuna would be a bit firmer than the salmon. Was surprised how quickly this round ended.

    Didn’t care if it was Reece or Jess who would be eliminated. Too bad they just didn’t eliminate both of them. Was very surprised at what Reece chose to cook. Where were the mousse, ice cream, crumbs and shards? Jess went out on a limb with her weird combinations and, for some reason, I just can’t believe that it tasted that good but at least she didn’t play it safe.

    Top 5….they would probably be the bottom 5 or somewhere in the middle of the pack in most other seasons.

  19. Once he was up against Only 19, Reece was a dead man walking. No hope. They were keeping her, no matter what.
    I take my hat off to Reece for going with savoury, but he didn’t stand a chance, so I feel sorry for him – not even going to make fun of his lithp (oops).

    His chook wasn’t earth-shattering, but looked much more appetising than the awful concoction from the ‘genius.’ And pretty plating doesn’t make up for it.
    Now we know why she never won an immunity challenge – would’ve been redundant.
    She’s been wearing a huge, invisible immunity pin this whole time – a Protected Species.

    Puts on that baby voice again banging on about friendship, but 19 needs to work on the fake crying – there were no tears. Why was Reece’s elimination all about her?

    Reece took it well, with a great attitude and dignity.
    Respect, ‘brother’ (as George may say).

  20. I’ve missed so much this. I’m watching rerun now, I know the result. Wow.
    I just can’t seem to get the image of Gary calling Chloe and Jess “delightful little cherubs”. Did this happen at some point this week?

    • Not very flavoursome either. From the recipe you only simmer pear and quince for 10 mins and use the water to make granita. Noticed how they didn’t show the critique for the granita.

      • They didn’t really made any comments about the taste but went on about her creativity instead ….blah blah blah

        It’s no longer about cooking skills but who they like and good tv.

        I am so over this year MC. The top five is fcuking disappointing! I want Ben to win because he’s genuinely appears to be a nice guy ( and it’s not a cooking show after all ). Khan take away that scary smile and Sashi acting skills, these two should be in the finale.

        But my conspiracy still stands, Only 19 is 2018 Masterchef winner. Not only she is the first eva youngest contestant, she can’t differentiate between feta and parmesan, not sure what is porcini, never cook with quince and mushrooms and scallops and she won!
        Maybe MC has a low numbers applying for the next season? So giving ordinary cooks encouragement they need to be in it to win? Perhaps I should enter and set the MC kitchen on fire?

    • Seems to be reflecting who the gamblers think should win, rather than who the judges think should win. Talent-based rather than favouritism-based.

  21. Reece handled that well. He was genuinely pleased for Jess. I don’t think he could have faked that.
    Just no oyster mousse please reece

  22. Have you seen this picture. Nice outfit Chloe. And I’m sure I’ve seen Chloe wearing fvs mustard honey tshirt

  23. Still confused how Jess’s dish was so genius – all she did was throw basil in her dessert. She probably thought it was feta

  24. They did that with the cubes of food last year & they got banana wrong. I would have known it from the other side of the bloody room. I would have yelled get that away from me it’s fucking banana. I HATE bananas & especially hate how they smell. They are revolting. I wonder who the poor bastard was that had to cut up all the food. Not this again.

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