Daisy’s August The Bold and the Beautiful recap

Over to Daisy for the latest Bold chat – I hope you all saw Have You Been Paying Attention last week, when they devoted a whole segment to the glorious acting on Bold and made panellists guess how dramatic scenes ended – Admin Juz.

Here we go again. No sooner does Liam get back to Stephie, (he wasn’t even had time to unpack his undies) he learns that Hope is carrying his spawn, and once again, Liam is torn between the two women. Liam has been going back and forth between Stephie and Hope’s places faster than a tennis ball at Wimbelton. Which brings us to this; has anyone noticed him taking his suitcase, or even an overnight bag? Or does he have a wardrobe at each woman’s house. If he doesn’t now, he soon will have.
How much more can Stephie take? It seems she and Hope have boundless patience and endurance when it comes to Liam. It won’t be long before Bill is back to remind Stephie, that he is the better choice. Stephie might need a nickname for Bill, and it can’t be Stallion. Perhaps Homing Pigeon, Boomerang Bill, Bouncing Ball? (I’ll throw that one open) because he is sure to be back when he learns about Hope’s pregnancy.
Thank goodness the blackmailing of Taylor has been written out. Her acting was dreadful. But we still have to endure that pokey Emma. Oh my Gawd, she is so annoying. We have a new cast member; Wipes wall painter with the brushes in her bag, and on her face. Giant, scary black caterpillars brought in to eat Wipes’ shrubbery. I suppose she will turn out to be adept at fashion design or be a natural top model. It seems audiences must like Quinn, so new villains must be imported. Eyebrow girl looks like a villain.
Who do we think is sending Hope the nasty comments? It could be the villainness, or Sally, or Stephie, or one of the many viewers who find her grating and whiney. Why isn’t Brooke getting any of those troll messages? And speaking of Brooke, we don’t hold much hope of Ridge and her lasting too much longer. Mind you, all the marriages on B&B have a shelf life of a few months.
B&B is really testing our patience as old loves and story lines are recycled over, and over. I hope the month of July brings some good news for tragic Stephie, but I bet not. 😍 Tragic viewing, fans.
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  1. That new scarecrow Zoe is the troll.

    But horrible Thorne and Katie are venting and blaming Sally. The hungry, creepy midget got it all wrong.

    Hope and Steffy circle each other. Hope is starting to make me sick.

    Thanks for the monthly commentary,daisy.

  2. Zoe, has a long monologue with her cat, which was a very poor means of writers fast tracking her back story. I think she has a tapeworm. She looks lkke Skeletor. It’s good that in the name of diversity B&B are bringing in Zoe and Emma to tick the “Less than attractive box”.

      • I couldn’t find the right word last night. They’ve got the ugly demographic now.

        Hope is taking to her role of bitch like a duck to water…..or a blowie to a polony sandwich. She did, however, fall short of saying, “nah nah na na na! πŸ˜›”

  3. Newbies very unattractive but perhaps the young detective will fall for one of them. Hope so cocky that she’s heading for a major fall and just wait until Bill finds out about Wyatt and Sally – Fireworks!

  4. Skeletor overload today. It’s as if I’m watching a zombie movie.

    Stupid Thorne and Katie. Remind me that FC is a successful multi million dollar high flying company.

    • They think Zoe might be dangerous, so they tell Wipes to wait there with her. They act like everyone who makes bitchy comments on social media might be a murderer, yet rush over to confront her.
      I would rather look at Zoe’s Skeletor face than Emma’s pokey one.

      BTW, Zoe is a reeeally fast painter. She knocked up those surf boards in no time.

  5. There was an article in sunday paper about emma, seems shes 16 and was in a programme called Dance Moms. Newbies not attractive at all. Equivalent of our offce juniors yet they barge in to .meeting and wotsisname tells them not to do anything until he’s sorted it out.

  6. Why is Bill talking like Foghorn Leghorn all of a sudden?

    Just watching now. Is Emma going on the catwalk to do the baby elephant Dance?

