Survivor: Tues

The blurb says: The twist in the previous game has one tribe torn and plotting new strategies to kick out one of the biggest competitors in the game.

I guess they mean Exile Island. Please tell me someone is finally going to turn against Zach – and that he and Tegan get some kind of hanging off a bar endurance challenge that Tegan will excel at.
Tonight we finally get an endurance challenge that can hopefully be won by someone who does not have gigantic forearms.

Don’t forget The Badgerlor begins tomorrow on Ten.



  1. So Benji’s grand plot to oust Tegan had an unexpected bonus, in that, nobody’s actually blaming him for the scheme. Those are the best kinds of “Survivor” plans.

    Some classic “Survivor” challenges tonight, but the FB page totally spoiled the outcome of the rewards challenge, with shots of Steve crying (obviously over the reward that he earned). And while the Contenders continue to barely, barely get by, it was pretty tough watching them lose that one (particularly poor Paige, who’s had a rough time of it anyway).

  2. Yeah, now it is getting embarrassingly one-sided. Geez, c’mon contenders.

    Anita continues to be useless.

    Although Heath has an idol, so I’m looking forward to tribal council tonight.

  3. And benji. He looks like one of the mental patients heath ledgers joker enlists to fight the police. It’s all in his crazy eyes and maniacal smile

    • I wasn’t to start with, but then came to it. Did I hear him say ” ..trying to find acceptance..” That struck me as a vulnerability that he never intended to let out …to anybody. Seems that even those with the most confidence may be struggling in some way. I wonder if that particular issue is common to people addicted to physical fitness – maybe also to those who distort their bodies in other ways, tattoos, cosmetic surgery etc?

    • Steve was just emotional. I did love that he kept talking about his FOUR kids (not just the new one with michelle). Cute about the protein shakes and fitness clothes!
      My kids would say wine and trackkies. . .

      • I look at it as karma for the contestants on “The Biggest Lo$er” that Steve brought to tears on national television, in the name of entertainment.

  4. That. Was. EPIC.

    I laughed right the way through that. Everyone voted for the guy who had the idol, so *everybody* got screwed. That was glorious. The look of disgust on Anita’s face (how *dare* anyone vote for her?!) and the look of resigned horror on Benji’s face were only matched by the look of unrepentant glee on Heath’s face.

    Just, everyone’s expression of surprise made it worth sitting through the episode for. The boys even congratulated him on such a great move. I don’t know how Heath sat through the entire tribal council with a straight face. And you know, it was nice to see Anita knocked down a couple of pegs too. I really hope there’s pay-off, later in the season, where everyone realises it wasn’t just the boys, but Benji who specifically orchestrated it all.

    I’m just annoyed we have to wait until Monday to see what happens next. I want to watch that again.

    • Heath’s glee was hilarious. Those idiots – did they even consider he could have an idol? So now a new idol will be hidden and I really hope Heath finds it again. The promo showed Tegan in trouble at the Exile challenge so I figure she wins. And I hope it comes along with a tribe swap.

      • The Seven Mental Dwarfs.

        I’ve got Tegan winning because of the promo, too. Been there, done that, Ch 10.

        • Ditto. The promo shows Tegan stuffing up; she must be going to win. Too bad. I’m not a fan. I wanted her and Heath smashed.

      • I want Heath to have *all* the idols.

        But mostly, mostly, I want them to figure out that Benji was responsible for it all.

        I’ve pretty much given up hope on any of the contenders making it far, post-merge, but if this tribe implodes, I hope it’s at least entertaining viewing.

        • I was beside myself with excitement at the TC. How good was Heath?
          How hilarious were the ridiculous plotters who didn’t even the nous to split the vote? DUMB DUMB.
          How good was Benji’s crestfallen face? It was FANTASTIC.
          I am hoping Tegan comes back. I much prefer her (sorry Daisy) to Anita. I don’t know what Anita thinks she has, but she has not exactly excelled in challenges and when I saw Tegan lighting her flint and making shelter I was happy with her resilience. Fair enough have a moment to feel sorry, but by the next day she was sheltered, had a fire, well done.
          And it looks like anita, obsessing over Tegan’s ‘plot’ to vote her out confront Tegan. I reckon Tegan is smart enough to work out that it is Benji doing the talking. . and the manipulating and work out that they tried to send Heath to join her to break them up.
          I would be trying hard to solve that clue. I HOPE they are smart enough to know that keeping Zach is the smart move (he’s a tool, but) and realise that trying to get rid of Robbie (sorry Wind) and Benji is way more beneficial.

