MasterChef – Wed – Prince Charles challenge

The contestants receive a surprise message in the MasterChef house which informs them of their next group challenge and where they’ll be travelling to.



  1. Chloe strikes a pose. Is she angling for a modelling contract out of this?

    Hahaha…Camilla is kept away from the contestants.

    Guess only Gary pass the background check to have the one on one with Camilla.

  2. What an act! I am sure deep inside they are fuming. Only going to Darwin! Not New York or Seoul or London or Madrid.

    All this over the top fake excitement

    • Who knew there were such staunch royalists in the MC house.
      Question is -could they nominate the top twenty in the line of succession.

    • The blue team have the better cooks so hopefully they will be safe unless they want Sashi to play the pin?

    • I love how sashi is first to notice the storm,as though he is some kind of storm whisperer. I think sashi really likes these little dramatic roles

  3. HI is a tyrant.
    Ben tells HI needs some help but HI says no she needs to complete her dish first. We noted that Ben helped HI with an element on HER dish.

  4. What a silly idea from white team. To make 150 of those fiddly small tarts. Even I can tell Jess tarts are too thin.

  5. White team was definitely behind but now the judges are acting as if blue team is behind.
    Didnt Brendan was the first one to send out one of the canape?

  6. “Overcooked” lamb. Bollocks! As Gordon Ramsay would also say if it was bloody, ” the lamb is so f…ing raw it’s eating the salad!)

  7. Gary feels he has to explain what native ingredients are using ‘native’, ‘indigenous’ and ‘local’ in the same sentence – jeez he really is a knob.

  8. So the big question is will HI blame Ben or Jess when white are up for elimination? Because lord knows she won’t take any responsibility.
    Not being nasty here but carrying the amount of extra weight that she is she actually does move more slowly than the others and now being mean it certainly doesn’t slow down her bossy mouth..

  9. It’s just started here. Geez, the instructions to the teams were a bit over the top. Aside from being in elimination, are shitty canapes going to send the makers to the Tower? At least Matt had the grace to laugh when he told the teams they were cooking for Australia.

    I wonder how many of them even know what halal means. Just heard Chloe say she wants an Aussie fish and chips. What? As a canape?

    Three and one half hours is not sufficient time to make 450 anything.

  10. Ok Camilla didn’t look too well.

    I noticed Mr. Windsor did not actually taste any of the canapes. Can’t really blame him, but I thought that was the whole purpose.

    We all know Charles likes to talk to plants, so I guess he thought that:
    Matt was a Mountain Ash
    Gary, a shrub
    And George, ground cover.

    With the sycophants, it was a sicklier than sweet week and a tad cringeworthy.

    • Camilla having to make small talk with Gary made her sick. Not much to live for now she can’t hunt foxes anymore.

  11. It is mean to the Dalai Lama to call Prince Charles more famous. Pffffff! I would say that the Dalai Lama is much more well-known than Prince Charles. But okay, it might be just me. 😉 And I am not interested in those Royals unless the bring out Prince Hot Ginge!!!!!

    Anyway, this season really bores me. I kinda hope the finalists will be Brendan, Samira and Khanh.

    • This season has definitely been boring and Reece has continued making it Mousse season.
      I could care less about the Royals. They are just “Royals” because their ancestors killed others who were claiming the throne. It was a Game of Thrones. I’m sort of surprised that royalty/the monarchy has not been abolished. They really are only figureheads now although they do have a few powers to some extent.

      These contestants were probably hoping for a trip to another country. Instead they get to meet Prince Charles. I think they would have preferred the trip. At least they got ten thousand dollars.

    • They are a tourist attraction, worth billions to the economy. There is no other reason to go to England. Abolish them and the country is dead in the water.

    • Not just you Zhee – I was thinking the exact same thing. Dalai Lama’s influence extends far beyond Commonwealth Countries.

      • I felt it was rude to say Prince Charles was the most famous guest, when they actually had the Dalai Lama in the third season. 🙁 Plus at least the Dalai Lama is also much more than just a silly tourist attraction… And to be honest, I think this was the first time I have ever heard Prince Charles and Camilla talk – did not like it.^^

  12. If I was in the Mastaaasheffff house this year I would’ve gone wooptie f’in doodie… Prince F’in Charles… whateva! Being a republican seriously who gives a shyte if you’re serving Prince Charles… I’d be more excited serving someone on death row.

    Amazing that the 3 stooges didn’t ask our future king his opinion on the taste of the canapes… funny this season only the stooges or guest chefs have been involved in judging group challenges, never the actual people being served have played a part.

    HI is vile and disgusting and as said self appointed master of all… when the judges asked what the team was cooking… talked over Ben to say what they were making… and she’s some sort of hero because she pulled off her wattle baguettes in time whilst throwing everyone else under a bus.

    Someone better tell Reece comb overs are awful, and 28 year old strange men with beer guts should not be wearing slim fit skin tight jeans. But I bet he’s in eutopia knowing he’ll be the only one with a pin now… look out next week for him to take HI levels of self rightousness.

  13. HI is on masterchef FB page defending herself. So many dislike her and her attitude, a few adore her,! I think she is smug. Royals don’t eat in public in case of food poisoning and with MC,s level of hygiene I’d keep away from it too. They certainly are not allowed to eat seafood outside their homes.

    • Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t know that. I thought Royal protocol probably didn’t allow them to film him eating.

    • I tried to see some of HI’s comments there, but couldn’t. I’m not on FB but can get limited access if in incognito mode. People commenting there get quite nasty over little things.

      I wouldn’t have been keen to eat any of the canapes, either. Too many fingers touching the food during assembly puts me off. And how much dust got in the food when the storm was brewing?

    • So what is the point about cooking for Prince Charles when he doesn’t eat at all. Also no comments from guests. They might as well cook in the MC kitchen.

      This year MC is not exciting at all.

  14. So whose stupid idea was it to have them cook outdoors? Especially in 38 degree heat with 100% humidity. I hope they were able to freshen up before meeting Charles cos they probably would have stank cooking for hours in that heat.
    Damn, Chloe’s safe again.

    • I assumed it was a subtle way to stop the focus on ice-cream, which we have seen way too much of this season. This year’s pannacotta.

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