MasterChef – Tues, competing for an advantage

We are down to the top four in the competition and they will compete for a massive advantage. Just days from the grand finale, this advantage will be a game changer.

Let me guess: they get to pick the hero ingredient/allocate proteins/get an extra 15 mins/George is banned from giving them a pep talk/Gaz is banned from frowning st them/Matt is banned from tasting as they cook, then walking away silently.



    • It’s Khanh versus Sashi and Jess versus Ben. The winner of each cookoff then gets to compete and the winner gets an advantage

      • Jess and Ben gets 60 mins to cook a winter dish; the others get summer. To me “winter” means puddings, seasonal fruit like apples, caramel … but Jess is making an opera cake. Because she’s Only 19 Matt teaches her that her planned raspberry filling is a no no because (shock, horror) that’s a summer fruit.

        • Yes, to me winter is hot puddings & stews or casseroles & summer is ice cream or mousse or light sea food.

  1. Can someone explain why the judges seem to dislike sashi so much? Especially Gary – even his compliments last night sounded like criticism.

      • Gary think he is very good with Indian flavours and here come Sashi who is so good with flavours

        • Maybe Sashi will dilute Gaz’s fan base in India, where MC is huge. If Sashi does not win I really hope he opens a food truck or restaurant here in SA as I’d love to taste his Indian and Malay dishes. I love that he is generally good humoured even when he’s clearly panicking and thinking “why the he’ll am I doing this TV show?”.

          • I thought that , too, Juz. Gary is supposed to be big in India…… but he’s big wherever he goes.

            Perhaps in India he’s held as some kind of false deity that represents gluttony.

  2. Umm Jess’s dish is basically a copy of the dessert Jenna and Joanna did in MKR season 4. They used chocolate instead of sponge

    • What??!?😳 Nooooooo way … she creative and original! I actually had a cake at KOI and for a minute I was checking out if Jess was the genius behind the counter.

  3. Memo to Masterchef producers – please pack up sashi’s dish and send it my way right away – kthx

  4. Good work Ben! Finally an interesting cook off. I guess the Advantage is ok. Getting to choose which course you cook. Choose wisely Ben

    • I thought it would be a real “massive, amazing” advantage….like having Gary and George gagged and bound at scoring/critique time.

    • It should have been Ben to know what the four course are and he decides who cook which course. But because they are supposed to be so loving, he won’t sabotage them. For me, I will have Jess doing the fish and Sashi doing the dessert.

      • LP, didn’t Bilie had that similar advantage where she get to picked who cooks what? Think she gave Reynold the fish 🤔

    • I’m hoping that when it starts they say, ok, entree has to use fennel, main is fish etc so Ben can play to his strengths. Glad to see him doing so well.
      And WTF is Matt wearing in the promo?

    • I thought it was going to be some AMAZING advantage. They made such a big deal about it. I guess there is some advantage to choosing the course but I don’t consider this anything “earth shaking”. Maybe being able to choose the course and being given extra time would have been more of an advantage or as LP stated getting to choose which contestant cooks which course. Going directly to the finals would have been a real advantage.

      • I agree Smythe. Plus they were meant to cheer about a trip to Sydney? Yikes. no London, no Hong Kong, . . but wow – cheer hard for Sydney. . .
        And not even getting to put other people into courses that don’t suit them. . Not an advantage at all. Again.

  5. I haven’t read any comments yet. I really enjoyed the first part of MC tonight. The four joking around a little with each other and acting like reasonably friendly people was so much more pleasant to watch than usual.

    How big of a bubble was Jess raised in, that she doesn’t know what grows in summer versus what grows in winter? And the confusion over what Gary was asking when he said “pb and j?” made me feel embarrassed for her. There is only so much you can get away with by being “only 19”, before you stop looking inexperienced and start looking just plain dim.

    And, go Ben. I hope he continues in this vein.

    Geez, am I gushing? Ew, that is not I. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed watching MC, it’s having a bigger impact on me than it should.

  6. So when is an advantage not an advantage at all? When it’s MasterScheissen.
    As someone suggested, a better advantage would’ve been to tell others what to cook – there’d be a few less huggy wuggies then.

    A huge carcass of meat for 19 and delicate profiteroles for Sashi (even though I’d love to eat his curries).

    Happy for Ben – love his attitude. He would know that his so-called advantage is useless, though.

  7. Someone should tell can he can smile without sticking his tongue out.
    It’s weird – like a dirty come on.

  8. A Cadbury ad was running.last night, starring Gary
    He’s so unhealtjy, overweight with rolls of neck fat. Gross

    • I often feel with this ad that Gary has gate-crashed the party as the others look at him as if to say ‘who is this dude and what is he doing here’.

      • And why is he eating our chocolate?
        Surely he is someone who should lay off the chocolate, not steal extra pieces?

  9. So now they are loving Ben’s food. Are they playing with us or did they play with us all along? Will Ben be eliminated or will he go on to the finals to be the winner of MC 2018?

    Jess’ dessert had nothing to do with winter and it was certainly not an opera cake. Looked more like some kind of Lamington hybrid.
    Didn’t Sashi do a similar dish in another challenge? (round 2)

    • People on twitter think they’ve shown favouritism to Ben. They’ve been mean to him most of the season.

      • Favoritism towards Ben…LOL. They have been very rude and condescending towards him until @ the last 2 weeks. Have the people on Twitter been watching the same program we have been watching?

    • It really showed how limited Only 19 is. They wouldn’t stand for that kind of thing in Bake Off, where an Opera Cake has a precise meaning and is not random bits of sponge with flavouring. Which the judges even called her on. Wow.

        • I learnt to make Opera Cake a few years ago when Gary did it on a masterclass (and the recipe was on the website). Then I learnt on GBBO about all the different flavours you can use in it (lemon, matcha etc) and tried them out. Now it is a old reliable dessert for me.

          Interesting, that is the last recipe I ever tried from the MC recipe list. Nothing appeals now, or it requires fancy equipment.

  10. As much as I love Ben, he’s hasn’t shine much until this last two weeks. Something fishy how they raved about him, but I guess they have to since they are now top 4!

  11. So Jess doesn’t realise that peanut butter & jelly would be peanut butter & jam here. They call jam jelly & jelly jello in the US, so she got the whole concept wrong. Then she stuffed up the ‘jelly’ & turned it into a cream so it was not really PB & J as she called it.
    This summer & winter is kind of bullshit these days since you can get all kinds of fruit & vegetables all year round as they import/freeze them when out of season.

    • I found the basis of this whole challenge annoying. Once again they defined rules as they felt like it and when Matt challenged Jess that raspberry might actually be a summer fruit she felt it was okay to make it a jelly? But then didn’t make a jelly. Bizarre.
      When our friendly Coles can deliver all kinds of fruit all the time, it is hardly surprising that Only 19 didn’t notice what is “seasonal”.

    • The US has both jam and jelly which are both spreads. Jam is thicker and has more pieces of fruit in it since it is made from pulp/crushed pieces of fruit. Jelly is more fluid like because it’s made from fruit juices.
      Then, of course, there is Jello which is a wobbly dessert.

  12. Were there so many fails with so little people left in the last seasons? Only 19 fucked up two out of her last three cooks. Khan messed up with hot sago on granita. Last week Sashi fucked up. Reece fucked up.

    In the past seasons there were contestants in the Top 8 that I really didn’t like, but none of them put up failures as often as this bunch, no?

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