          • Benji strikes me as the guy who’s too in love with his own cleverness to realise he’s a rank amateur. They were *all* in on the plan to knife Heath, so surely, it wouldn’t have been difficult to get two votes towards another player, just in case. The fact that it didn’t even cross Heath’s mind shows that he’s not the strategic mastermind that he thinks he is. He got drunk with power but overlooked something simple, which is the story of most masterminds.

          • Did you mean it didn’t cross Benji’s mind, not Heath? Heath couldn’t have conjured up a second vote.

      • I hope it’s a channel 10 edit fakeout and that Tegan triumphs. I can definitely do without more Anita in my world.

    • Never heard of splitting the vote? So, so satisfying to see an idol found secretly, kept completely secret, and used as it should be. But I was on tenterhooks in case he didn’t play it. I was sucked in to the edit suggesting that he might not.

      • ME TOO!! I was shouting ‘Play your IDOL’ at the tv. sad, I know.
        Perfect use and perfect blindside of the attempted blindsiders.
        Can’t wait to see the footage back at camp and see how Heath plays it.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever seen it played completely in secret like that. Most of them are blabber mouths who tell everyone they have it.

        • I understand the reasons why sometimes it is more strategic to share the knowledge, but it so often backfires. This was a classic use of the idol, which I imagine goes way back to the original intention of having idols. And, of course, it reminds all the contestants that idols can exist without anyone knowing about them.

    • Just what I’d expect from a ” look at me , I’m a self made millionaire”….

      Yeh. Another one bites the dust.

  5. Ah, a joy to watch that TC…so many stupid people…why oh why didnt they think of splitting the votes!
    Yes, Tegan looks in doubt she will get through..
    That reward challenge looked particularly hard and seeing Paige struggle made you realise how tough it was…
    Gosh i would love the Commando coaching me through that Immunity ChAllenge…he definitely a great motivator..and how fierce is Lydia..she is amazing…loving watching the Champions …didnt think i wpu ld ever say that!

  6. Villain of the day goes to …Robbie (sorry, Windsong).
    R: “I don’t want to send you home.”
    H: “.. so you wouldn’t vote for me to go to Exile?”
    R: “I’m not going to say yes or no, Heath. Like, I’m being honest with you, I want to be honest with you…”
    Next scene, all except H are gathered, general discussion, then,
    R: “So, if we lose today, wouldn’t it be smart to put H up there?”
    Maybe he is just trying to be all things to all people, but he didn’t need to be the first to suggest putting H on the chopping block.

    It looks like Tegan exposes Benji’s lies to Anita on the Exile Beach. The question is whether Anita will believe her. Unfortunately, it is irrelevant because one of them will be eliminated so the information will never get back to the others. Hope this is the end of Anita, anyway, but Tegan will find it a challenge to counter the lies back at camp.

    Once again smart thinking and teamwork beat bulging muscles in the challenges. The more we get to know the contestants the more we hear about spouses and kids, hardly anyone who is single and unattached. Brian’s picture of his Mum was hard to see (been in his situation myself), he managed to hold it together though. Also, Mat lost his mum to cancer at 42 and his dad a few years later. How beautiful a world without cancer would be.

    • Same Fijane – we are totally on the same page with this. Even down to apologising to Windsong when we have to slag off Robbie, lol.

      • I don’t think Robbie is the worst, so hopefully Windsong will not have to hear our apologies too often! He just got to me last night.

        • Robbie is not playing smart. His answer telegraphed to Heath they were voting for him. Robbie should have said “you’re safe; we need your physical strength because the girls are no champions” and THEN knife him in the back.

          • Yes, I agree. I get the feeling that he would like to go through the game without actually lying. That makes me admire him, but it is not a logical tactic in this game.

