MasterChef – Wed, restaurant challenge

The challenge is off site at Panama Dining Room, in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Fitzroy. The contestants will be cooking a main course and dessert for 25 people each.
Here is the website for the Panama. The menu has some yummy stuff, so I had to play the “what would I order if I ate there?” game. And it’s (excuse the shouty caps): OYSTERS, YUZU GRANITA, SCALLION OIL, SESAME, SOY; and then WHOLE SNAPPER, CHILLI JAM, FENNEL, SESAME, BANANA CHILLI; and finishing with CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUT, PEAR.



  1. GIL needs to feature meat and Sachi needs to ‘hero’ fish.

    Right, now we know why GIL got through. Gary is running pass.

    Look, we are in fantasy Coles, where there are no customers and the staff pretend to care.

    • Fantasy Coles is so clean and well stocked and people come out to assist when you are looking flummoxed in front of the meat counter. No one elbows you away or rams your ankles with a trolley while you are lost in reverie over the beautiful pork belly. Fantasy Coles bears no relation to my actual Coles.

  2. No way shopping for 30 fitted into a couple of bags or even a shopping basket – GIL seems to have a lot of meat

    • Loved how the Coles girl popped up to ask if Chloe needed help. So authentic.
      Sashi is cooking snapper for main and a grapefruit sorbet (luckily the public is not judging). Chloe is doing pork belly (because contestants have SUCH a good track record with it in this comp) and, umm, something with mandarin – see my attention is already wandering. I’m already over Gaz reminding them how little time they have left and there are still two hours to go.
      And the edit is making Chloe repeat “I’ve put my pork on to sweat”, which must be one of the ickiest sentences ever.

      • Yep, such an authentic experience. My personal favourite experience at Coles was when they threw my FlyBuys card on the groceries (in the Grocery Bay) and the change on the floor.

        Ooh and this week, the checkout operator was bitching that the self-serve was closed and they actually had to serve customers.

        • Yes they should have sent Sashi and Chloe through self serve so they could get 20 error messages to “place item in bagging area”

      • Just say this post after I said the same thing above! Coles girl offering help was a beautiful moment – but you see, everyone loves GIL so much that even shop folk rush to assist!

  3. Gary is such an unattractive man with all that extra weight and stupid hair cut. When they filmed in Sydney his daughter went to my local school and the mums used to swoon to get close to him

  4. Celebrating the Year !0 (thanks to Von) Stupor Power in style. It’s epic and awesome.

    Gary will give Chloe a leg up or a leg over if he gets the chance.

    • The judges will say the pork is cooked to perfection, broth is beautifully, even though she took ages to serve the mains

  5. Now George complained that Sashi main course is too small??

    But last night there was hardly anything on Chloe’s dish and they were happy with it

    • They need to introduce time penalties. Sashi has one scale but he did not have a room full of waiting diners. Better one scale than flavourless broth.

      • Just wonder what the hell is in the broth when you need to use a pressure cooker to cook it. If she didn’t put in any bones, how the hell to get a flavoursome broth. Also just pork belly with some mushroom and broth doesn’t sound like a good dish

      • They didn’t have the countdown like they usually do. They count down the last 10 seconds & tell them to step away from their bench. Chloe would have been fucked if they did she was still cooking.

    • If Chloe had presented them a fish dish with a bone and a scale they would have said that they love the extra crunch.

    • Oh no. Why didn’t he do a piped goat’s curd with a crumb – so much easier! The sloppy cheesecake look is not good. Still, it’s not like he is going to be eliminated on this challenge

    • Be fair Bobi – he was extraordinarily busy being GIL’s planner, director, advisor, instructor, head chef, and style consultant. He had to literally tell her step to step what to do and when to do it. You could see he was itching to stir that mousse for her (not a euphemism, I hasten to add). He told her EXACTLY how to do the dessert – probably after he wasn’t happy with her salt on salt approach to pork that he realised he couldn’t leave her alone.

      If Masterchef don’t want us to cry favourites they should feature a bit more footage of Gary assisting Sashi equally. . . oh, there wasn’t any of said footage you say? All we saw of Gary with Sashi was querying his choices but not exactly offering up “put five plates here and doesn’t that beautiful” level of guidance!

  6. Chloe won.

    The super power allows you to partake in the elimination and then opt out of it if you think you performed poorly.

      • There will be a SM meltdown.

        Before they talk about deliciousness always win. But not in this cool off. Both Sashi dishes were delicious in term of flavour. Not Chloe

        • They said Chloe’s broth was dodge and it needed a salad for freshness. So they only liked the pork? Geez, give Sashi points for serving on time and deduct some for the bones and he’s still ahead. He filleted and prepped fish and cooked it properly – heaps more technical

          • Chloe would have been fired if she was employed in a professional kitchen. She was VERY far behind with getting her dishes out and should have been penalized for that. Gary had to help her throughout the challenge.

