1. Homicidal Intent attempts to run in pushing the others out of the way. Alas, she gets too puffed so the effect is anti-climatic.

  2. Samira and HI make tactical errors choosing not to de-vein prawns and mussels respectively.

    Guess HI will be thinking about who will be swimming with the “fishes.”

    • I’m okay with Khanh, but he has won a pin before so I was hoping to see Brendan give it a go. Thankfully we don’t have to endure HI sweating and wheezing her way through it again.

  3. Do they pick their own ingredients? I’d pick scallops and…um… salad – maybe spinach, raw mushrooms, radish, and sunflower seeds. And a lemony vinaigrette.

  4. The immunity pins challenges is always Khanh, Sashi or Reece. Was really hoping Brendan get a good at the immunity pin.

    • The bling boys…I refuse to believe that the competition is that uneven that those three are dominating the comp.

  5. Jess is watching the guest chef fillet his “John Jury” – can’t say I’m familiar with that one.

  6. HI questions (aka attempts to mind-F**k) the Michelin-starred chef. LOL.

    Ashley is very calm. No dramatics with aimless running.

  7. Oh dear. Poor Prince Charles having to appear on MC to be relevant to the peasants in the colonies.

    Wonder how it compares to his Countdown experience.

    • PC likes organic food. This would be a very low brow experience for him, having to eat shit from Coles. You can’t buy his products there.

  8. Really hoping Brendan get a chance with playing for the pin so I lost interest after the first round. The guest chef got all my attention with his calm and looks 😊

      • Hope he doesn’t go into elimination again due to team challenges. If my recollection is correct, I think he’s only been in the elimination once due to his own dish?

        • I think you are right, because he barely made the edit the first few weeks so must have been doing well

    • Yes, the guest chef was very easy on the eyes.
      I was also hoping that Brendan would get a chance to get the pin.
      Since the judges liked both Brendan’s and Khanh’s dishes would have been nice if they gave someone who has never played for immunity a chance.

  9. I would have given Brendan the chance purely on the appearance of his fast dish. Really attractive.

    On the hand, why did all four do basically the same dish? Seafood, chili, garlic – I would have given the win to someone who had not used these ingredients. Kanh only got through based on the fact he chose an ingredient where the manufacturer has already created the flavour and balance ie the sauce. Maybe they could have removed from the pantry anything that already had more than one ingredient. It is like those 4-ingredient books – all the ingredients are pre-made.

    Loved the guest chef. Calm, well-spoken, and very tolerant of the ignorance coming down at him from the gantry. Obvious which dish was which – none of the contestants would choose a fish like that, pair it with pistachios, and garnish with abalone.

    • They are very limited this year. We were surprised no-one reached for the thermomix.

      The producers are so obsessed with tick a box casting (and the G’s like them young) that too many contestants are let through on the one practiced dish that if they were presented with a more elementary challenge- say bake a lamington…a lot of these contestants would struggle.

      Too many challenges this year are cook what you like. The only way the contestants are learning anything is to be in elimination.

  10. Main things I got out of this episode.

    – Reece is more of a tosser than I thought.. the look of hate from the gantry when Khan made it through.
    – Gary needs to go on a diet… if he doesn’t we benefit from him not being in season 11 as he’ll surely suffer an artery clogging heart attack at some point soon.
    – This is the season of Jus’/Sauce/Masterstock
    – No more ass shots of HI, GIL please.

    Apparently some cooking also happened.

  11. They have 10 mins so pick prawns which are fiddly & time consuming to peel. I noticed they asked Samira if she deveined her prawns but didn’t ask Brendan if he did. They just got stuck into them. I must admit before MasterChef I didn’t realise that was poo so used to eat it. And I’m still alive.
    Poor Khahn, that was so close. He just missed out.

    • We never bother removing it. I am pretty sure the prawns are “cleansed” ie they live in pure water for a time before harvest, so the shutes are as clean as possible. Too fiddly to remove when you are eating them from the shell on Christmas Day.

      Also, not sure how someone like George who eats the fried heads, can be so squeamish that way. I don’t like the heads.

  12. Khahn is starting to get the winner’s edit – Gray last night talking about his progress as a cook.

    Also I’ve been trying to prove my hunch that he was in the Bondi/ink/tattoo in season 2 as the receptionist and low an behold it was someone else called Josh. they both have the same speech affectation which is why I was confused:


  13. Who doesn’t love Brendan – he’s adorable – but I think Khanh is the best cook of the lot. He’s got that whole ‘balance of flavours’ routine down pat.

    If Brendan had time to remove the ‘poo,’ why didn’t Samira? Especially seeing she only added pretty much butter and garlic? Who wants to eat effluent?

    I hope the petulant Reethe has to use his imm pin this week. He only got one because some pros were willing to take a hit for cash. Time to dismantle the Bling Twins.

    • Khanh did some interesting and very cheffy flavour combos. He is more adventurous than many of the other cooks, which the judges will like

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