Survivor – Thurs – fourth episode THIS WEEK

Who’s still with me? Four episodes of Australian Survivor in one week – what is Ten thinking?
It’s not like The Block or MKR where you can tune out for a bit and then catch up at the end when the room/dish is revealed.
Thank goodness it’s back to two episodes next week: Mon and Tues. They’ve obviously decided not to go up against the behemoth that is The Block Sunday night room reveal.



    • Oh bugger. I think I may have accidentally voted for a contender. Brain not working properly! Sorry for skewing the results Juz. . . . I will click on five ads right away as penance.

  1. On tonight’s installment of our hit new show, “Everybody Hates Paige”…

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    I take back what I said at the start of the week. It is starting to get embarrassingly one-sided. And while it’s fun watching Zach lose (and more fun watching the non-bromance alliance members win), this losing streak is making Robbie sad, and that’s not okay, damn it.

    • I did think at the end when JLAP was kidding with Robbie that he has never seen him so happy “and I am sure that our Windsong – the one with a smitten little heart – who will be skipping for joy too”.

  2. Zach~ sexist and hates graphic designers and Mums….and Paige. “Who knows what she does?” I want to see him lose , too.

    • I kinda laughed at his comment about Paige, just because the tribe’s sheer over-the-top dislike of Paige is starting to get darkly comedic. Even though it was just more proof of what a giant douche Zach is.

    • Oh be fair, Zach is very busy working on raising his IQ up to match his shoe size, so the remaining non-steroid affected brain cell is getting a pretty big work out at the moment.

  3. Tonight’s episode is really turning into a comedy of errors.

    Paige: Since nobody at my own tribe trusts me, I’m going to immediately reveal all our tribal dynamics and alliances to a sworn enemy, without much prompting at all, and prove everybody right!

    Meanwhile, Shane finds an idol in front of everybody (Sam even flashes her a thumbs-up) and tells obvious lies to cover it. Shane, not even the chicken believes you, and chickens are notoriously gullible.

    Oh, and is it just me, or is Barry actually gaining weight?

  4. Yay, the contenders finally win something! A happy Rob makes for a happy audience, channel 10.

    I loved how even JLap likes Sam, telling him what a “cheeky bastard” he is.

  5. Okay, when Brian said, “we’re all on the same page”, my first thought was, oh, this tribe doesn’t like her either?

    Well, there goes the Mo/Mat/Sharn alliance. I guess, the plan was going to be target Shane and the poker player to flush out the idol, but everybody changed their mind when Moana tried to leave. It’s a shame, because Moana *must* have been ill to volunteer to leave.

    Still, like Mo said, at least they did flush out the idol. Jackie lives to fight another day.

    • how ANNOYING was awful Jackie’s smug smile when she clocked that Moana was sticking her hand up.
      GREAT work for Sharn to flush the idol AND give Moana her exit papers.
      But i am very sad to see Moana go – I super liked her.

      • Also, I didn’t think much of her POKER face as she could not contain her delight and glee.
        I really, really, really DISLIKE Jackie.
        And annoying Anita.

  6. I like Shane and I dont think Sam was right to badger her about the idol – she’s not in any alliance and needs to protect herself.

    • I thought Sam was doing it in good spirit and fair play and I was fine with his interaction with Shane.

      He sees Shane as a liability during the climbing type challenges that have been dominating so far and wanted to get her to play the idol and then evict her. He was upfront about his intention (which interestingly he didn’t actually do) to vote for her to make her play the idol.
      I don’t dislike Shane either, but I do DISLIKE the concentration on physical challenges that force out all this “strong tribe” crap that discriminates against some players.

      • I don’t think there was a chance that Shane wouldn’t play the idol. She knew everyone knew she had it, and she had just seen Russell go with his idol unused. So the banter with Sam was not really a problem. What she would be kicking herself about, was finding the idol so obviously.

  7. I watched this week, but my pulse steayed even. I ffd the challenges just to get to the social stuff.
    I watched Wed and Thursday back to back.
    I thought that girl was selfish wanting to stay in with a wrecked foot. Mo’s tribal bow-out showed more character.

  8. So bad it’s good…that guy stupidly saying if their was a dish washing contest. Avtually I worked in a coffee shop for three years and on Thursdays they used to put me on dishes because I was faster and better than two people. I rocked at dishes and am proud of it. 🏆 I’d be happy to win a Survivor dishes competition. No shame in that.

    • I think Zach is quite easily earning his, “early season villain” rep. He’s just a tool. The one reassuring thing about it is that he’s out there on his own. The girls can’t stand him, and even his own alliance members are just tolerating him (I’m finding Robbie is a lovely counterpoint, as someone with muscles *and* empathy and compassion. Look at him connecting with Steve or showing compassion to Jenna at TC). I think everyone is on the same page with Zach, keep him around because he’s strong, but knife him as soon as he’s unnecessary (I actually think he’ll be the first victim at the merge).

      But here’s a thought about Zach.

      He’s the most perfect goat in the history of the show.

      He’s rude and obnoxious and self-obsessed (guaranteeing that nobody likes him. Put him in front of any jury, and it’d be a massacre). He’s physically strong, so you could ally with him and he’d just carry you to the end. And his ego would make him easy to manipulate. If you have a good idea, just convince him that it came from him, and he’ll go with it. Sure, it’s riding someone’s coat-tails to get to the end … but he’s useless as a human being, so you might as well use him as a shield.

      If Zach’s still around during the end-game, I imagine that’ll be the reason why.

