• Only 2 minutes in and I’ve already seen way too much of Brian in his undies. I know they get quite a few changes of clothes, so please put on some shorts!

  1. Wait a second. Did Matt just say to Monika, “Going to Tribal Council is so hard”? Matt, you guys haven’t been to Tribal Council in a month!

    Meanwhile, over on the contenders beach, they’re still singing, “Ding dong, the witch is dead”.

    It feels like even the production crew took pity on them and gave them the gifts from home. I was not ready for crying Robbie. But now that a certain a-hole isn’t hogging any camera-time, it already feels like the other contenders are getting more air-time.

    • Amazing the difference one person can make to the group dynamic. The contenders actually seemed like a team in that challenge.

  2. I agree with everyone who has spotted Fenella as lying low and that she is smarter than she lets on but the jury is still out on Shonee,. She is either really super dumb or a very good actress and I really don’t know which.
    How’s Benji’s form whinging that Tegan went first because she was looking for an idol when we know full well that was why he wanted to go first.
    I was thinking Tegan should have looked at the bottom of the pile of Nachos – I would rather anyone but Benji find the clue.

  3. Lovely red herring when Robbie is tucking into the nachos, with the clue to the idol literally within arm’s reach, and we hear an off-camera, “Oh my God” … and it turns out, he’s just admiring the view.

    Oh, bless him. I like that he volunteered to go last, at that.

    It was just nice to see the contenders win something. Oh Zach, karma’s a funny thing.

    • Do we think Heath saw the clue but they did not air it? This was straight out of US Survivor HHH, when it was on a plate under spaghetti. Jock Cole saw it but left it there for geek Ryan, who cleverly threw the plate into the bushes and just left the spag on the tabletop. I am disappointed they did not all watch it

      • I CANNOT believe that they wouldn’t have watched it. Hats off for Tegan for looking hard, but not so good for not checking the actual food!

  4. Damn it contenders, you got my hopes up for no reason.

    I’m thinking that, since everyone seems to have moved on from their, “we hate Paige” phase, that Benji has the biggest target on his back.

  5. Benji is just a tool and glad that Fenella questioned his accent, it seems to come and go as it pleases. He thinks he is really smart but is as transparent as glass, I wouldn’t mind if he was entertaining to watch but I just find him annoying.

  6. Well. So. I totally spoke too soon on the whole, “Nobody hates Paige anymore” thing. Ultimately, Shonee was right. Paige was a floating voter, and they always cause trouble in the inevitable merge.

    And the only other highlight was next episode, we’re looking at a swap or a merge (either way, at this point for the contenders, it’s a mercy kill).

  7. All these contender sheep were on the same paige.

    A ewenanimous vote. No need to “ram ” it down our throats.

    I liked her. Couldn’t we turn back the paige?

  8. Yay – tribe swap on Monday!
    Fenella (Mr Juz accidentally calls her Quinella) did well with the coconuts – she had to hold the weight longer than Lydia, who’s pretty much a Terminator. And I really want Benji to Swim out to the island and come back with AK’s chicken idol, except it actually is a real idol this time

  9. I wondered if any of them watch the US version. They had the exact same reward last year where they had to go one at a time only it was spaghetti & the clue was on the plate. Someone had the nous to take the food off the plate & hide it & put the food on a table cloth. Only Benji thought to do that. But what an absolute pig. The way he ate those nachos was disgusting. I pity the ones who ate after him. Imagine watching that back. And how hilarious the next guy, they made it look like he had spotted the clue, then he says look at that view.

      • Last season was just the best. I don’t dislike this one, but I am looking forward to a less one-sided competition and seeing what will happen when the champions have to cut some throats!

  10. Fenella and her squeaky high pitched voice annoy me – so she’s on my shit list for crimes against audiology.

    Didn’t they make Steve look like a bit of a hippie dippie. I couldnt help but think about his children with his previous partner when he was announcing that life is suffering. I know that some of those sage musings may have been taken out of context, and he may not have intended to come across as some hoodo gooru but I really did want to yell back “And suffering can be caused by others – it doesn’t necessarily just fall from the clouds to be dealt with.”
    No judgment of course :0

    Brian made me chuckle – sounds like he was as confused as i was with Steve. In terms of team challenges, contributions and leadership – Steve is way above everyone else.

    • Bit of a funny segment I thought. But (loathe as I am to say it about an AFL player) Brian showed himself to be quite a tool (more likely to be said in the NRL – lol). Who wouldn’t know/understand that some people are into New Age philosophies, and that it seems to help them in their lives.

      At the same time, they picked the worst parts of Steve’s dialogue when he just sounded like he was parroting some pretentious Byron Bay type.

      Presumably Brian has never heard of Socrates – “An unexamined life is not worth living”. Imagine putting down a respected guru by comparing them to a Vegas casino. Brian could do with a little more examining.

  11. I think Shonee is being quite underestimated. She shows a lot of insight in the to-camera pieces, and doesn’t seem to just swallow anything she is told without thinking it through. However, I don’t warm to her at all. Fenella is showing herself to be quite a wit. But also not my type. I am running out of women contestants who I like – just Lydia and Tegan, really. I miss Mo and Jenna.

  12. I’m not hating the Benj. He’s a devil, alright, but has some devillishness that I find cheeky. I might change my mind, but I want him to stay. Of course he has been overactive which spells trouble. The goats slide through.
    I think he is playing the ‘rich kid’ card to say, “Look, I have no sad back story. I am no threat in the final 3”. He might be a dick, but I missed the early episodes.

    • We all need someone to hate on, otherwise we’d have a cast full of Lydias – physically awesome but in terms of interviews and character moments, nothing!

    • I wouldn’t say that I “hate” Benji. I think he hasn’t been very smart in the long term. He was trying to make a “big move” but too early. If you get found out, as he did, then you are probably going to be eliminated well before the chance of getting on the jury. If he had made this move when there were less than 13 left, and it comes off, then you have a big thing for your resume. If it fails, then you are on the jury and have some power going forward. I think he would have been better to just try to subtly sow seeds about Heath and Tegan as a power couple for a few weeks, setting the scene for the move later. Telling everyone at once that Tegan was after them was just not sneaky enough.

      So, he’s OK, but I think he has cooked his goose, so to speak.

      I know we don’t have a clear villian now, but I think it will be interesting to see how all these nice people react when the pressure starts to build. We should find some new people who show a dark side.

    • Benji ate those nachos with all the grace of a self made goat.

      Luckily ,I’ve been hardened by watching Ma$terchef and MKR to see alleged humans eating like animals.

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