  7. Finally caught up (with the aid of a lot of ff)! I didn’t read any of your comments until I had caught up because I didn’t want any preconceived notions about the contestants. Turns out I feel pretty much the same as the majority. Zach and Anita battling it out for my least favourite but Benji is too full of himself for my liking and I suspect his successes in both basketball and elsewhere are somewhat inflated, he apparently admits he didn’t write his “Amazon bestsellers”.
    Loving the Champions (except for Jackie) and sad to see Moanna go home as she was one of my favs.
    In a nutshell I could have been happily reading your comments even when not yet watching the show.
    The only thing not explained by the show or you guys is why they cast so dumb to the point of stupid people as contenders.

    • I suspect that we are not yet seeing the smarter people in the contenders. The Muscles are so loud and dominant at this point, but I suspect there are a couple laying low and letting the others implode. Those will be the ones to watch at merge because they will have a hard time breaking into the Champions sense of unity. We are seeing hints that Fenella is not all she seems, Shonee is a bit annoying but also under the radar, Robbie may be trying to be seen as the least threatening of the four Muscles. I think Anita has some smarts, but her ego and Queen Bee complex put her out there as a target.

      • I agree with you re: Fenella, I think there’s a lot more to her than we’ve seen so far. On her few moments in the spotlight, I find her quite likeable and interesting.

        During Robbie’s pre-show interview (which I watched, ’cause, you know), he actually said something to the effect of wanting to be a good friend to people and not to be too vicious. Now, those are admirable life qualities, but on “Survivor”? I love him to bits, but I think he lacks that ruthless edge, that game-playing ability to get far. Not all winners have had that, sure, but most of the time, it doesn’t hurt.

      • I agree – I think Fenella is playing a pretty good game. She is lasting well in the challenges, is allowing people like Anita and Tegan to get targets on them but has avoided it herself. I suspect she may go far, especially as after merge she will be quite good at the sort of challenges that aren’t solely strength based.

  8. Also, Anita SOOO annoys the living crap out of me, that I find it hard to give her credit for anything. She is my token irrational dislike for the season. I’m not justifying it, I’m not apologising. I’m just disliking.

    • I’m not apologising either but I don’t see disliking her and finding her annoying as irrational. Just hearing her say “My girls” was enough for me but she sealed the deal with being arrogant with nothing to base it on (same as Zach).
      She wouldn’t have lasted the night on exile island alone, she reminds me of the barrel racer from last year who irked me no end.

      • I was about to say the same – nothing irrational about it at all.
        Not only “my girls”, but she in the next breath said “my alliance” as if she owned it. That’s why she reminds me of the bossy girl at primary school!

  9. Funny that the old champions are doing so much better than the contenders. My favourite is that guy on the Champs who has the child with autism, but I suppose he is everyone’s favourite. Not saying my mind might not change though, but atm, that’s how it is.

    • Mat Rogers (Rugby union player). I only knew him as a player before, but it is lovely to find out what a truly nice guy he is too. And it doesn’t sound like he has had life easy. The way he talks about his wife is beautiful. No wonder Mo connected so well with him.

  10. I would like it if Tegan had to stay on exile and fight the next one, like they did on the US version. I don’t like her. It’s like she has a quiet, nicely hidden arrogance. And she does a good lip curl/contempt.

    • Agreed with you about Mat, but not Tegan (at the moment). I like her so far. Interesting to note that she was a fixture in Anita’s clique until Benji told Anita (and everyone else) that Tegan was trying to eliminate her. I liked her bewilderment at how the tables turned so quickly, and as mentioned by someone above, I like the way she knuckled down at the beach and used the opportunity to practise her fire making.

  11. I love an irrational dislike. I am all down for that (so much fun).
    But I do try to be careful that it’s not an unconscious bias. You know, the one that goes, if a man did that he’s strong but if a woman does that then she’s bossy. Or they are not behaving the way they “should” (in my tiny mind).
    I always remember my first Survivor -so long ago- won by an unbreakable and secret (even to the cameras) alliance of two: one brawn and one brain. And they were both nice, decent, ethical people. It can be done.
    So I don’t mind some of the women, but I do have a major problem with Zach. Nothing irrational there. I just hope he stays for a while so that I can double down on my dislike. There’s nothing like a villain that truly deserves the title. So good.

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