MasterChef – Wed, charity degustation

This episode is all about raising money for Second Bite, a charity that the program supports. The contestants will cook using only ingredients donated by the charity, cooking a six-course degustation.



  1. George tells Ben that cooking is exactly like building except chefs use tweezers. Can’t wait for Culinary Grand Designs then.

  2. The best six amata cooks in the country decries George. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Awww. Poor 19 didn’t get a dessert dish.

        • George was exceedingly unpleasant tonight. The “brothers” the “big boys” “loving the pigtails”, the fake congratulations, the hugs. It was all really staged- and I wasn’t buyingthe performance. If we were meant to like George I want a refund.

      • Gosh if I could bear to rewatch it I’d love to check that. Ben not playing the fakery game is the only thing making it watchable.

    • I thought couldn’t 19 have put her hair behind her shoulders instead of hanging forward into the food.

      • George ‘Ye of No Hair’ those are plaits or braids. Pig tails, look like well pig tails. Dang. You think a chef would know, but know hair, no hair, don’t know hair. Also Chloe had her hair braided in 2 plaits, as if she was Katnis Everdeen at the Hunger Games. Cucumber not makes a quiver bow. Nor satiates those in these Hunger Games. Please help me. I can’t stop.

  3. Did Chloe say “ I like the idea’ of the cucumber seaweed as if wasn’t her idea? Hmmm and I have to watch the replay. Did she say ther is more than one way to penetrate a cucumber? Or with one. Lool

  4. Khanh is”scared” again.

    His food is “yummy”. If we took a drink every time he describes his food thus we would need a liver transplant.

    • Funny you say that because I think he is in that ad for insurance where the guy gets all OCD about the gold stars all over the office. Except there is no beard and the comb over is in the other direction. If it’s not him it’s his brother from another comb over. Dunno maybe I have had too much wine.

    • Dwight Schrute! If you’re talking US Office. Perhaps he is descended from beet farmers. He just needs to embrace it and shave his head, but perhaps George has the copyright on that do for MasterChef.

  5. Reece uses fennel fronds again as he expresses surprise that dehydrating tarragon changes the flavour profile. Like what did he honestly expect?

    • He wasn’t to know Maz – he’s only ever made tarragon mousse/sorbet/parfait before he’s never cooked it.

  6. Oh god. I’ve seen 3 full eps I think and bits of 6-8 eps and I am soooooo over the annoying speech affectation of Reece and Khan. Uuugh.

  7. Okay I will stop now. Thank you for you indulging my MC snark. Why didn’t I find you when MKR was on?

    • We are HEAPS snarkier about MKR. I’m still not over the guy who’d never heard of a colander … MonkeyMich, are you are Survivor fan at all? Some of us will be watching the Australian series. Plus we have a general chat thread now and then about whatever we are watching and/or cooking – a few talented cake makers/decorators on here.

  8. George was a total tool tonight. Calling everyone ‘brother’ and ‘big boy’ for starters. Cool George.
    He was giving Ben and Khanh the business, riding them hard.

    But for Chloe, he practically planned her dish and gave her a manicure.

    Same with Only 19, only she got a private tasting too, before it got to the other two. Unbelievable.
    But she’ll survive tomorrow, as usual, because … ‘Oh mah garrd, ahm freakin out’ etc. I think she’ll ditch the plaits and go back to the trusty ponytail.

    Ah the unnatural, forced smile from Reethe when Sashi beat him in a dessert – will be used as forensic evidence one day.

    • Totally. It’s like the theatre announcement when the understudy is on “in tonight’s performance the role of Homicidal Intent will be played by Reeth”
      Since Kristen left he is getting increasingly protective of the dessert territory and increasingly menacing.

  9. I checked in here about 1/2 an hour before the episode started. Now there are 88 comments. What the hell? I watched bits and pieces, but had some other things to do,

    It will be interesting to read comments.

    • I think several of us dipped in and out of watching Von, the comments are definitely the better option.

      • Haven’t read them all yet, Jay, but thank you for using “better”. I didn’t see much of tonight’s episode, but remember cringing at someone using a descriptive that should have been an adverb instead of an adjective. My interest has reduced me to picking on grammar mistakes. MC, that is sad.

        • I use less and fewer correctly also Von! Drives me insane when they are used in the wrong context.

