MasterChef – Tues, time auction

Ok, I don’t actually know it’s the time auction, because I do these things before the promos are released, but this is the blurb in the TV guide: The contestants remaining in survival week will learn all about making decisions under pressure as they decide what is of more value to them: time or ingredients.
So I’m guessing it’s the usual deal, where they can use chunks of cooking time to bid for ingredients. We’ve already had a few challenges with short cooking times, so my guess is all the savoury cooks will be wanting seafood, whereas the dessert cooks can make do with staples and just add one ingredient, so they will value cooking time more. I’m expecting to see some of those sponges done in the microwave in a paper coffee cup. And we will get a break from runnny ice cream and panna cotta – phew.



  1. Waiting for the news about the soccer boys being rescue is more exciting than hearing Samira talking to the camera and watching the other 2 cook

      • Great article LP.
        I might be wrong here but my understanding there are no govt official involved with the asking for help. All it was ,one diver from the navy seal reached out to a British navy seal diver who then insisted he reached out to the Australian diver. Truely is an amazing story 😊

        • Yes I think you are right. I imagine cave-diving is a fairly small fraternity world wide and so they’ve reached out to the best they know from around the world. Amazing too the divers that have stayed down there with them from the beginning.
          Some photos of the children detained offshore would certainly raise awareness of what those kids are going through.

  2. Garry comments that Chloe is running around “like the proverbial blue assed fly”.
    I have never heard of this proverbial fly, and I think that proves Garry’s really only concentrating on one thing. Chloe’s blue jean clad ass.
    She does have some junk in her trunk

  3. Chloe’s dish looks like the contents of a compost bin . A bit decomposed not “frash” like she keeps reiterating.

  4. They bagged out Samira’s dish before they even tasted it, can’t help comparing Gary’s preemptive “delicious” when talking about Chloe’s last night.
    Why bother tasting if you are going to pre-determine the result?

  5. GIL & Sachi are safe. Wow. Just wow. Sprinkle some pieces of beetroot on a plate and you are a culinary genius.

  6. For the 400th time this season I call BS! So some roasted beetroot and goat cheese thrown on a plate gets you through. Aaaaaaargh this is so frustrating!

  7. I’m late to the party … for those who missed the ep, Samira, Sashi and Chloe are shown four pantries. 1 dairy – if they pick it they get 75 mins. Love how the judges point out the ricotta, when in the past they bagged Janene for not making her own. Pantry 2 – canned food, with sweet and savoury. You could easily do a sweet with the tinned fruit. How about a cherry clafoutis? I’d go for it. Sashi goes for it and he’s making ice cream (noooo – I thought we were safe!). He is using tropical tinned fruit. Samira finally cracks, too, grabbing tinned tomatoes and anchovies for a pasta dish. Chloe is hanging out for herbs

    • Chloe jumps at pantry 3 – root vegetables. She has 45 mins and plans to make baby beetroot salad with horseradish cream

    • Juz, Juz, Juz – is it that you can’t learn or that you won’t learn? NO episode is complete without someone shlepping an ice cream churner over to their bench and endless shots of a whirring machine. They should just leave them on the bench as an equipment as standard as a sink.

  8. 👏 All the soccer boys and coach is out.

    I also read the boys went into the cave on their own. Then their parents alerted the coach that the boys have gone missing.

    When the coach realized they have gone into the cave, he went in to try to get them out.

    Without the coach, I don’t think the boys would have survived so many days.

  9. The fourth pantry is revealed to be protein – they would only have had 30 mins to cook.
    Sashi is having some trouble with his dessert so changes his idea, but it’s still tropically themed.

  10. If there were canned chickpeas I would have made mini pavs from the chickpea water, then decorated with cream or coconut cream and the tinned passion fruit and fruit

    • What? You’d prefer that over tiny puddles of vomit on a plate? People are strange.
      The judging rewards dishes no one would actually like to eat, surely you know that by now?

  11. Sashi does well with his sorbet, pineapple custard and coconut shortbread. Samira serves ravioli in tomato sauce and ruins it by using four cheeses plus anchovy. Chloe serves roasted beetroot done a few ways with some feta and it’s not even enough for a side salad. Even Gary has to admit it’s dodgy. The winner is obvious. Tomorrow Chloe faces Sashi and must cook main and dessert for 30 people. Sashi generally copes well under pressure although the ad shows Chloe freaking out, so perhaps she actually wins

  12. I have moved from disliking Chloe to detesting her. “I need freshness”, as she phonily puts on a show of being oh so stressed. Try starting with your hair.

    Just started watching, and already she has irritated me so much that I’m going to turn the sound off.

  13. Not the first time the annoying Chloe has dodged a bullet. Puts up a crap dish only to have someone put up something crappier. Uplifting tb to see the last of the trapped boys and coach rescued. Just goes go show what we can do when people cone together in a crisis to do good.

  14. Take my hat off to Sashi for going against the grain and making a dessert … fit for a prison. But ok.
    Ghana makes Sad Beetroot With Dollop. I guess her husb became a pilot so he could get away for some real (airline) food.