  9. Nooooooooooooooo!
    Everyone feels miserable and wanting home when they are sick. I wish Mat had encouraged her to have a big cry and get all the misery out and build some endorphins. They didn’t tell us how long she was sick for, but it sounded like a day or so. If she could have been persuaded to stay, she would have been fine in a day or so. If she had told them she was going to bail, back at camp, I am sure they could have changed her mind.

    Now we are stuck with useless Jackie, who somehow thinks she has masterminded TC, and that she is top dog. Even encouraging Steve is losing patience with her, and there is an edge to his voice when talking to her, and Lydia rolls her eyes every time she speaks.

    Loved how the champions outwitted the contenders on the ropes. Only two contenders seemed to work out their tactic and use it against them. All the others were dumb, especially Zach who doesn’t seem to be able to put a smart thought together at all.

    I wish Paige hadn’t told everything just yet. It is clear that she is a switch if she makes merge, and the champions could make use of her.

    I wonder if a tribe shake up is coming soon. The two tribes are getting very attached to each other, which might mean that the more numerous tribe at merge will just form a bloc. If they want more game play after merge, then they might need to try to create some cracks now by splitting to three tribes.

    Again, no clear idea what is repellent about Paige. As a viewer, I don’t mind her and there are several others who are much more unlikeable. Anita just keeps repeating the same mantra over and over – is she trying to implant three-word slogans in everyone’s minds? I can only assume that Anita is threatened by a girl who wouldn’t toe her line, and is now actively making her look bad.

    After four continuous nights, now I am going to stew over tonight for days and days and days!

  10. Yes, Fijane. I just figured she might have been sick for awhile. You wouldn’t go home after a 24 hour bug, surely.
    Not seeing what is wrong with Paige either, but then I have missed a lot.

    • Nobody knows why everybody hates Paige, it’s just become one of those things. The boys tried to get rid of her, and the girls don’t want anything to do with her either.

      I’ve watched every episode, and I have no idea why. No wonder she immediately sold them out to Mat, but it’s gotten kind of funny. If she manages to stick around, she’ll be an interesting wild-card, going forward.

      • I haven’t heard Anita give any reason except “the boys didn’t trust her, so obviously she is untrustworthy” – ridiculous logic. As I remember, the boys just wanted any girl they could draw into their alliance, to use as a patsy, so they could eliminate a girl and even the numbers.

        Re Mo: At one stage (I think when volunteering to sit out the challenge) she said ” I have been really sick today” which made me think it had only been a 24-hour thing.

        • It was hard to tell what the time frame was. It opened with her saying she’d been sick all night so I was surprised when she didn’t sit out that first challenge. Wasn’t sure if it was the same day or not but she was still sick at tribal which would have been a few days later so she must have been sick a few days by then. Plus the added not having her home comforts, a bed & proper bathroom. Being sick is the worst even in the comfort of your home. Imagine being stuck out there.

          • I imagine if she had only been sick with a 24 hr bug, as horrible as they are, she wouldn’t have quit and the others wouldn’t have called her tough. As you say Carole, it was probably longer.

          • On a podcast Mo said she was sick for I think eight days. When she got home to Australia it took eight days for her to be hydrated enough for them to successfully draw blood for tests. She was crook for a month. I reckon she’s a tough cookie and she was playing well, so it must have been bad.

  11. So is there any reason why they didn’t get a medic for Moana? They could have given her something for it.
    How delusional was Jackie saying what a hindrance Moana was because she was sick. Even sick she was better at the challenges than Jackie was. She couldn’t even get up the wall. She got stuck at the top twice. The exact same thing happened a couple of days ago with a similar challenge. There’s been a lot like that this year.
    We must be due for a tribe swap. By this time in the last US season they’d swapped tribes about 4 times. We need to shake things up a bit.

    • I was thinking the same thing. We didn’t actually see her chucking even though she implied it was frequent. Maybe a medic did give her an anti-emetic that stopped the chucking, but she was still feeling yuk. Even so, I think being away from home and away from comforts like hot showers etc, will make anyone feel more unable to cope than normal (anyone been sick when camping?) and I don’t think she realised that she might have been able to push through it.

  12. I was surprised initially that they didn’t at least persuade Moana into the cage as she looks very slight and would be easy to carry. She played the reward challenge smart – she looked sick as a parrot, but managed to still win the bout. However, she must have felt very crook indeed. I feel so bad that she felt unable to continue as I had enjoyed her bro-sis relationship with Matt and showing her smarts and excellent people reading with Sharn. 🙁

  13. Paige is an unpleasant in real life so I can understand why the other contestants don’t like her. Not sure how it’s not coming across to the viewers, surely it has to start being more visible soon.

      • Yep! Basically shes openly rude and she makes it clear she thinks she’s better than the people around her. She doesn’t have much time for people that can’t benefit her somehow.

        • It makes you wonder why they aren’t showing the viewers that, then. Oh well, one could go mad trying to understand the minds of competition show producers.

          • My guess Fijane; if any of them are being any kind of horrible, they would definitely show it. It’s rtv gold when there is a fight or when someone is being a dick. No doubt we will discover more about all of them if they stay long enough.
            If I was in there, I think Iwould immediately dislike very bossy boots and men who think women are invisible or a lesser species. I would gravitate to the cheeful, comedic ones. The lazy ones would annoy. I guess that’s not special.

    • They won baked fish as a reward and she found a clue with the stuff it came with. It told her there was an idol hidden in the lid of the voting urn at tribal. Seems fair enough, give she is vego and could kit enjoy most of the food rewards they have won. She did a good job of scooping up the clue in front of everyone – she’s no Shane

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