MasterChef – Tues, immunity challenge

The winner of the mystery box and of the invention test will face off in round one, vying for the chance to cook off against a professional cook in round two to get fast tracked to Finals Week.



  1. Will Jess jump up and down about seeing Reynolds? That will be BS because she met him before and even have a photo taken with him

  2. George: “It honestly blew my head off”.
    Unfortunately George, honestly, your ugly mug is still on my screen.

  3. George in tomorrow night’s promo: “The best 6 amateur cooks in this country”
    No George, not really even the best 6 contestants in this season.

    • We wanted Red Emperor but Ch 10 served Red Herring.

      If Reynold is doing so great , he could afford a decent haircut.

  4. Ffs – so much gushing from the judges, you’d think that they were personally responsible for the success of Matt and Reynold. Matt still intense!

  5. I only caught the end and did think Matt’s eyes were intense. I thought maybe the judges overdid it a bit with their praise, only because he has already had his moment in the sun. Give this seasons kahn a go

  6. So Sashi is told to do something to soak up the sauce, so he does. Then they complain about it WHEN HE DIDN’T HAVE THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS. Matt was crapping on about eating with their fingers. Have they not heard of cutlery?
    So Matt’s lost the earrings. I always found them a bit weird. A shame Khahn missed out but I knew when they raved about Matt’s dish that he had it. Was hilarious when they called George a sook & told him the sauce wasn’t that hot.

    • Sometimes they served up dishes with nothing on it and the judges didn’t say anything. I noticed the judges always try to derail Sashi.

  7. I seems like I am out. I didn’t consciously stop watching MC but I realised tonight that I only jump on here to read these comments. Nothing else.
    That’s saying something.
    I usually persevere through the painful last week before the finals (and let me remind you that that week is always bad) but not this time. Except for the occasional 5 minutes, I’ve been out for weeks.
    I so don’t care about this lot. Too much blatant manipulation of the results. So little talent.

  8. Disliking Khan more and more… “oh no I’m worried… blah blah… ” , “oh its delicious”…

    How much bloody airtime did GIL get yesterday… big worry.. is she a grand finalist! Nothing from Reeth except an evil glare when Khan plated up a judge loving dessert.

    Was hoping that when Ben went to contain 19 from her crush of the day he would throw her over the gantry.

    So if Khan made finals week there would be less contestants left this week… is there going to be a double elimination then?

    • There will be one elimination tomorrow.

      Finals week start with 5 contestants on Sun. Then 2 will be eliminated in Finals week and Top 3 will fight it out on Sun, 29 Jul and Grand Finale on 30 July.

    • I noticed that too. The role of HI is now being performed by Reeth. Sleep with one eye open Khanh, because you just intruded on Reeth’s dessert turf and made a sorbet/parfait/granita/mousse/ice cream thingy that only HE can do.

  9. There’s a show on ABC tonight at 9.00 You can’t ask that & on tonight’s show they have former reality show contestants. One former Big Brother contestant had just lost a baby before going into the house. So what do the arseholes do? Have a challenge with one of those doll babies that they all have to look after. She said she was so traumatised she wanted to leave but they wanted her to stay to tell her ‘story’.

  10. I am just waiting for that time when you know george will offer one of them a position at his restuarant and they fire back “umm no thanks we want to get paid”.

  11. I thought Reynold was very arrogant in the short bit we saw him. May have misread it (was flicking channels) but he was very over the top confident. I enjoyed Matt in his season and was glad he beat Khanh. Khanh is khanhs biggest fan it seems. Everything he attempts he deems as “so so yummy omg its delicious”. He is grating on me.

    • Khanh is grating on me too. But with so few left to support, I’m trying to suppress my shudders.
      Sashi is a poor actor who obligingly parrots the lines given to him, but fails to convince.
      This season makes it so hard to find a person to support.

    • I didn’t see any arrogance from Reynold. In fact the judges kept pushing him about opening in more locations and he actually seemed embarrassed. Always felt that he was generally humble. Not OTT or fake like so many contestants.
      Was hoping that Matt would win the challenge because I like him and really didn’t want to see Khanh fast tracked to finals week. Very surprised regarding what he served. Just seemed to be lacking. Needed something else on the plate.

  12. I want a grand final between Reeth and Chloe. Thithling Thorbet and mooth with thexy caramel thundae. Stopped watching this and now watching MC US instead heh

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