    And that sure wiped the fixed smile from Samira’s face. A little less Stepford and more ‘how can you do this to me … and my beloved country!’ She was filthy.

    Reethe is very worried that his nemesis, Sashi, may get the super-duper power.
    If he does, he should eliminate all ice cream makers, molds, blast chillers and Gary.

  15. Geez HI was definitely Highly Irriitating. Also heavily Idiotic with patronising crap like ‘season your dish’ ‘taste everything ”.
    Who knew that having her in early elimination meant a terrible punishment for us? Her commentary is woeful.
    Then we had GIL who kindly provided a pre-digested portion of not much. What she dished up looks like what I leave behind after eating the good stuff.
    Pretty annoying episode all round.

  16. Even without sound, Chloe pisses me off. I was making dinner and, every time I looked up, there was her face on the screen. She made a beetroot salad? Salad again. It looked like what is left on my cutting board after I’ve prepped vegetables – and should have had the same destination of into my bin.

    Last night’s preview showed that whoever used gorgonzola was in trouble, so no surprise that Samira lost. I appreciated the judges’ considered, professional critique of her dish as “weird”.

    I didn’t see what Sashi made, but he won using dairy and canned goods only, so well done, I guess.

    I won’t be turning sound on when the bobble head with the nasally voice is going to be featured. Or when a challenge is so stupid and unimaginative.

  17. All 3 dishes were to put it mildly, Crap!

    Sashi’s dish was a joke… pureed tin of lychees in the ice cream machine.. burnt edges of a biscuit.. tinned pineapple pieces grilled and a caramel sauce… all looking on the plate like a splatter of diarreah after eating one of his curries.

    Samira’s dish at least tried for technique… but fricken Uncle Fester (George) and FrankenGary basically forced her to add more ingredients “for flavour”, “deliciousness”.. blah blah… then during judging.. “keep it simple”, “less ingredients”.

    And on to the lovely blue assed (how did that make the edit… Weinstein??) GIL with her hand movements as patronizing as her voice… does she speak slowly on purpose to make her sound more sophisticated?? Tell me she wasn’t copying Sarah’s carrot recipe just replacing with beetroot.

    I’m sorry but GIL should be out as that was not a plate of food and even a nutritionist would say that would not even be enough nutrients in that plate to sustain a starving 3rd world child.

    For top 8.. I think that’s the worst 3 and most underwhelming dishes eva!

    Chloe for the super power 🙁

  18. Normally cooking with tinned food on MasterChef is a cardinal sin. But not last night.
    So they tell Chloe what to add to her dish to make it better, but they taste Samira’s dish & wait till they are judging her to tell her blue cheese & anchovies don’t go well together. At least she actually cooked something. She makes pasta from scratch while Chloe makes a salad AGAIN. She did that the day before. Since when is making a salad cooking? This judging is just bullshit.
    Someone came onto twitter last night for the first time. She was wondering if she was the only one who noticed the favourtism shown to Chloe. After reading all the comments was glad to see it was obvious to everyone. There are a couple who stick up for her & can’t understand the hate but they are in the minority. If Chloe wins that stupid super power tonight twitter will explode.

  19. Matt pulled Sashi up for not doing a lot of desserts. But its ok for reece and jess to make a dessert from everything? I dont remember Samira making many desserts either. Pretty sure most days the judges encourage to ‘cook what you know/to your strength’. Assuming tonights restaurant challenge will be set to favour Chloe.

    • I did not understand this comment. Were they having a go at him for cooking too many desserts, or not enough.
      Initially, I thought they were saying too many desserts.
      My impression was that he had spread humself nicely over a range of different style of dishes as opposed to just dessert, after dessert, after dessert – or salad, etc.
      If they want to test him for weaknesses, why don’t they apply that principle to everyone? Seriously?

      • I’m with you. We have a contestant who even made a dessert from MUSHROOMS (FFS) and they have a go at Sashi. Weird.

  20. I wonder if one of the ‘powers’ will be to save someone from the monster elimination.
    Or maybe a year’s supply of free plastic bags from Coles.

  21. Shouldn’t it be 10th year superpower or year 10 superpower? The way they’re saying it makes it seem as though the superpower lasts for 10 years. Imagine Chloe or HI showing up on MC every year for the next ten years. Ew.

  22. This season just goes from bad to worse to worst.
    Sashi emulated Reece….sorbet, caramel, fruit and a crumb. Nothing clever here. Amazing that the judges liked the shortbread. He didn’t serve the middle part because it wasn’t cooked so he served pieces from the edge and those looked burnt to me.
    Chloe serves another salad. It’s actually a faux salad and a minimalist meal that would have taken most cooks about 10 mins to prepare. Total joke.
    Serious and sad looking Samira (never seen her look like that) combines gorgonzola and anchovies and the judges are aghast. At least her dish was more substantial than Chloe’s and involved more technique.
    All 3 should go to elimination based on what they presented and the Super Power should be tossed because neither of the final two deserve any kind of Super Power.

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