    • Well let’s hope she is so arrogant she will think her dish is beautiful & not use it. Though it probably won’t matter, as we’ve seen even when her dish is crap they rave about it.

  7. Ack, I can’t deal tonight. They are in chef’s whites, in a professional kitchen, so why doesn’t that dumb bitch have to contain her hair?

    Did Sashi have his fish in those hessian bags?

    Chloe pours tons of Saxa salt over the pork to sweat it. I’ve never sweated pork belly in my life, but I have cooked it properly anyway. And used good salt to make it crackle.

    Gary running the kitchen, ha ha, I suppose he will hassle Sashi and give dumb bitch all kinds of tips.

    Might watch some comedy show re-runs or Walker, Texas Ranger instead, and just come back here for the comments.

    • I love walker texas ranger. I met someone the other day who looked like him, and it turns out his surname was Norris too. ( I didn’t tell him, as I only put two and two together later)

      • I like Walker, mainly because the fight scenes are so fake that they make me laugh. But it is watchable, certainly not the worst show. I also enjoy remembering Chuck Norris jokes.

        Unfortunately, I gave in to my curiosity and mostly watched MC. I need to get rid of this masochistic tendency.

    • Heaven help her if she ever gets a job in an actual kitchen, she wouldn’t last a day without Gary helping her & practically doing everything for her. She will be in for a rude shock.

  8. We need a judge shakeup for season 11. Time for a female judge!
    Meanwhile, how about that promo for tomorrow: three Snow Eggs! Doing one nearly broke Adam and Callum

  9. I wanted Sashi to win, but a bit of devil’s advocate here:
    You can’t have scales and bones in fish, no matter how good the taste, and the dessert looked a mess. Funny line from Matt: ‘the sorbet’s gone on a journey.’

    Ghana pulls out the old secret weapon: crackling (which Only 19 recently used with success). They’ve figured it out.
    She flutters her eyelashes, gives a pout – and Gary practically lights a cigarette.

    And what sort of dumb super power is that? She can make baked beans on toast, not serve it and go and lie by the pool?

  10. On a much happier note – I didn’t watch it and Qld won Game 3 of Origin. Sounds like a really good night to have skipped MC (glad I checked in here) and didn’t we all predict that Chloe had it won after winning with her quarter plate of salad last night?
    This “Super Power” how many times is she allowed to use it? And even if it is only once isn’t it really just gifting her an immunity pin? “I did a crap job and don’t want to be in elimination so don’t taste my dish.” They couldn’t get her an immunity pin the usual way so dreamed up this ridiculousness.
    So just for old times sake and I didn’t even watch it, but once again I have to call BS!

    • JB, you didn’t miss much. At least your blood pressure stay normal and didn’t go skyrocketed.

      At this stage, this service challenge is one of the worst. Would have love to have Gordon Ramsay or Marco Pierre White run the pass. Chloe would have use her tears to get by

      • Thank God I’m not still in hospital. They take your blood pressure every couple of hours. Mine would have been through the roof if they took it last night & I have low blood pressure.

    • Ah, I did not see that. Now I do. Clever.
      And just quietly, how dumb am I. So obvious when it’s pointed out.

  11. Also the recipe for the pork belly on the website is different from how Chloe did in the service challenge. Recipe didn’t sweat the pork nor have the pork belly lying in salt while baking.

    Broth is also different. Recipe has chicken bones whereas Chloe didnt put bones in her broth.

    What a cheat. No wonder they have to employ chef and recipe testers to work on the recipes


  12. That result was horseshit – complete, ten-meter-deep, you-suck-MC horseshit.

    Fish prepared in a restaurant shouldn’t have bones or scales. But there was one scale, which the camera lingered on for ages, and one bone, which I didn’t see. George also got a mandarin seed from the bitch’s dessert, but he didn’t whine about it for ten minutes, and, although it was mentioned, it didn’t seem to count against her.

    Sashi got the food out on time, which was more than frigging teacher’s pet did, even with all Gary’s help. She should not have got away with that crap. There was more than HI shooting death stares at Chloe tonight, including Reese, Jess, and me.

  13. What did the diners think of the dishes? We will never know. They should have given their input and voted instead of the stooges making the final decision. Chloe is the last contestant standing and she made two strong dishes according to Matt….LOL. Hopefully she will not be the last contestant standing after the finals. She should have been eliminated several weeks ago.
    She thinks she has achieved a lot but she wouldn’t have gotten far without all of the leeway they have given her throughout the season and she wouldn’t have made it through this challenge without all the help Gary was giving her.
    They made a big deal out of the Super Power but nothing Super about it.
    This has all been a bunch of Mastercrap.