  7. I’ve seen the ep this morning. I hope Justin got a photo of the Liam/Hope embrace.

    Yeah, Bill sounds like a Southern preacher all of a sudden.

  8. Did u notice Maya with overcoat carried around strategically placed. I tthink Zoe may become a regular, she is getting too much airtime and the accent is shocking.

  9. Zoe has just stolen the show at the fashion bash….despite looking like a shrunken head on a catwalk. Everyone loves her, doddery old Eric calls Skeletor a “star”

    Justin is sending snaps to Bill of Liam and Hope cuddling .He shows them to Steffy…..and proposes again.

  10. Ha ha. Emma trod on a model and broke her. That macramΓ© she was wearing still didn’t hide her buttinsky.
    I’m starting to agree with Bill. Liam is a dead loss. He’s a really egotistical idiot.

    Sara, I forgot to watch Maya’s tummy because I was distracted by Emma’s bum.

  11. How come Emma has become so important! Leading the dancers before the fashion parade of rubbish I doubt any of us here would want to wear. You are right Daisy about the macrame and bums.

    • Yes, Hope couldn’t have Maya model (now we know the real reason), because her show is too special, but lets the macrame Tellytubby run a dance show. The Forrester enthusiasm was unconvincing. But yay! Go for it, Skeletor. Pokey (Emma) needs a challenge.

  12. I kept yelling at the tv; “Go home, Liam!”, “Go home, Liam!” If he had listened to me ……
    Liam is such a cheater. First Sally, now Hope. He had to try and have it all.

  13. Steffy’s run to Dollar Bill, with Liam in hot pursuit.

    Hey, it was just “in the moment”~ “it wasn’t planned”

    Just like the pregnancies.

  14. Liam’s vanity got him into trouble; the thrill of having women love him. Perhaps Sally should make it a trifecta.
    It only “just happened” Liam because you hung around for two hours after the show, and helped Hope look for her fur purse.
    I want Liam to be with Hope, because then he can pine for Stephie and Kellie. Hmmm, maybe Kellie needs a name change.

  15. Steffy makes a pact with Satan. Bill doesn’t come cheap. Forrester shares for Steffy’s marriage.

    Liam feels the guilt. He might as well have asked the babysitter to stay the night. The usual self pitying, hangdog looks from Liam, pick up the phone, Steffy. Too late, Bill’s almost in like Flynn. Symbolically, he gives her the schmaltzy sword pendant.

    I knew Brooke would be thrilled with the debauchery in the dressing room~ Grope For The Future.

  16. Brooke dishes out moral guidance to Hope then pops over to give Liam the crash course; Immorality 101: how to make cheating OK. It’s a lose lose for Stephie which ever way she goes. So much for the strong woman she is meant to be. What? Not enough Forrester money to make it as a single mum?

  17. I caught the tail end of the episode today waiting for the channel 10 news.

    So Brooke’s giving out relationship advice to her daughter?

    Brooke? Aka, Ms “I’ve married the same guy 8 times”? Ms “Every significant relationship I’ve ever been in has started with me chasing someone else’s husband”?

    Yeah, what could go wrong?

  18. Big showdown at Steffy’s. Shouting and yelling, no one bothers to check on little Kellie. Liam’s acting bottoms out again.

  19. “Take that, Liam. You ridiculous, vain wimp”. I would like someone to remind him of when he couldn’t keep his hands of Sally’s affairs. He’s a serial cheat.
    I remember when one of his girl friends looked through a bedroom and saw him on the bed with the other.

  20. Liam telling Hope it’s sick that Bill will be Kelly’s Dad and Grandfather.
    This from the idiot who thought it was a wonderful miracle that his girlfriend was pregnant while he was a brand new Dad to his wife.

    • Speaking of idiots, Steffy told Ridge that selling her soul to the devil is “taking control of her life”. Bill, Liam and Wyatt have all slept with Steffy. Now , that’s sick.

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