    • I missed the episode again and mighty glad I did so just by reading the comments here. I would have got myself a bucket to vomit in with Only 19 spoon feeding George.

  10. Reece looked like he was on the verge of tears. Dessert “king” has been dethroned and by a dish that is close to his heart: ice cream, a tuille and fruit.
    Would have totally devastated Reece if Sashi had won with a mousse.

    Once again, diners had no input at all as to which dish was the best.

    • I know Smythe, it’s like they had to remove the public voting concept when it became clear that the public didn’t appreciate the judge’s pets. Can’t possibly risk someone failing to vote for cucumber 10 ways.

      • The results of the diners voting can be faked but at least make it look more honest by having them vote. Would also like to hear the diners’ comments about the dishes. Unfortunately, the only thing we heard were Matt’s and Gary’s critiques.

        As a vegetarian I wasn’t that impressed by the menu.

  11. Did George think he needed to make up for a lack of Marco Pier White this season by beating his chest. He was like an asshole boss I once had who pretended to be everyone’s friend but would constantly yell, scream, make unnecessary and demotivating comments.

    Then when they’re under pressure and have things on the go he (George) needs to take them for a walk to the front to see the customers coming in… seriously like the contestants give a shyte!

    I’ll say this… rig is on… I bet the producers purposefully picked who will get what prior to walking into the pantry. Sashi getting apples was a joke and to be honest although what he made may have been tasty it was simple (dare I say it, stuff Reeth, HI, and 19 were making week 1), and given such a common ingredient as apple that he would’ve eaten a lot of and worked with made his life easy. Then Ben to be given celeriac, I cook a lot and have never used it… just not a common vegetable for the home cook. Even 19 you’re asian?? sure you’ve eaten lots of mushrooms before.

    Reeth is slipping now… in an attempt to bedazzle and do something different and kookie every cook and get slapped on the back for his genius, he’s forgotten to get the basics right and not do too much.

    I’d hate to be living with Khan…he goes to the bathroom… “OMG it’s fantastic, smells so good! It came out so clean, no toilet paper required! At first I was scared that it would splatter all over the bowl but it came out like a perfect quinelle and plopped in the bowl with no splash.”.

    19 is hamming up the sook too much… hope she’s gone tonight! Enough is enough!

    Gary and Matt knowing the fix is in.. and having to contain themselves… polishing off Ben’s dish raving and saying it’s delicious and only a slight critique of being a little thick… then it’s gone from a top dish… to crap… to lacking something… bet he ducked into the kitchen to go lick the pot!

      • I think they are angling heavily for Ben to go. It is very clear they are over him and want to keep Forever Young.

  12. I noticed the critiques from the judges this year follow the same pattern. Talk highly about the dish and then just casually mentioned something is missing.
    For us viewers, we can’t taste the dish and we want an honest critique to be able to know whose dish is great.

    All the fake critiques is so over the top this year.

    Actually MC this year is not very engaging. It has become the judges show

  13. Almost tempted to apply for the show just so I can spend my time giving the judges as much contempt as possible.

  14. I’m imagining that it must have been difficult for Ben to stop himself from slapping George. George was absolutely brutal towards him. He wasn’t kind to Khanh either but Ben got most of George’s venom.

    • George as usual was very nice to Chloe and Jess. It was obvious. Nasty to the boys. No help for Ben at all.

      • Both Ben and khan needs to ensure their dishes are flawless tonight or else the judges will find faults so they can keep the Forever 19 and Nasal Voice in the comp

  15. Give Reece some Rexona ffs, he’s sweating like a hog into that bowl.

    Nine degrees outside. This appalling “encore” is all there is. Culinary chaos, chicanery and charlatans.

    A Greek monster loose in the kitchen.

  16. Thank God Chloe didn’t get the dish of the day. Dare we hope she finally goes tonight which I ask every time she’s in an elimination challenge. Thank God she no longer has the super power. Glad Sashi won.
    Vegetarian degustation menu. As a meat lover I can’t think of anything worse. And I HATE cucumber so would have hated Chloe’s dish. The blackberry mousse looked yummy.

  17. I think what we are seeing is what happens when contestants spend so much time practicing super fancy wanky dishes to dazzle the judges they don’t get the basics. When they have Challenges where they have to feed people actual food, it shows just how poor they are.
    Funny thing is in season 1 Matt told off
    More then one contestant for doing that type of food.

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