  14. While none of us should be surprised at the result I cannot believe that NOTHING was mentioned about how late she served her mains. To me her main looked the same size as Sashi’s, and at least his was all edible. I love that Sashi didnt get resting bitch face when announced it was chloe that had won, he managed to look happy enough for her. I fear for Ben tonight in the snow egg challenge and honestly if he gets out I think I am done. Side note, do so many chefs not wish to be associated with Masterchef that they need to keep the same ones on rotation, and now they are keeping the same dishes on rotation???

    • Yes, if Sashi hadn’t done his best to honour the timeline, he could have fiddled about with his fish a bit more before cooking it.

      And what’s with George? He virtually ruffled Chloe’s hair and wiped her gently sweating forehead. Can’t see him doing that if that had been Gina. Do this show’s producer’s not realise this sort of favoritism based on some pouty doe-eyed young thing is not appealing to the viewers, many of whom are not middleaged men. Or are they just trying to wind us up? Every year!

      • You have hit the nail on the head. They worked out years ago that making it appear that a contestant is favoured is publicity gold. That first one happened accidentally. Now, they choose someone for the role, manipulate the challenges, and sit back and enjoy the social media frenzy. And two of the three stooges go along with it – in fact they probably were the ones who cottoned on to it, and encouraged the whole thing. Poor Matt must cringe at the fakery he is forced to condone.

        The funny thing is that they can’t tell the guest judges openly that this is the script. So when they have guest judges, they look confused, and their comments never fit with the decisions. And when the guests run the pass, they are bewildered that such incompetents are still in the competition.

        And the poor favoured victim probably doesn’t know it is happening until they see the series later, and read the negative posts. Until then, they really believe that the judges think they are making great food.

        The final chapter of the plan is that the favoured one never makes the ultimate final – they always fall at the penultimate hurdle. This way they keep the outrage going for as long as possible, but still manage to have a reasonably worthy winner.

  15. What a load of bollocks. Chloe could have served up raw pig’s arse and a side of Vesta curry, with an upturned Yoplait yoghurt and popping candy and she still would have won.

    Gary was in there virtually stirring her mousse, and then telling her what to do every step of the way with her mushrooms and her flavourless broth. It’s ridiculous! I said to myself, why bother watching, Chloe will win, and then after that cook, where Sashi’s dishes were infinitely superior with a couple of fish prep flaws, I thought they can’t stretch the facts around that much – and they did! Turds!

  16. Yet again MC pulls up another surprise, making a more underwhelming episode than the previous.

    Both Sashi and Chloe’s dishes weren’t great but definitely Sashi’s was better.

    Chloe has proven yet again to have no creative brain… and since when would a dietician cook pork belly… not good for you GIL, no freshness in that!

    Sashi would be exhausted and culminating in the fact he sux at desserts he’s gone tonight! For challenges like this advantage is really to contestants who have been eliminated early as they can mentally and physically rest, recoup and not waste recipe ideas. Also one week MC tv is actually 2 weeks filming.. so Ben and HI have had 1.5 weeks to rest.

    Expect GIL to use that Superpower come Sunday!

  17. This encore is a miserable fail. I’m glad I watched State Of Origin.

    No prizes for guessing who Gary was rooting for. He psyched Sashi out at every opportunity, using the word “panic” to telling effect.

    Stiff shit, Gary, England’s out of the World Cup. They panicked, old cock.

  18. Reading the comments here, I am super glad I didn’t watch the episode because I really could have thrown the remote at the TV in a hotel room! Poor Sashi.
    If Jess and Chloe are in the final I am boycotting MC forEVA!

  19. That was fucking bullshit.
    My heart sank when theyn found that bone & scale in Sashi’s fish & when his ice cream wasn’t set. But was a but uplifted when they didn’t like Chloe’s mushroom broth & she had a seed & left the white stringy stuff on her mandarin. Then when they said both dishes had flaws so it would be judged on who did best in the kitchen well silly naive me thought for sure it would be Sashi as the bitch ran way over with time. But NO IT WAS CHLOE!!!! Gary did everything but the fucking cooking for her. We’ve seen some favouritism this year & in previous but this takes the cake. I really hope the producers & judges read twitter because there were a lot of very angry people out there.
    I missed what the super power was as I was screaming at the TV but saw in the comments here she can opt out of judging if she isn’t happy with her cooking. It doesn’t matter girl they love it even when you put up shit. I remember a few years ago in the finale they did the same thing. Sarah I think it was, had been a favourite throughout the series & they were helping her & doing everything but cooking for her. It was outrageous. Thank god she didn’t win.

  20. How much favouritism has there actually been with her? up there with that nonnas-tears girl from 2014? or julie goodwin? i can’t recall the controversy with Kate Bracks, but guessing she got an easy run

  21. Sashi on Instagram was trying to justify that Chloe deserved to win. Just trying to cook down the SM meltdown.

    Whereas Chloe Instagram talked about her being an amateur cook, will make mistake but will fail bit will get back up.

    She also thank the people who send their love and support. She knew her cooking sucks

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